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August 29, 2004
September 04, 2004
September 11, 2004
September 18, 2004
September 25, 2004


By Justin Shapiro

Justin Shapiro


September 25, 2004 Mack's Power

by Justin Shapiro


You've got to give it up to WWE for capitalizing on current events to create another money heel in the timely tradition of La Resistance.  Turning Hurricane now so he can take credit for destroying all those people in Florida's homes is ingenious.


Match Results: Gail Kim beat Nidia; Chuck Palumbo beat Val Venis; Rodney Mack beat Heat GM Steven Richards


We do not open with a special message from the boss, Steven Richards, welcoming us to the season premiere of Heat, which is not followed by a brand new opening highlighting all our favorite Heat superstars.  In case you were wondering, I see it as a slickly-produced package of dramatic closeups and action shots featuring, say, Stevie with his arm up in the air, Coach with his boy Garrison Cade, Maven doing a dropkick (shades of Maven), Rosey in the superhero pose, That Mysterious Woman standing triumphant, Val gyrating, Mack & Jazz boogyin', and Palumbo breaking Hurricane's nose. 


GAIL KIM (from one of the Koreas) vs. NIDIA (from "Pwair-toe Rrrrrrreeko")

Well, this match is truly an in your house: international incident.  An in your international house of pancakes incident.  Not only is Justin Roberts doing the ring announcing instead of Howard Finkel, but Jonathan Coachman has no-showed his own season premiere, instead choosing, I guess, to emcee the Wrestlemania press conference.  Some priorities.  So we've got Todd Grisham: "Coach is not here this week, I'm filling in, and so far I'm doing pretty bad, wouldn't you agree, Al?"  "Absolutely."


Headlock/headscissor battle of wills in the earlygoing.  Nidia's boobshirt says "SEXY" in glitter.  No offense, dear, but if you have to write it in glitter on your giant bust, maybe it's not entirely true?  I'm sorry.  Gail grabs a wristlock and tries to run up the turnbuckles, but, oh shit, being Gail Kim, she slips and falls down.  At least she ended up taking a flat back bump instead of something nastier, but uh-oh, she's rolling around in pain and grabbing her (previously broken) collarbone and screaming and WAIT A MINUTE, she suckers Nidia in and throws her through the ropes, grazing the ringsteps on her way down.  OMG, it's a work.  You deceived me!  That's the first one of those I've fallen for in two years.  Nidia is rolled back in for 2.  Snapmare, kick to the back, kneedrop gets 2.  Blatant Choke.  Gail goes for a suplex, Nidia small packages her 1 2 no.  Nidia backslide 1 2 no.  Gail with a scoop but collapses under the massive weight of Nidia's SEXY boobs, 1 2 no.  Gail applies an abdominal stretch with extra limb wackiness, but Nidia hiptosses out.  Clotheslines!  Northern Lights suplex 1 2 no!  Northern Lights suplex 1 2 no!  Northern Lights : Nidia :: dropkick : Maven.  Gail with a single leg takedown right into the one with the knee bent around her head.  Nidia taps.


Diva Recap of les bons moments.  Oh no, not Chandra.  Oh no, not Maria.  Oh no, not Camille.  Oh no, not Julia.  Oh no, not Tracie.  Oh no, not Michelle.  Oh no, not Amy.  Oh no, not Joy.  OH NO, NO NO NO.  NOT CHRISTY.  Son of a bitch.  I guess I should have voted.

Tomorrow: Trish throws a Victory Party for Christy.  At least I will never again have to read anyone saying "why oh why does that bitch Carmella think she's so much better than this?"  Well, because, uh, she is.  Let's be realistic.


Let us take you back to the Snitsky saga.  His promo was so bad they don't replay a single part of it.  He's a worse television performer than any of the wannabe divas were.  Lita loses the baby.  That's not what they told us on Heat last week!  Doctors were optimistic!  They were OPTIMISTIC.  Not even his nice shirt can assuage Kane's anguish.  I felt so bad for him. :(  At the same time, I'm darn glad to have that baby aborted, word life. Word ... choice?


WWE Slam of the Week: Christian runs in on Y2J/HBK III.



Whoa, Chuck has added a doorag to his scumbag look, as well as dyed his hair back to brown from pee-colored.  Chuck with an eyepoke and a back suplex for 1.  He stomps away in the corner.  Vertical suplex gets 2.  "Camel toe clutch," according to Al, is applied.  Awkward-looking stuff where Val hits the ropes chestfirst and staggers back into Chuck forearms.  Val reverses a whip and gets a spinebuster.  Money Shot -- hits the knees!  Fallaway Samoan Drop, 1 2 3.  Todd: "If Chuck keeps this up, we'll see him on the grandest stage of them all when Wrestlemania goes Hollywood!"  Okay.


