Welcome to the debut of TWF LTR, where eight of our highest touted writers of the past and present have re-assembled, coming together a la WWE as "Pros", to find our next breakout star! Unless "next breakout star" is copywritten by the WWE. Then we're looking for our next big-time Staffer.

The rules are simple: the Rookies are going to compete in a series of challenges (which will be announced below), and their progress will be voted upon by their eight Pros who represent 50% of the vote, while TWF's readers-- YES, YOU~!-- will represent the other 50%, voting in a poll on this very page that will seal our Rookies' fates. The Rookies who rank the lowest after each voting session will be eliminated from the competition and/or disposed of in an unsavory fashion, while the others will remain and repeat the process until only one is left standing victorious over the stinking heaps of embarrassing defeat that are the other seven Rookies. They'll probably just band together to systematically destroy TWF after a few weeks anyway.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Not only will our winner receive a swanky writing gig here at TheWrestlingFan.com, he'll also receive a Blu-Ray DVD of a WWE release, AND a copy of the upcoming WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 video game on the console of their choosing. YES, EVEN ATARI 2600, except not really!

So, without further ado: THE ROOKIES: Paul G. Parry (w/ The Low Blow's Joe Merrick); Jeff Knott (w/ the Best Damn RAW Rant, Period's Cameron Burge); Goot Van Piddlefuck (w/ The Dungeon's Anvil's Swagbag); Riggs Murtagh (w/ The Rocktagon's James Swift); Ernie Brannigan (w/ White Vans and Candy's James Walker); Zach Morrison (w/ Bringing Home the Bacon's Canadian Bacon); DN Spunk (w/ TWF owner and The Backleg Frontkick's Sean Carless); and Josh Kennedy (with Deadface Walking's Catherine Perez)~! They're wilder! They're younger! They make the rain fall harder! Their bios can be found on your right. Get to know them, and remember to vote for your favorite when the time comes!

And, hey, while you're still here, take a look at LTR's intro video and theme song sitting below the roster!


This week, Paul G. Parry has departed the competition due to unforeseen circumstances as explained (not really) above. The TWF Pros hope that our remaining Rookies will step it up between now and the end of the contest, 'cause this week's results, well... ahem.


This week's challenge, one near and dear to our hearts here at TWF, if in fact, we had them: A PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE. That's right, we here at TWF are known world-wide for our patented photoshoppery (You've likely stolen one yourself and then pretended you made it with your own little grubby mitts at whatever bush-league forum you post at) - and as such, we thought we'd combine our two great loves, porn ALTERED IMAGERY AND SATIRE, into one perverse spectacle that we will call: THE TWF LTR WRESTLING/KIDS TV CHALLENGE. And what that will entail is each Rookie creating a mock ad or poster for a mash-up or satire of a real kids show, only with WRESTLERS in said roles. The best entry has been determined by both Catherine Perez and Sean Carless, and our winner has earned a special REWARD: an automatic bump to number one in the rankings! Curious to see the results? Throw on the beer goggles and click the link below!


NEXT WEEK, our Rookies are going to make up wrestling NEWZ - a paragraph you see on less reputable news sites. The rookies will write up a headline and a paragraph-long story that is funny or ridiculous. It can either be based on real newz with the absurdity turned up (i.e. CM Punk in the doghouse because he wore a fur coat to TV taping; Batista hates cancer because his wife won't vacuum and tidy up the house because of it - all news stories that LEGIT appeared in the last few years) or one that they totally made up for shits & giggles with zero reality to it. (like the time Sean Carless claimed Linda McMahon was removed as CEO because she became self-aware and killed most of the stock-holders a la ED-209). SO PUT YOUR JOURNALISM HATS ON AND MAKE SOME NEWZ.


Conceived during Hour 4 of a Punky Brewster marathon, Josh Kennedy combines all the elements necessary for being a writer on The Wrestling Fan: crippling self-doubt, unearned vanity, and an all-consuming obsession with movies that have "Bikini" in the title. Paired with Pro Catherine Perez, the Miss Linda to his Adrian Street, nothing can stop this urbane psychopath from winning, unless the challenge requires him to watch The Best of Hornswoggle, Volume 2.