Without a doubt, James Walker is one of the top 6 billion writers in the world. Like herpes, TWF has acquired James through regrettable means, and now they can’t get rid of him. Fortunately, he only flares up a few times a year. Never the less, if James rolls a 5 or higher, he casts Lightning Strike with +3 Damage. Wait, what the hell are we doing again? Oh yeah, rumour has it that if you look into a mirror and say “James is well-endowed” three times, his ex-girlfriends will appear on the image and will agree with you.

Age: 21

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario by way of Nanaimo, British Columbia

Hobbies: Cooking, Hockey, ERTW,

Wrestling Fan since: 1995

Stupidest Wrestling-oriented Admission: Once did an entire grade 6 science fair project on the “effects of wrestling video games”. This had James playing WCW/NWO revenge for 10 minutes in front of a bunch of teachers, students, and parents, and then noting that sometimes, it took me 0.10 seconds longer to press a button, and sometimes it didn’t. James blamed the failure in the experiment on “Sting and his retarded bat.”

TWF Debut:  February 2005

Known For:  Ridiculous analogies that have little to no connection to wrestling at all, creating song parodies at the expense of wrestling, being the first (and hopefully last) IWC writer to SING a wrestling parody song, actually pretending to be a rapist & pedophile, linking to out-of-context pictures after the word “german”, writing an obituary for a cheesecake, detailing the adventures of his testicles, winning a Golden Tenay (and subsequently falling off the face of the earth, Where Are They Now?, MS Paint stupidity.

Online Resume: TWF