Let us take you back to the Wrestlemania press conference.


WWE Rewind: Vince sets up Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff.


Todd Grisham has sprinted backstage to interview William Regal about Taboo Tuesday.  What does he think about the stipulations for Eric vs. Eugene?  "I would love to see Eric Bischoff boiled in oil."  Loser has to wear a dress?  "What if we cover him from head to toe in strawberry jam and let a million fire ants have their wicked way with him?"  Loser becomes the winner's servant?  "How about feeding him to the piranhas?  Or a death of 1,000 cuts?  Rip his eyelids off and dip his head in hot soapy water?"  Loser's head is shaved bald?  "Actually, I like that one.  Dear Uncle Eric loves his hair.  In a dress, or a servant, that's over rather quickly, but it takes a long time to grow your hair back."  (Oh, you dicks.)  But if Eugene loses, how would he look with his head shaved?  "Don't be silly, dear boy.  Eugene's not going to lose.  He's got me on his side."


Things I take from this segment:
1) the choice is completely up to you, but vote for head shaved! vote for head shaved! vote for head shaved!

2) death of 1,000 cuts would be awesome.


Let us take you back to the Raw main event.  Um, apparently a great man once said that "we're that damn good."


Simon System (w/ Henrietta).



Rodney has a Mack Militant remix that I believe goes "shh, don't touch me. I don't caaaaaare. I don't caaaaaare."  Oh god, that is some awesome dancing on the part of the Macks.  Whoa Stevie charges right out and knocks Mack out of the ring.  Mack back in, Mack clotheslined over the top.  Stevie with a crossbody off the apron to the floor and fists of fire.  Clearly he's pretty fired up after that Tomko match.  Rolled back in, cover gets 2.  Jazz grabs Stevie's foot when he hits the ropes, he steps through the ropes to fire her but gets kicked by Mack.  Jazz throws him into the steps.  Rolled back in, Mack covers for 2.  Neckbreaker gets 2.  Mack thugs and bugs.  Stevie jawjacks out of a chinlock, hits a dropkick to the gut, hotshot, pair of clotheslines, side slam for 2.  Jazz gets up on the apron and distracts the ref, allowing Mack to get a LOW BLOW that drops Stevie ... down to one knee, oh no.  Ghetto Blaster!  1 2 3.  Where the hell was Victoria disguised as a dude, coming out to even the odds and leading to the big reunion kiss?  (Love and crossdressing conquer all.)  Some season premiere this was.




My name is Justin Shapiro, I am the WWF Champion, and I do not deserve to be treated like this.  I earned a Master's Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have parlayed into a cushy position as the WWE Sunday Night Heat co-reporter, non-Australian version, 2003-2005, at WrestlingObserver.com.  I collect My Little Ponies.  My favorite food is banana pudding.


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September 18, 2004: Dump For Joy

by Justin Shapiro

CONGRATULATIONS to Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda!  How adorable.  Will Shelton be the best man?*  I always like to assume that people together in worked storylines are closer than real life family members who aren't on TV.  Accordingly, I'm excited that Rico gets to plan another wedding!  And I assume that he'll give Ms. Jackie away.  The weaker joke would be to say that Rico will be the maid of honor, but clearly the roles of bridesmaids will be filled by those divalicious Smackdown divas.  The babyface divalicious divas, that is.  Okay, there's only one, so maybe Linda Miles will have to get called back up to the main roster.**  Yay!

* Notes from present day: He was!

** Notes from present day: She wasn’t and was in fact fired!


Match Results: Rodney Mack beat Val Venis; Maven beat Wavell Star; Rhyno & Tajiri beat Hurricane & Rosey


The Big News: Unfortunately, Lita did not lose her baby as a result of her accident with Kane.  Also, I hate myself for noticing, but this was almost an exact rerun of the August 22, 2004 show, where Chuck Palumbo beat Rosey; Maven beat Wavell Star; and Rodney Mack beat Val Venis.  I guess it's a good thing the new season is starting next week.


Rematch from four weeks ago: RODNEY MACK (w/ Jazz) vs. VAL VENIS (w/ ... jizz?)

Jonathan Coachman declares himself an innocent bystander in Randy Orton's championship loss.  He also says it seems that Rodney and Val have developed a vendetta against one another in recent weeks.  That one match they had last month was a barn-burning encounter.  Val's cautious look in the direction of the meddling Jazz is interpreted by Coach as "I didn't know Val Venis liked the chocolate."  Yikes.


