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            Hello folks. Expect a pretty to the point recap today. No worries though, as WWE did a very to the point NXT.


            This week’s NXT is taped, so right off the bat you know not to expect too much. They recap last week’s eliminations, which you’ve heard my thoughts on. Hey, I heard Sheffield is injured. Wade, could I interest you in a Husky Harris?


            After the opening, we start off with tradition as the Pro’s are introduced. How the hell is Zack Ryder a Pro? They do this every season thus far (Having a jobber be a Pro), and it makes no sense. And thus far, their Rookie is always eliminated first! One of these seasons, I want to see a Rookie get pissed off when they find out they are paired with a jobber.


            They then introduced the Rookie Finalists, as Striker goes for an interview. He asks them how they feel to be a Finalist after all they have been through:


McGillicutty: Cuts a face promo, which is weird to me after he was heeling it up all over the place last week. Perhaps an attempt to gain some support going into next week? Nice try… not.


Riley: Cuts a piece of heel mastery, and he is over as a heel as he was hit with massive heat as soon as he was handed the mic. The promo ends with him actually challenging Sheamus! Whether he wins or not, this guy has a bright future.


Kaval: Doesn’t so much as answer the question as he just flat out challenges to kick Cody’s ass for what happened last week. Its actually a nice challenge… to which Cody tells him he’s gonna pass. I’m fine with this, as it shows they don’t want Kaval to look bad just before the elimination, and there is no way they are going to have Cody job to him. So it makes sense. What sucks about this however… we have MVP decide to stand up for Kaval. Long story short… we get MVP vs. Cody as our main event tonight… sigh.


            Striker thanks the Pro’s for giving us what we want to see (No one wants to see a Cody/MVP match) and he tells us to stay tuned for the Trivia contest… what?


OFF TOPIC: Seriously watch the Miz’s promo from last nights RAW. It was not only the usual Miz standard for excellence, but it made Miz’s actions as of late make a lot of sense. Logic conquers all!


            We come back, and sure as shit we have a trivia contest, complete with buzzers. For those looking for a full recap of this… I am sorry but I could not jot down all the questions in time. I will say that this was a good and fun segment. It’s one of the few “This challenge makes sense” segments that they have had, plus some of the questions were really good. Plus Striker was genuinely funny as the host, one of the few times I am able to say that. So if you get a chance, give this a watch.


            Final scores are: Kaval 700, Riley 200, and McGillicutty at 500.  So Kaval wins, and as his prize he gets a spread in WWE.com… which is good considering that’s were people go to vote.


            Hope you had your fill of the Rookies this week, because that’s the last you see of them. That’s right, a week before the season finale, and the Rookies got less then 20 minutes on the 60-minute show. We got some geniuses at work here.


OFF TOPIC: As long as either Kaval or Riley wins NXT, I’ll be cool.


            We come back to see a Raw Recrap of King Sheamus. I dunno about Burge, but I enjoyed Sheamus here. Yeah his push was rushed, but he has really grown on me. His work as a heel has been great stuff, and he’s been a good champion. His attempt at trying to weasel out of a title match this month was great, and I’m looking forward to night of champions.


            Afterward, we get told that our main (and only) event match is next. Wow, typically you have to watch Superstars for a match of this caliber…. Kill me.


OFF TOPIC: It’s been out for awhile, but if you haven’t played it, I want to recommend Demon’s Souls. Lives up to the hype as far as challenge, but it’s a lot of fun in doing so. Plus, the servers go down in March, so if you’ve been planning on trying it, now is the time to start!


            We’re back, and WWE brags about the Tour of China. I’m happy for them, I really am… but do they have to play the generic Chinese music over the report?




“Dashing” Cody Rhodes


            It’s the battle of two of the worst Pro’s this season! Okay to give you an idea of how generic this match was, I was having flashback to a Hercules vs. Dino Bravo match I watched when I was younger. Yes, folks that bad.


            You know for a guy named “Dashing”, Cody sure wrestles a slow freakin pace. You can tell he learned from the Master (Orton) on how to do a match slowly. Yeah, it was rest hold city as this match also showed me MVP isn’t that far behind Ryder in terms of being a jobber.


OFF TOPIC: There may have been a second commercial break in this match, but wasn’t hugely into the match here.


            BTW, in case you missed it, this match started at 10:40. Meaning that 40 minutes into our 60-minute show… and now they decide to have some wrestling! Awesome thrown together writing!


            After this Worker’s Paradise, Cody hits Cross Rhodes to end it.


WINNER: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes


And we end with that! Yup, the Rookies are cut out twenty minutes in to focus on this match which does the Rookies no f’ing favors! WTF!


BEST THING OF THE NIGHT, OR “THE DEWEY AWARD: Get this, the challenge was actually the best thing on the show! But seriously, it was well put together, made sense, and it was one of two things that made the Rookies stand out.


AWFUL THING OF THE NIGHT, OR “THE REESE AWARD”: Why did Cody and MVP, two Pro’s with no Rookies in the finals, get the main event spot? It makes no sense, and it did no favors to the Finalists!


WTF MOMENT OF THE NIGHT, OR “THE FRANCIS AWARD”: Week before your finale, and you give the finalists 1/3 of the show to shine?




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