Gershon is by far the coolest guy you never met.  Upon meeting him, that would change which is why you haven't met him yet.  Anonymity rules!  He slices, dices, he makes julienne fries, whatever those are.  Gershon is best known as a "guy who lives in an apartment and goes about his d ay to day activities".  If you really need more information, it is recommended you check yo-self before you wreck yo-self.

Age: 31, though no one believes it.

Hometown:Astoria, Queens in New York City.

Hobbies: Acting, singing, baseball, loitering

Wrestling Fan since: 1985 and then after a hiatus from around 1992-1998, 1999 to the present.


Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions:  Once bought a 28 dollar Rock T-shirt at an event for a girl he wanted to bang and then found the shirt under her bed which she was using as a "pajama shirt".  He didn't get more than a small hookup which was almost a year later. 


TWF debut: September 2005 filling in f or Raw (and being used in the guest columns because my schedule didn't allow me to send it in until about 5am).  Full time staff since June 2006.


Known for: Inventing gimmick matches, going for silly over offensive most of the time, avoiding swears unless really angry, and basically being the "guy who watches ECW so no one else has to".


Online resume: This is it, just the Fan.