The Anvil's Swagbag is a humble man. He cannot claim to have cured Cancer, or to have turned water into wine. On the other hand, his work in CAUSING cancer is highly regarded, and he can frequently be seen turning wine into piss. Anvil has an incredible temper, as can frequently be seen on a Friday night during his Smackdown Recap, or alternatively in the cinema when a baby cries. Have you ever seen a man eat a whole baby? It’s quite an image to behold. Finally, Anvil feels that finishing sentences is below him, because quite frankly….

Age:- Twenty.
Hometown:-Nottingham, England.
Hobbies:- An avid collector of comedy DVD’s of all descriptions. A lover of music and literature. A huge geeky side involving comic books, theatre (especially the acting side) and, of course, wrestling. Also enjoys a good gang rape. Okay, that one was just TRYING to be controversial.

Wrestling Fan Since:- The age of three.

Stupidest Wrestling-Oriented admissions: Once, during a backyard wrestling match threw his younger brother off the shed, breaking his ankle in two places. Then insisted that his brother finish the match, because ‘Mick Foley wouldn’t quit, you pussy.’ He won, for the record

TWF Debut:- 2005

Known For:- Being the Angriest man in TWF. Writing ridiculous stories, strung together carelessly with jibberish and fabrications, and passing them off as the truth. Marking out for Mick Foley at any given opportunity. Hatred of The Miz. Oh, and swearing a lot.

Online Resume:- AHAAA! Even Sean was reluctant to have me.