Catherine Perez (who makes up part of an uncommon breed of female anti-Cena wrestling fans) is a decider, not a divider; math isn't exactly her forté. She was persuaded to write for TWF under her real name by her mother... so she could brag to all her co-workers (hi, Mom!). Catherine currently attends college, majoring in Graphic Design (where, shockingly, making funny photoshops of wrestlers isn't part of any curriculum). The things she considers 'favorites' change as frequently as Stephanie McMahon's waist size. When she isn't typing up her ramble-riffic thoughts on what supposedly goes on in the world of pro-wrestling, Catherine... sits around in her room and watches TV, or messes around with Photoshop. ANTICLIMAX FTW [/outdated]~!

Age: 18.
Hometown: Massatwo shitschusetts,USA.
Hobbies: Listening to music; Watching Ghost Hunters (hey, eff you); Painting on clothes; Creating digital art; Yapping all day with her partner in crime, Katy.
Wrestling fan since: 1991-1992, bits of 1997, 2004 - present (DON'T YOU JUDGE!)

Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions: Has an unhealthy obsession with Al Snow; Finds kayfabe concussions hilarious; Owns a personalized, autographed copy of Kane's Journey Into Darkness (which she loves, fuckyouverymuch); Once marked out so bad during a wrestling match that she received a minor, self-inflicted injury to her right arm (don't ask); Enjoys rapping along to the theme of the Latin-American X-Change as much as she loves singing along to 'Sexy Boy'; Thought that whole 'Randy Orton seeing weird Undertaker-like happenings' (like Josh Mathews being 'possessed~!1') angle was great (meh, fuck it, it still is).

TWF debut: March 29th, 2007... ah, memories...

Known for: (now defunct); Bringing estrogen to TWF; Multi-colored hair; Creating her own Photoshop graphics; Annoyingly excessive use of the phrase "LMFAO" in IM conversations; Nonworking MySpace links; Shooting J.R. (not Jim Ross).

Online Resumé: The Wrestling Fan... that's about it.