Last Week, on a bet, I made a decree to never again make light of Triple H in any capacity, provided that WWE somehow, someway ultimately kept him out of Wrestlemania's Main Event for just ONE YEAR. I then vowed to "retire" in the event I slipped up. But hey, chances are you know all about the bet by now if you're a regular reader (and if not, click HERE to see my original decree) and you just want to find out what the fuck this all means now, and what pray-tell are the results of the vaunted and celebrated and other words for important POLL, that in reality is kind of the opposite of that. Well, you can scroll down to check those out, but not before you see my *official* video statement on said vow and where it stands, as a result of last night's No Way Out:
As for the results, turns out you guys had your fingers on the pulse of Vince McMahon (and while you're there, any chance of doing us a favor and cutting off his circulation?) and his "creative" booking. HHH winning the chamber was by far the most popular option. Although, HAM was not to be denied. Turns out the love of pork was a more logical option as far as believability goes than it would be that I had a shred of integrity. Apparently, only my immediate family and a contingent of orthodox Jews felt my plight realistic. Oh well...
See you next Wrestlemania! Where we start the cycle again~!: