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The Wrestling Fan Quiz

-Just how well do you know Wrestlemania? Take the Quiz To find out!-




1. True or False: Ted DiBiase holds a victory over Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania?
A. True
B. False

2. Who was the ONLY wrestler to wrestle TWO separate matches at consecutive Wrestlemania's?
A. Randy Savage
B. Bret Hart
C. Yokozuna
D. Hulk Hogan

3. Who is the only woman in WWF history to win a men’s championship at a Wrestlemania?
A. Chyna
B. Sable
C. Molly Holly
D. Trish Stratus
E. Terri Runnels

4. Which wrestler holds the most consecutive WM appearances?
A. Undertaker
B. Shawn Michaels
C. Tito Santana
D. Bret Hart
E. Triple H

5. Which of the following competitors NEVER picked up the Hardcore Title at Wrestlemania 16’s Hardcore Invitational?
A. Tazz
B. Pete Gas
C. Viscera
D. Bradshaw
E. Bob Holly

6. Only four men in WWF history have successfully defended a World Title at Wrestlemania. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
A. Kevin Nash
B. Hulk Hogan
C. Eddie Guerrero
D. Bret Hart
E. Triple H

7. Of all the matches Hulk Hogan won at a Wrestlemania by pin, which was the ONLY one he didn’t win with his patented leg drop?
A. Wrestlemania 2
B. Wrestlemania 1
C. Wrestlemania 7
D. Wrestlemania 9
E. Wrestlemania 19

8. Who is the only wrestler in WWF history to have defended the IC Title at two consecutive Wrestlemanias during one continuous title reign?
A. Honky Tonk Man
B. Randy Savage
C. The Rock
D. Chris Jericho
E. Ultimate Warrior

9. Wrestlemania 16, which identity did Mick Foley wrestle under in the Main Event?
A. Mick Foley
B. Cactus Jack
C. Mankind
D. Dude Love

10. In its history, there have only been 3 Wrestlemania Main Events to not end in a pinfall. Which 3 events were they?
A. Wrestlemania 1, Wrestlemania 9, Wrestlemania 21
B. Wrestlemania 1, Wrestlemania 2, Wrestlemania 20
C. Wrestlemania 2, Wrestlemania 8, Wrestlemania 20
D. Wrestlemania 7, Wrestlemania 8, Wrestlemania 11

BONUS QUESTION: Wrestlemania 3 is regarded as the largest attendance in Wrestlemania History. What Wrestlemania had the second largest attendance? (Just give the number)

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