Mack out-thugs-and-bugs Val on the mat, then does an incredible dance to celebrate.  Val works the arm in retaliation but gets thrown to the floor, where he ends up on the receiving end of a SLAP from Jazz and a chopblock from behind by Mack.  Rolled back in, Mack pulls off Val's kneepad and works over his leg.  Al thinks he might be setting Val up for that one-knee DDT.  Huh?  What makes you so sure?  Val fights back with a clothesline and a pair of back elbows.  This comeback looks like it's going in slow motion.  Half nelson slam gets 2.  Val's leg gives out attempting a fisherman's buster and Mack hotshots him.  He bounces back and ends up ... down on one knee, in perfect position for that one-knee DDT by Rodney Mack.  Well I'll be damned.  "The Ghetto Blaster!" it's called by Coach, sending all wrestling finisher database archivists into a panic.


Let us take you back to Randy Orton putting the "kay" from "cake" into "RKO."  Or, more literally, putting "RKO" into a "cake."


WWE Slam of the Week: Joy is eliminated.  She says she's proud that she made it this far and might be back.  Your children need you, Joy.


Rematch from four weeks ago: MAVEN vs. WAVELL STAR

It seems that Maven and Star have developed a vendetta against one another in recent weeks.  Round 2, baby.  Can Star turn it around?  The Coach hypes the Wrestlemania 21 press conference, emceed by the Coach.  Al picks Christie to win the Diva Contest since she has the biggest upside.  Coach agrees, in large part because she "doesn't seem like she's embarrassed when she's out there."  Wow, such subtlety.  Maven Effect, 123.  I must say, Maven seems to have Star's number.  Which is 5, unless he's a Jewish Indian, in which case it's 6.


Let us take you back to the handicap match and return of Shelton Benjamin.  Am I just drunk on DayQuil or wouldn't it have made a lot more sense to flip Benjamin and Benoit's spots, having Orton and Benoit overcome by 3-on-2 odds so that Benjamin's return spot makes the biggest impact?  It's certainly better for him to be in that mix than out of it, but still, they just kind of threw him out there as just another guy in a numbers game.

Tomorrow: Evolution vs. Chris Benoit/Randy Orton/Shelton Benjamin.


Let us take you back to Lita's pregnancy emergency.  If Ric Flair got pregnant, he could miscarry a broomstick.  We are told that Lita was taken to a medical facility and that Kane has been constantly at her side ever since.  Aww.  They have good news to report -- wait, what? -- which is that Lita did NOT lose the baby.  Noooo!  In fact, doctors are cautiously optimistic.  Damn it.*

* Notes from present day: Their optimism was ill-founded, as Lita kept her baby so that she could lose it during a live broadcast of WWE Monday Night Raw.


WWE Rewind: HBK pins Tomko, but gets Tomkokazed on the floor by Christian.  Coach takes a moment to congratulate Chris Jericho on becoming a seven-time Intercontinental Champion.  They sure have put over that ladder match -- NWO!  I mean NOT!  You're telling me that the LADDER ASS spot couldn't qualify for the YJ Spinal Sting of the Night?  Even if it wasn't MOTY-caliber, couldn't you still hype it as something important just to protect the gimmick and acknowledge all the punishment those guys took to get it over?  That's what they did for Michaels/HHH's Hell in a Cell, after all.  I wonder where the difference lies.



Hurricane's first match back since suffering a broken nose against Chuck Palumbo on August 8th.  *Intriguing*.  Babyface matchup.  *Intriguing*.  Big and small vs. big and small.  *Intriguing*.  Three formers members of the Alliance.  *Intriguing.*  Hurricane and Tajiri start quick-pacedly.  Hurricane knocks down Tajiri with a shoulderblock, Hurri-poses, and gets kicked in the back by Tajiri lying on the ground.  Haha awesome.  Tajiri goes for a backdrop, but Hurricane throws him down by his hair.  It's gettin' interestin'!  Rosey tagged in, Tajiri's drop toehold -- no.  Tajiri quickly tags out to Rhyno.  Rosey offers a handshake and Rhyno accepts, only to get shortarm pulled into an armbar.  OMG, Rosey violated the Code of Honor.  Rhyno challenges Rosey to a test of strength, which is to Rosey's advantage until Rhyno kicks him to break it.  It's gettin' more interestin'!


