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Just a Thought. 02/02/06.By Renee


When A Stranger Calls
Hey there bitches. I’ve been a bit disappointed in the recent set up on out beloved WWE shows. So I decided to call Vince up and ask him what the fuck was going on.
I gave him a call around midnight the other night and managed to catch him before he went to bed for the night.
Vince: Hello Vince speaking!!?
Nay: What’s up bitch? How have you been, hope I didn’t wake ya!
Vince: Oh, no don’t be silly, I always have time for you Nay, what’s going on?
Nay: That’s what I was gonna ask you damnit! What’s the deal with putting the belt back on Cena? Rey winning the RR, and who the fuck told you putting Finlay in the ring was good for ratings? I mean come on. You’ve been really reaching these days. This shit is horrible. Fucking Goldust? Are you that desperate for stars babe?
Vince: Yeah I know, but listen, we took a big blow losing Eddie on SD. Losing Batista to an injury fucked it up even more, Thank God Angle agreed to hop shows or SD would been really screwed. It’s not like I can depend on JBL again to hold the show.
Nay: You made the god damn Boogie Man eat that chicks mole yo, that was some fucken nasty shit! You’re making JBL look like a pussy after proclaiming to be a wrestling God not 4 months ago. Are you fucking going senile? I mean come on Vince, you’re better than this.
Vince: I know, I know. I ‘m just trying to keep people guessing ya know. Those fucken TNA people will pick up the scraps if I don’t deliver. They already took Christian and the Dudleys from me.
Nay: They didn’t take shit from you. You let Christian go cuz you didn’t want to give him what he wanted. Your stubborn ass though he’d sweat that shit out forever and it bit you in the ass. Christian would have been awesome against Cena and the crowd would have loved it! You fucken suck Vince.
Vince: Hey hey now! I don’t suck, I can make mistakes too you know!
Nay: Fuck That, I know you pay attention to the web and you saw how much of an out cry and backing Christian had. You chose to do what you wanted to do and you lost. The funny thing is that you thought you knew what you were doing.
Vince: Those fucken internet assholes, I listened when they wanted Matt Hardy back and they fucked me, I wasn’t gonna listen again.
Nay: The situation with Matt Hardy was your own doing. You tried to play the fans. Now Matt Hardy will not die! It’s killing us!
Vince: That little prick annoys the hell out of me.
Nay: I see. So anyway, I like what you’re doing with the women at least. I mean I wish you could incorporate Lita into the mix instead of having her on Edge's arm all the time.
Vince: You mean on Edge’s dick, Ha! I couldn’t resist! Hey that Lita is a very persuasive woman. She knows how to get what she wants. I like her drive!
Nay: Hmm! Drive is what we're calling it these days?
Vince: What about that Lashley guy, I mean I couldn’t get ya Brock back but he’s the next best thing and he’s a brother…..good huh?
Nay: You’re pathetic.
Vince: Come on Nay damn! I’m tryin here
Nay: Lashley is great, he just needs personality. He’s no Brock Lesnar though.
Vince: That bastard Brock is laughing his ass off right now. He knows I need him and he’s just toyin with me for pissin on him after he left. Fuck him, he bad mouthed us first!
The only reason why I gave him such a hard time coming back was to teach him a lesson.
Nay: Ha! He called your bluff bitch! Now we all loose cuz you’re a dick!
Vince: Okay enough, did you call just to yell at me?
Nay: Yes.
Vince: Look, I’m doing the best I can with the mess I’m left. Fucken Stephanie is about to get even larger that she’s ever been and that’s gonna be a project in itself. Shane wants air time. The ratings are dropping again. I have a lot on my plate right now. Cut me some slack.
Nay: No damnit! You’re Vincent Kennedy McMahon and you gave birth to wrestling entertainment as we know it. Why don’t you know what the people want by now?
Quit your whining and make it happen. Get off your ass and give the people what they want to see. Compromising isn’t a weakness. Fucken Spirit Squad!
Vince: Yeah, that one was Steph’s idea.
Nay: Figures
Vince: Look I get what you’re sayin’. I was thinking of making Bret Hart GM of Raw and letting him stick it to HBK anytime he wanted.
Nay: There ya go! That’s the kind of thinking that will bring faith back. See, don’t my calls always make you feel batter in the end.
Vince: I guess so Nay. You have a way of bringing it out of me. Thanks, I needed that.
Nay: Good and no problem, that’s why I’m here. To share my thoughts.
Vince: I’ll give you a call sometime next week Linda has been giving me shit for talking to you so much.
Nay: Fuck her! Keep hope alive! Talk to you soon.
So I guess Vince gets it to some degree. I don’t know kids. For some reason I feel he’s not going to listen still. He’s very stubborn. But I tried my best to make him understand what’s going on and hopefully he’ll take it to heart and make some changes instead of making his shows reflect the obvious desperation he’s in. If not, you know I’ll be making my calls. Till then…I guess, chalk it up to Just a Thought!

