Sean Carless is kind of a Big Deal. People know him. He has many leather bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. His greatest accomplishments include creating cold fusion, curing the vaunted AIDS virus, bringing Peace to the Middle East.... and writing stupid wrestling parodies on the Internet. He is also widely considered the handsomest man in wrestling his Mom. She thinks he has a boat load of potential, so don't you dare doubt her.

Age: 30.

Hometown: Peterborough, (Dramatic pause) Ontario, Canada.

Hobbies: Gangster movies, Comics, 80's cartoons, And various George Lucas created über nerdiness.

Wrestling Fan since: 1985.

Stupidest Wrestling-oriented Admission: Created cardboard wrestling belts as a teenager; once turned down sex in 1998 for a 5 hour block of Monday night RAW and WCW Nitro. Has ordered every single WWE pay-per-view for the last 6 years... yet surprisingly still gets laid. (Although it is a pain always having to inflate her first).


TWF Debut:  March 2003, the date from which it spawned from his evil imagination.


Known For:  Wrestling parodies; Creating some of the Net's most absurd Photoshops that in turn get stolen and re-appear on shitty message boards in people's sigs; Swearing too much; Telling the same joke about masturbation for 5 years straight, Tedious overuse of the term "you know" during Radio broadcasts; Trailing off into longwinded jokes during Recaps; coining the expression "fucky" as a term of umm, "affection"; Winning the Readers choice Award 3 years in a row; and having his life threatened at the behest of one The Ultimate Warrior in 2005.


Online Resume: The Wrestling, Live Audio Wrestling, 411Mania,, Lethal Wrestling, Wrestlecrap, The Toronto Star, Wrestling Observer (Photoshops) (Photoshops).