Rhyno with a corner whip and shoulder to the fat, but Rosey charges right back out with a clothesline for 2.  Tag to Hurricane, Rhyno whipped into a Hurricane leg lariat for 2.  Hurricane with a front facelock, but he's muscled into Tajyna's corner, where Tajiri is tagged in and kicks away.  Hurricane reverses a corner whip, but runs into the Tarantula!  Except he's Tarantulaing on Rosey's side of the apron and gets knocked off to the floor!  Hurricane follows and whips Tajiri into the apron.  Back in, vertical suplex and a chinlock.  Tajiri fights to his feet, goes for a vertical suplex, Hurricane lands behind him, Eye of the Hurricane is blocked and shoved off into a spinning heel kick!  Both guys down.


Tag to Rosey!  Tag to Rhyno!  Flying clothesline by Rhyno gets 2.  Belly-to-belly on Rosey, I think not, Rosey headbutts him, slams him, drops the spinning legdrop for 1 2 broken up by a Tajiri dropkick!  Cover by Rhyno, 1 2 broken up by Hurricane!  Pairing off, Rhyno gets clotheslined in the corner by Rosey.  He lifts Tajiri onto his shoulders for the Samoan Drop + neckbreaker combo, but Rhyno GORES the Hurricane to prevent it!  Rosey drops Tajiri to go after Rhyno, but his whip is reversed right into a Tajiri kick!  GORE to Rosey!  1!  2!  3!  That was super duper fun.


Tomorrow: It's the season premiere of Raw!  Thank god the new season is starting, 'cause Raw sure has sucked for most of the summer.

Tomorrow: Vince's Huge Announcement

Next Week: It's the season premiere of Heat!  There will be incredible surprises in store for everyone, completely fabricated by me.  Famous faces from Heat's past return to reminisce about five crazy years of wild Sunday night sports entertainment on USA, MTV, TNN, the new TNN, and SpikeTV.  Guests expected to appear include Heat GM Steven Richards, Kevin Kelly, Al Stone, That Mystery Woman, Tazz, DJ Scribble, Rebecca Budig, The Germ, Lita, Raven (correction - no), D'Lo Brown (also no), and the cast of Pacific Blue.




My name is Justin Shapiro, I am the WWF Champion, and I do not deserve to be treated like this.  I earned a Master's Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have parlayed into a cushy position as the WWE Sunday Night Heat co-reporter, non-Australian version, 2003-2005, at WrestlingObserver.com.  I collect My Little Ponies.  My favorite food is banana pudding.


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September 11, 2004: Orton Anti-Buyrates

by Justin Shapiro

You know a PPV has booking issues when they scorch the earth so bad that they can even find time to destroy Heat's only angle.  In a negative star match to boot.  You dicks.


Match Result: Maven beat Rodney Mack


Straight into a video package for Randy Orton vs. Kane from Raw.  Then the opening credits.


Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow, victorious at Unforgiven one year ago, join us from inside the Rose Garden in Port Land.  Triple H vs. Randy Orton what a match what a match.  Shawn Michaels vs. Kane what a return what a return.  I don't believe you!


They send it to Todd Grisham and Ivory outside.  How about that ladder match?  How about this video package for that ladder match?  How about Christian has now lost the Intercontinental Title in three different ladder matches, and Jericho has won it in two?  How about a -- wait for it -- no count-out match?


This Past Friday, Make-a-Wish Foundation recognized WWE for their charity work.


Let us take you back to diva arm wrestling.  They do not freezeframe and pinpoint the Amy Weber injury like I hoped.  In fact, she doesn't even sell the arm in her post-elimination interview with the Todd.  She says it was an amazing experience.  Tomorrow: Seattle Sludgefest.


Sting of the Night: Rhyno earns tonight's title shot by pinning Sylvain.  Can you believe that Rhyno and Tajiri actually wrestled EACH OTHER at the 2001 Unforgiven?!?  That is crazysexycool.


Todd Grisham's exclusive WWE.com interview with Flair and Batista is exclusive no longer since we watch it.  Batista closes his remarks with "and WHERE did you GET that UGLY ass SHIRT?"  Todd: "...Express."  Flair promos the world title match even more than his own, basically doing a Nature Boy promo but changing all the "I"s to "Triple H"s.


Lita's in her dressing room when Kane sneaks up up on her.  He's been stressed out, if you know what he means, and he needs to release some pressure, if you know what he means.  Lita walks off in disgust.  "What!  The doctor said it would be okay!"  Oh Kane you rascal.


Video package for HBKane.  Shawn Michaels is back, tonight, and kind of interested in revenge!  I finally figured out who Lita is channeling with her delivery in her new meddling wife gimmick.  It's a dead-on Jordan Sullivan-Cox from Scrubs.  For serious.


Saliva "Survival of the Sickest" card rundown by Todd and Eyevory.  Still only six matches.