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Just a Thought. 01/26/06.By Renee
“R” Hated Superstar!
What it is bitches? (That’s slang just in case you thought it was a typo kids.)  I’ve been having the worst fucken week in the world so don’t look for me to be too nice this week my friends. However I do have some positive things to touch on this week.
I’m taking a look and the “R” rated super star this week. My ex, and NEW WWE CHAMPION ~ Edge.
One can say at this point he is one of the most hated champions in a while. But in reality Edge did make a great move be it opportunistic or not. I mean that was the whole point of the money in the bank win. To invoke the contract when ever he wanted to and at any time. And the thing that cracks me up is that these fucken people who where booing Cena as champ are now booing Edge just the same.
During the elimination chamber match anyone who went against Cena got pops from the crowd. Masters got them, Kane got them, Carlito got them and of course Angle got them. The crowd wanted anyone but Cena holding that title. So what’s wrong with Edge? Yeah, you kids might have had your hearts set on Angle catching it but since he was first to get the boot, that was dismissed pretty quickly. The point is that Edge is the perfect person to have the title right now in my opinion.
See Trip isn’t ready to go after it yet and that’s fine cuz I don’t think I’m ready have him go for it yet either. Big Show….no. HBK…nah. Kane……not really. There’s Masters and Carlito but they’re not ready yet. So I ask again , why not Edge? Besides the fact that he can get great heel heat to keep the crowd going nuts, Edge is great in the ring and can put on some really good work in matches. Him and Flair put on a tremendous TLC match and not to take anything away from Flair but Edge is a pro at that shit and didn’t disappoint one bit on Monday.
See Edge is not the most personable one these days and Lita’s presence doesn’t help much with making him a fan favorite again. But Edge is a force to be reckoned with and has the potential to make a decent champ if lead down the right road. I honestly want him to beat Cena at the RR and go up against Trip in the future, though the shot would go to who ever won the RR match, Edge is in a position where he can basically have a good feud with anyone right now. The point is that Edge is perfectly capable champion and though the timing may have not been in the fans best interest, it’s really now or never at this point for Edge to have a run. With the younger stars like Carlito, Masters and Benjamin in the wings, the veterans need to dip their dicks in the champion pool before the youngins take over for a while, which will eventually happen if management wants to keep things fresh as they’ve been doing or at least trying to do lately.
The thought is this……………….I don’t see Edge having this miraculously long title run, nor do I see the fans giving in and actually liking him for a while. I expect Edge to keep things crazy and wild. I expect Edge to push the limits with outrageous situations and fucked up run ins to ruin everything. And I expect Lita to be by his side to assure the right amount of heat from the crowd. It’s the perfect cocktail for a decent champs run. Does Edge deserve better? Maybe, Edge deserved a title shot a while ago when he was begging for it prior to his involvement in the infamous love triangle with L & M. His status now doesn’t make him any less deserving of it. I don’t want to sell Edge short on this run. Sure it’s not with all the kudos and flair that he may have wanted for his first title hold but it’s a title just the same. I’m sure Edge is enjoying being champ regardless of what we may think of him or how it was acquired. I for one will support him for two reasons. 1. He’s worth it and 2. I’m tired of having a champ that everyone agrees with. I’d been dying to have them mix it up a bit and have some genuine unpredictability on the show. Edge may not be the sweetest, but is a breath of fresh air none the less, deal with it a minute bitches. Just a thought.
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November 2006


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