Joe Merrick does not care about white people. Or anyone else for that matter. Hailing from the roughest, toughest part of England (Stop laughing) Joe found sanctuary with TWF after finding that, turns out, no one else would take in someone who readily insults entire ethnicities, religions and social groups. Except maybe Texas, but that'd mean him having to get off his ass to move. Best not to get too pally. In all likelihood, he probably hates you. And your dumbass God.


Age: 20


Hometown: Manchester, England


Hobbies: Editing, Writing, Boxing, Hunting Emos, Godzilla Movies


Wrestling Fan since: Wrestlemania 10


Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions:  Got denied being Heidenreich's 'friend', pushed a horde of children down some stairs so he could shake hands with the Undertaker, got pointed and laughed at by Kane of all people.


TWF debut: August 2005, after winning a somewhat sordid version of American Idol.


Known for: Smackdown recapping; Extreme hatred for emos; "Cut to-"; Guest Recappers; Being an honorary member of the Black KKK (Seriously); Editing TWF Radio; Winning the 2005 Satire Search.


Online resume: TWF