Al and an elated Coach talk about what done happened to Eugene, with Coach doing a derogatory Eugene impression.  Let us take you back to the death of Eugene on Raw.  You know, I was as sick as anybody of Eugene getting pushed so hard, so I'm not upset that he's gone, but I remember back in May and June when the crowd really took to him, very genuinely, as a character.  And ever since the night after Bad Blood, Triple H has sucked up every joule of heat from the gimmick catching on and used it to put himself over as a heel.  So now the gimmick is overexposed from being rushed into a program with HHH, and the character is dead because HHH destroyed him.  Way to go.


Lillian Garcia talks to William Regal, who's very upset, as Eugene has suffered a dislocated shoulder.  Eric Bischoff interrupts to point out that it's a *severely* dislocated shoulder and that Eugene's career is over.  Regal smolders.  He knows that Eugene will be back, and promises that he and Chris Benoit "will beat Evolution with EVERY FIBER in our BLOODY BEINGS!"


WWE Rewind: SPIT!  (That's his move!)


Todd and Ivory, literally the only people left outside the building, head on in.  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler take over.


MAVEN vs. RODNEY MACK (w/ Jazz) (w/ his old music, so I guess it will stick around)

If Nidia gets involved in this match, I will give the PPV a thumbs up.  If Mack's former tag team partner Christopher Nowinski gets involved in this match, I will die.  Mack and Jazz are dancing all awesome and shakin' it.  Mack hits a shoulderblock and celebrates with the Mack Militant Boogie.  Bodyslam gets 2.  Vertical suplex dropped into a slam gets 2.  Maven bumps off a corner whip, elbowdrop gets 2.  Bearhuggin' and buggin'.  Mack with a scoop, Maven slips behind him but runs into a powerslam for 2.  Back to the bearhug.  Maven elbows out, his whip is reversed, five-arm.  Dropkick (shades of Maven), dropkick (shades of Maven), 2.  Maven all but totally whiffs on his second rope DDT but they sell it anyway, 1 2 no.  Maven off the ropes, Jazz grabs his leg so he pulls her up by the hair, only to get SLAPPED (you go, girlfriend)!  Mack capitalizes with a rolling reverse cradle, 1 2 Maven kicks him off and he bonks into the mrs., knocking her off the apron and falling back into a schoolboy 1 2 3.  Maven leaps up onto the barricade to celebrate his victory over Rodney Mack on pre-PPV Heat.  Replay of the roll-up reveals a horrifying amount of Mack buttcrack.


HHH/Orton video package.  So if Orton has to chase until Wrestlemania -- which sounds all too captivating right now, I must say -- does that mean that since Benoit went over in the tag match, it's time for HHH to get some wins back?  Because there's no way, no way, no way they're going back to HHH/Shawn, right?  Right?  No way?  No way at all?  Okay, they might. *

* Notes from present day: They did.




My name is Justin Shapiro, I am the WWF Champion, and I do not deserve to be treated like this.  I earned a Master's Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have parlayed into a cushy position as the WWE Sunday Night Heat co-reporter, non-Australian version, 2003-2005, at WrestlingObserver.com.  I collect My Little Ponies.  My favorite food is banana pudding.


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September 4, 2004: Maria, Fool of Grace

by Justin Shapiro

For those about to rock, set the clock.  Baby you know you're Jewish and I'm on Heat.  Last week, Benoit.  This week, Jericho.  Not just any Jericho, but Jericho in an elusive dream match against our own Steven Richards.  (Somebody has to get his win back from the week before Wrestlemania.)


Match Results: Rodney Mack beat Rosey; Maven beat Greg Groothuis; Chris Jericho beat Heat GM Steven Richards


Pyro!  Thank god, the Coach is back.  We are but seven days away from Unforgiven!  What, really?  Al Snow is as hoarse as you can possibly imagine and pretty much does the show voiceless.  Except in the shots that were taped at Raw and not voiced-over later in the week.  So something terrible must have happened to Al Snow after 8:45 p.m. EST on Monday night.  Besides having to watch the diva diss segment.


