By day he is a mild-mannered newspaper reporter. By night he's... sleeping. Seriously though, The Sixth Child is an actual newspaper journalist, but would rather be writing movie reviews for some major film magazine. He keeps his identity a secret in the event a reputable publication knocks on his door, only to discover a man who writes a column where death, incest and sodomy are funny.

On weekends he also works as a DJ he once MCed a wedding where the bridal waltz was 10CC's "I'm Not In Love".

His biggest achievements include juggling four tedious jobs, three bank accounts, two nutty parents and a partridge in a pear-tree.

Age: 22

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Hobbies: Movies and pro-wrestling (get out! really?) along with music, writing, anime, videogames, stand up comedy and anything to do with the 1980s.


Wrestling Fan since: 1990


Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions:  At age six,  he got in trouble for cutting a Piper promo he memorised towards a girl in his class. When he told his mother he wanted to be a wrestler, she threatened to disown him. For the record, he does miss her cooking.


TWF debut: April 2007


Known for: Managing to somehow mesh professional wrestlers into the storylines of mainstream cinematic features. Most readers tend to skim through his posts and look at Carless' doctored pics, making The Sixth Child's entire role at TWF an exercise in futility (sigh).


Online resume: Wrestling -,

Film -

(There are others, but none involve headlocks, exploding limos or giving birth to hands)