There's very little to say about British Bullfrog that many a youth offender officer hasn't already; and if there is, it's probably already been said by one of the three regular readers of his TNA recaps. Basically he is a 'youth' (a young person who likes to break stuff) who fills his long Saturday afternoon slavin' for the man, writing his TNA Impact Reports.

Age: 15

Hometown:Swindon, England. No, I don't know where it is either.

Hobbies: I conform to teen stereotypes woefully by playing guitar and singing. Don't judge me, you've all done it. Never written poetry though, in case you were wondering.

Wrestling Fan since: As a mark: 1999. As a smark: 2003

Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions:  Having a collection of, no joke, 42 WWF Action Figures collected over a period of about 2 years. My personal favourite was either The Rock cos, dude, it's The Rock or The Hurricane cos he came with a stand. A stand, guys! Oh I also owned two rings for said action figures, the shitty Attitude ring and the mighty Vengeance Arena.

TWF debut: September 2006

Known for: Overuse of British slang that means little two 7/8s of the globe (mullers, batters, etc.) a general pessimism mixed with euphoric glee when anything goes right (again, British). Dedicating a whole sentence to an adjective describing something that just happened. Sweet. Putting more effort into long winded intro jokes than the entire rest of the rant combined.

Online resume: *tumbleweed*