Fat Boy Challenge: RODNEY MACK (w/ Jazz) vs. ROSEY (w/o ... Rico)
Hey what the hey, Mack is back to his old music after two weeks of generic new stuff.  I guess that means Theodore Long is getting a new theme?  Howard Finkel is not here this week neither as that sounds like Justin Roberts.  Al makes fun of Coach's misfortune on Monday, but his guttural borrowing of the famed Heyman call "GORE! GORE! GORE!" sounds like it's tearing his vocal chords apart.  Mack hits an avalanche in the corner and celebrates with the Mack Militant Boogie, but Rosey feels no pain and knocks him down with a shoulderblock.  Too fat for hiptossing, Rosey clotheslines him down.  Off the ropes, Jazz grabs his leg, allowing Mack to clip him from behind.  Normally this would lead to four minutes of knee-cranking but we ain't got time.  Rosey fights back with clotheslines, puts his head down on a backdrop, gets kicked, but backdrops Mack out of his DDT attempt.  Corner whip, Mack avoids the avalanche.  Kick to the leg drops Rosey to one knee, Mack with a DDT out of that position.  123.  Rosey kicks out right after the finish?  Odd.  Rodney and Jazz dance it up real awesome-like in celebration.


Let us take you to the Republican National Convention.  Mark Henry says voting is power.  It can bend a frying pan.  Linda mentions September 11, probably due to its many similarities with Vince's steroid trial.


Let us take you back to Randy Orton, Sledgend Hammer.  Can I assume that those canvases and blown up photographs were paid for by the friends and supporters of Randy Orton?

Tomorrow: Randy Orton vs. Kane.


WWE Rewind: Christian, Christian, at last you're on!


Backstage, Vivian Garcia stands with Chris Jericho and asks him about the return of the CLB.  Before Jericho can answer, he's interrupted by one Steven Richards.  Stevie explains that he is SO onto Jericho.  He knows that he's been going out week after week dressing as a mystery woman and helping Victoria, because he can't get over Trish Stratus.   Jericho thinks he's crazy.  "Come on.  This is not the first strange-lookin' woman we've seen around here.  I mean, remember Chyna?"  Oh snap.  Both chuckle.  But Stevie doesn't like his changing the subject, nor does he like the tone he's taking.  And in case Jericho didn't know, Stevie's got a lot of stroke around here!  This is his show, Stevie Night Heat, and he's making a match, Chris Jericho and Steven Richards, in his ring.  Jericho promises to take him downtown to Chynatown and change this show from Stevie Night Heat to Stevie Night Suck.  Don't you mean ... Stevie Night Jericho?


MAVEN vs. GREG indecipherable, cut off by announcers

It's not Greg Whitmoyer, sadly.  Coach wonders if Edge was in on Christian's attack of Jericho, although he realizes that Edge hasn't been close with Christian in recent months.  Yes, about 24 of them.  Fun with linear time and Jonathan Coachman continues when Maven hits "that move that he's patented over the past ***COUPLE OF WEEKS***, that flying spinning DDT!"  123.  Unless he meant that an actual patent was registered for the move two weeks ago, that is scary.


"Much to the chagrin of the FCC," let us take you back to the Diva Competition.  Firstly, Maria is eliminated.  Oh no, not Maria.*  In her exclusive comments to Todd, she says that she met some really cool girls and one really skanky girl.  Wacky bleep-noises for everyone.  Shake that fat ass, mom.  "While the subject matter is sensitive, on balance this was an attempt at dark humor, capitalizing on the popularity of profanity-laden programs such as The Sopranos, Rescue Me, and Deadwood." - Kevin Dunn.

* Notes from present day: How weird would it have been if Maria had stuck around for Diss the Diva and was all "Fart! Slut! Poop!"


Da da da da, oh, oh, Shawn video.  HBK returns at Unforgiven.

Unforgiven: Shawn Michaels vs. Kane.

"Survival of the Sickest" by Saliva is the official theme for Unforgiven.  Last week, I made an extraordinary joke about Saliva doing the PPV theme, you know 'cause of Orton spitting in HHH's face?  And then look at this, Saliva really is doing the theme.  So how about that.  How about that.

Unforgiven: Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Let us take you back to Triple H vs. Eugene.  I think the fact that they went with Benoit & Regal as the tag team for the PPV instead of Benoit & Eugene, Best Friends Forever would seem to indicate scaling way back on Nat Tardy's* push.  Then again, he did just "beat" HHH.  I guess we'll know for sure depending on how he's booked in the cage match.

Tomorrow: Randy Orton vs. Kane.

* Notes from present day: Nat Hardy was one of the fake Hardy family members that Kane brought out to beat up and thus this is very funny.



Chris Jericho

height: 6' [cough]

weight: 235 lbs.

hometown: Winnipeg, Manihasset, NY

finishing move: Walls of Jericho; Lionsault

career highlights: first ever Undisputed Champion; 25-time Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; WCW Cruiserweight Champion; WCW Television Champion; larger than life living legend and King of the World


Steven Richards

height: 6'2

weight: 235 lbs.

hometown: Philadelphia, PA

finishing move: Steviekick; SteVieT

career highlights: Hardcore Champion; ECW Tag Team Champion; leader of the Right to Censor; general manager of Stevie Night Heat; founder and CEO of StevieCorp




1) overcome home show disadvantage

2) that running enzuigiri thing

3) ignore Trish-related heartbreak



1) show him, he'll see

2) help from That Mystery Woman?

