My name is Canadian Bacon but my friends call me Canadian Bacon. I'm filthy dirty rich and hail from GOD'S COUNTRY of Saskatchewan Canada (Heaven is North and Canada is North, do the math!!!). I just might also be the number one wrestling journalist in the history of the EVER. (I once split a half a Toblerone bar with the Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi in a cab to the airport once, so don't doubt my credentials!).


Age: 27.

Hometown: Moosewater Saskatchewan.

Hobbies: I like to watch wrestling, tease lemurs, beavers and other small mammals. Stick my fingers in things; run really fast. Masturbate with my dink a little bit everyday (not Sundays though 'cause it's god's day),  and pelt the homeless with hot garbage then blame it on my fat cousin Madison.

Wrestling Fan since: Birth!!!111 My Father punched my Mom in the stomach in her 3rd trimester with me, and I've loved the sweet science ever since!

Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions:  I once let Rob Feinstein give me an erotic massage. Accidentally forgot to wipe the ring ropes during an internship with Stampede in the mid 90's and Bruce Hart caught his hair helmet on the ropes and tragically died. Luckily he pulled through. I accidentally gave Vince McMahon the idea to screw Bret Hart. My original version  involved a LOT more intercourse though.

TWF debut: I changed the way people don't look at wrestling in August 2004!

Known for:  Bein' a millionaire of moneys, Championship skills in the sport of Kings, WALLBALL, answering your dumb assed questions, being deprived 3 years running of my Golden Tenay. And oh ya, being a bigtime trusted insider with connections and such to all kinds of wrestlers living and dead! (the dead ones don't say much).

Online resume: Resume? Resume what? I never started anything! WEIRD.