Neil Cathan. The words are enough to make any woman faint. He rarely mentions that this is because they laugh so hard they fail to get enough oxygen in their body. Because that's the sort of fine upstanding gentleman he is. Hailing from a tiny rainy island called Britain, Neil finds his love for wrestling challenged on a monthly basis by Russo overbookings in TNA. And yet he soldiers bravely on, to entertain his vast horde of fans.
Age: 16
Hometown: Leeds, Britain.
Hobbies:Wrasslin', playing guitar, listening to obscure classical and progressive metal. Baiting stupid people. Playing RPGS.
Wrestling fan since: 1998
Stupidest Wrestling Oriented Admission:Tried to use wrestling moves when he was beaten up as a child.
TWF Debut: April 5th 2007.
Known for: Being a total fanboy for Jerry Lynn. comparing wll known wrestlers to indy stars few people outside of Britain have heard of. Mentioning WWE stuff in his TNA rants almost as much as TNA mentions WWE. Making references no-one understands. (Cannibal: The Musical quotes in a recap near you!)
Online Resume: The Wrestling Fan.