3) ignore Victoria-related heartbreak



YJ Sting of the Night: Batista interferes in Benoit/Flair and lays out Benoit.  All wolverines are animals but not all Animals are Wolverines.



Coach wonders about the last time we saw Jericho on Heat.  Why I do believe it was May 11, 2003, when he defeated the Hurricane.  Jericho opens with an armdrag.  Stevie shoves him.  Jericho shoves back.  Jericho with a waistlock takedown, ties up Stevie's legs but he gets the ropes.  Jericho with chops.  Vertical suplex.  Come On Baby cover gets 1.  Stevie pokes him in the eye.  Stevie with a sunset flip, Jericho rolls out and into the Walls, but Stevie grabs the ropes and crawls onto the apron.  Jericho's springboard dropkick knocks him off of that apron and to the floor to set up this commercial break.


Back with Richards somehow now in control, stomping away.  Neckbreaker and an axhandle drop get 2.  Kataha-stevie applied while the announcers figure that if Stevie wins, he could be the new #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title.   Jericho fights out but is hairpulled back down.  Punt to the ribs.  I'll Show You You'll See suplex.  I'm told that this full nelson camel clutch is called the Rat Trap.  Before my time.  Jericho's arm falls once, he stands up and armdrags out, but charges into a drop toehold into the middle rope.  Stevie looks at Jericho prone across the ropes and OMG, OMG, OMG, starts doing the locomotion dance, hits the ropes, but Jericho turns around and clotheslines him before he can execute the sitdown splash.  Stevie reverses a whip but gets five-armed.  "COME ON, BABY!"  Richards with a kick, off the ropes, into Jericho's sleeperslam for 2.  Jericho with a 10-punch countalong.  Stevie reverses a corner whip, Jericho goes up and over him but runs into a kick to the face.  Cover, feet on the ropes, one two NO.  SteVieT is blocked, Jericho ducks a short arm clotheslines and hits the walk up enzuigiri, landing Richards on the ropes.  Now Jericho can do the sexy beast dance and running sitdown.  Bulldog -- lionsault hits the knees!  SteVieT hits!!  One!  Two!  NO!!!!!  Cover again, one two no!  Stevie to the second rope -- dropkick attempt is caught in a double-leg by Jericho!  Walls of Jericho!  Tapout.  A hard-fought battle.  See you in sixteen months, Y2J.


Tomorrow: Randy Orton vs. Kane.  Kudos to Al Snow for completing this show in excruciating pain and excruciating voice.  The poor hoarseman.  (Ha ha.)




My name is Justin Shapiro, I am the WWF Champion, and I do not deserve to be treated like this.  I earned a Master's Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have parlayed into a cushy position as the WWE Sunday Night Heat co-reporter, non-Australian version, 2003-2005, at WrestlingObserver.com.  I collect My Little Ponies.  My favorite food is banana pudding.


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August 29, 2004: Crippling Heat

by Justin Shapiro


Chris Benoit is here and he's really mad.  Chris Benoit is here and he's really angry.  Here it is in full, the Chris Benoit song.  Is there any wrestler who can prove him wrong?  Sounds like a problem for ... The Problem Solver.

Match Results: Rodney Mack beat Maven; Chuck Palumbo beat Ollie John; Tyson Tomko beat Chris Benoit; no, just lying; Chris Benoit beat Tyson Tomko (for real) (Chris Benoit is For Real)


With only two matches on Raw, I thought we'd have a "loaded" show tonight, but I guess not.  No offense to Ollie John.  Or Tyson Tomko.


RODNEY MACK (w/ Jazz) (w/ new phat beats) vs. The $50,000 Tough Enough Champion MAVEN

Jazz looks like she's having way too much fun thugging and bugging with Mack on their way to the ring.  Ew, ew, I hear the voice of Todd Grisham, filling in for Jonathan Coachman, who I guess is out selling the People's Elbow.  So they wrote out both sides' play-by-play guys in the same week.  Everybody's working injuries for the weekend.  Todd accuses Maven of jive-talking.  It's okay, TG was born in the '40s, before racism was bad.  Mack works over Maven's lower back with stomps and elbows and knees.  You know it's the back militant.  Mack with a standing-in-place shoulder powerslam for 2.  Maven fights back but gets clotheslined for 2.  Mack takes him down with a bearhug, but Maven stands up and hits a jawbreaker.  Maven with a whip, goes for a flying forearm while Mack goes for a flying tackle and they smack faces.  Oops.  Mack recovers and re-covers for 2.  Maven ducks a clothesline and now he gets the five-arm.  Dropkick (shades of Maven), dropkick (shades of Maven), 2.  Maven to the top rope, but Jazz shoves him off and he takes a somersault bump, almost landing on Mack and the ref in the process.  Mack with a schoolboy, despite getting his education from the streets, 1 2 3.


