Cameron Burge is part man, part machine. The machine part is actually his Nintendo Wii-mote grafted into the skin of his palm. He can often be found in his natural habitat, settled deep beneath the layers of potato chip wrappers and old WCW Magazines. Claims of his early demise have been heavily exaggerated, though he sometimes wishes this weren't the case on those Monday nights where he finds himself subjected to yet another sub-par show. He's The Big Show's biggest fan.....seriously.

Hometown:A box in the corner of the basement in the house half a block down the street from Jerry's Bait Shop. You know the place. ( Wichita, Kansas)

Hobbies: Gangster movies, Comics, 80's cartoons, And various George Lucas created ?ber nerdiness.

Wrestling Fan since: 1991

Stupidest Wrestling-oriented Admission: When wrestling as a child, was always defeated by the bronco buster; Favorite Wrestler of all time is The Disco Inferno; Actually marked out for Glacier; Constructed WCW Superstar posters with clippings from magazines; Has collected and memorized the lyrics to at least sixty wrestling theme songs; Actually owns a copy of Grand Masters of Wrestling Vol. 1

TWF Debut:  Somehow inherited the Raw Recap from  Double M in November of 2004.

Known For:  Making fun of as many dead people as possible; Reminding people Big Show is from Wichita with incessant repetition; Making references only .25% of the population understand; Worshipping the ground Stephen King walks on; Receiving angry e-mails from both John Bradshaw Layfield and Video Game Hating Lawyer: Jack Thompson.

Online Resume: The Wrestling,