WWE Rewind: Traci is eliminated.  Oh no, not Traci.


Let us take you back to the Rock and the Divas.  Like, almost all of it.  These are the longest 20 second intervals in the history of 20 second intervals.  Joy goes into business for herself.  The business of being stupid.  Her trying to challenge Carmella to a match tonight in this very ring was just sad.  Like Bischoff was going to come out and be like, "Hmm, that's very interesting, Joy, but there's one thing you have to remember!  *I* am the General Manager of Raw!  I am in charge!  That being said, this unplanned match between two untrained models will happen -- tonight!"  If you didn't know that that lunatic* was going to stick her ass in the pie, then you, unlike Randy Orton, have not been paying attention to the $250,000 Diva Contest.

* Notes from present day: Oh Christy.


YJ Sting of the Night: YJ Sting is kicked out of the Horsemen.


Let us spit-take you back to Orton and HHH.  Spitooie.  Orrrrrrrrten.  Orrrrrrrrten.  Orrrrrrrrten.  Eugeeeeene.  "Always" by Saliva is the official theme of Unforgiven.  No it's not.


Unforgiven: Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.  The stakes are that much higher now that we know where guys who drop the belt end up.

Later: Chris Benoit vs. Tyson Tomko.



The "word to describe Chuck in one word" this week is apparently "mugger."  Chuck pulls Ollie up at 2 after a Confessions of a Yakuza Kick.  Samoan drop out of a fallaway slam, 123.  What a mugging!


Da da da da, oh, oh, Shawn.  HBK returns at Unforgiven.  I think this is the first time they've promoted a wrestler's return for the pay-per-view itself instead of on TV since Steve Austin at No Way Out 2003.  Goldberg's first appearance and the Rock's returns should totally be given away for free as surprises, but Shawn Michaels' comeback from summer vacation is apparently going to mean something for PPV buys.


Let us take you back to back to the unholy union of Kane and Lita.  Bischoff's part is cut.  The wedding bells are ringing and the choir's beginning to sing.  You got something to say, speak now or hold your peace.  Set fire to the place as a parting gift.


TYSON TOMKO (w/ Trish Stratus) vs. CHRIS BENOIT

Trish *so* should've held up the women's title in Benoit's face to taunt him.  Actually, I wish this was Benoit vs. Trish since they could probably have a heck of a match.  Maybe better than Benoit and Tyson.  Not that I haven't seen Benoit get some mini-masterpieces out of the A-Train, but Tomko is no A-Train.  Benoit chops away, Tomko reverses a corner whip but charges into Benoit's feet -- immediate sharpshooter but Tomko scrambles for the ropes.  Tomko with a kick, lifts Benoit onto his shoulder but he slips behind him -- immediate crossface but Tomko scrambles for the ropes.  Tomko blocks a German suplex by holding the ropes, then cuts Benoit off with a hotshot.  Tomko kicks Benoit out of the ring, then rolls him back in for 2.  Tomko with his devastating array of chokes, punches, and head-holding head holds.  Benoit kicks free and throws him into the middle turnbuckle.  German!  German!  German!  Diving headbutt, 1 2 no!  Benoit's lip has been busted thin open.  Sharpshooter attempt is abandoned to chase Trish off the apron.  Benoit turns around, ducks the Not So Super Kick in case it would have actually hit, and hits a German!  German!  German!  German!  German!  German!  Crossface!  Tap!  Whoa.  Well take that, Tyson Tomko.  That was an awesome finish, although if Benoit was going to do nine German suplexes in a match I wouldn't think it would be on Heat against Tyson Tomko.  But hey, no problem.


Tomorrow: stuff.




My name is Justin Shapiro, I am the WWF Champion, and I do not deserve to be treated like this.  I earned a Master's Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, which I have parlayed into a cushy position as the WWE Sunday Night Heat co-reporter, non-Australian version, 2003-2005, at WrestlingObserver.com.  I collect My Little Ponies.  My favorite food is banana pudding.


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November 2006


by Sean Carless

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