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Da Melch
Michael Melchor 

Thursday November 4, 2004
12:00 AM
Double Impact 11.04.04 – Random Conversations 2.0 By: Michael Melchor


The views and opinions expressed herein are certainly those solely of the authors and may not necessarily reflect those of the rest of the human race.

The night before the 2004 US Presidential Election, I happened upon our Boss, aka Sean Carless. What followed just went all over politics and wrestling and cultural divides and all that good shit.

After reading it a few times, I got Boss’s permission to edit it to the pertinent parts of the conversation and let it fly. Enjoy – and I promise I won’t make a habit of taking the cheap way out ...

seancarless1: What do you think they'll do with the "Arab" characters on Raw?

seancarless1: I have a bad feeling

MMelchor1974: Oh man, they'd better be careful with that shit...

MMelchor1974: ...I really like the idea they seemingly have for it; to have the character walk the fine line between an honest citizen and an obnoxious Muslim. But they need to tread lightly...

seancarless1: I can't see how you can book them as heels when it represents a true cross section of the population

MMelchor1974: ...if for no other reason than NOT to give WWE's detractors (especially mainstream ones) a reason to open fire.

seancarless1: They're being discriminated against

seancarless1: true...but...

MMelchor1974: And that's the BIGGEST reason WWE needs to be careful.

seancarless1: did you hear the BOOS when they mentioned Allah?

seancarless1: That's what I'm talking about

seancarless1: from a writing perspective this might be done very similarly to the Bret Hart storyline in 97

MMelchor1974: I'd LOVE to see this kind of forward-thinking character and idea play out well. But then I'm one of only a handful that'd be ready (read: open-minded) for it.

MMelchor1974: That's true. if they can strike again with that they have a winner...

seancarless1: in that they're truly "right" and the fans will be the "heels" but never know it

MMelchor1974: ...but that's a BIG "if". And this is a much more sensitive issue than Canada will ever be.

seancarless1: Very true

seancarless1: but the Allah gesture was cheap heat

seancarless1: John Q. Redneck watching is saying "well, fuck this!"

MMelchor1974: Yeah it was - right along with asking the crowd to be quiet so his manager could translate for their "Arab brothers"/

seancarless1: It's a great way for WWE to pass the buck on responsibility

seancarless1: exactly

MMelchor1974: And, I'm sure, one of the reasons they pulled the trigger on it.

seancarless1: However, the moment, JR or King take offense to them wanting "respect" it'll cave in on itself

seancarless1: it has to be booked that they're misunderstood

seancarless1: or it breeds the message that "All Muslims really are sneaky and Evil"

seancarless1: but WWE, will denigrate it into cheap nationalistic heat

seancarless1: mark my words, there will be a point where Hassan disowns America

seancarless1: it's the WWE way

seancarless1: It's too complex a character

seancarless1: for them not to stereotype

MMelchor1974: Precisely. Not only is John Q Public not ready for it, but Creative's track record shows that they may wind up pissing all over it, anyway.

seancarless1: very true

seancarless1: If they really wanted to try something revolutionary, they'd book him as a face

seancarless1: re-unite America

seancarless1: have him be a good guy

seancarless1: but they won't be able to resist the urge to settle into "USA is not OK!" type of schtick

MMelchor1974: Yep. And THAT'S the sort of thing I'd LOVE this to turn into – a true exploration of racism.

MMelchor1974: But from WWE? I doubt we'll ever see it, unfortunately.

seancarless1: That's a great point

seancarless1: Unfortunately WWE is promoted towards a very red neck, intolerant "good ole boy" type audience

MMelchor1974: Well, what has the stereotype of the :”wrestling fan” ever been? There are vast numbers of intelligent fans, but odds are we're still in the minority.

seancarless1: that's true

seancarless1: I'd love to see a gimmick worked towards intelligent people

seancarless1: one that doesn't disintegrate into stereotype

MMelchor1974: Aye, as would I. Let's see WWE prove how "sophisticated" they THINK their audiences are. Just to shove it in the rest of the media's face.

seancarless1: I have to admit, they handled the Eugene thing better than I expected

MMelchor1974: Aye, they have. Maybe that's a small sign of hope for them...?

seancarless1: but their track record on U.S. political issues is less than admirable

seancarless1: maybe

seancarless1: I hope so

MMelchor1974: See: UnAmericans

seancarless1: Exactly

seancarless1: or even La Resistance

MMelchor1974: The Quebecers 2.0

seancarless1: I bet the majority of people have no idea what the U.S.'s gripe with France really was

MMelchor1974: Of course not. What's important to Vince is that the American public still hates France. Damn the reasons why.

seancarless1: although, the poetic soliloquy of one Scott Steiner in his infamous debate had to fill them in....

seancarless1: You get the distinct feeling that Vince is very right wing in his political views

MMelchor1974: Oh, good Lord. We are talking about political storylines aimed at INTELLIGENT people, right?

seancarless1: lol

seancarless1: good point

MMelchor1974: But that doesn't stop Vince from fucking around with the Right Wing when the time and purpose suits him, either.

seancarless1: That's one thing I've never gotten is the close-mindedness of people when it comes to politics

seancarless1: everyone totes a party line

seancarless1: instead of picking and choosing what they truly believe for themselves

MMelchor1974: Well, they say that the 2 worst topics to discuss with anyone are religion and politics...

seancarless1: and soon the two MAY become one

seancarless1:... if you catch my drift

MMelchor1974: There's a simple answer for that - people are sheep. Especially in this country. They'd rather be blindly force fed something rather than to WORK for their beliefs.

seancarless1: which is funny because I'm actually quite religious believe it, or not, but Bush's politics I find alienating

MMelchor1974: And the 2 have been one for YEARS now.

MMelchor1974: Well, yeah...the idea of “go my way or get your guts stomped out” can be a little off-putting.

seancarless1: I've never understood the correlation of religion and big business

seancarless1: it doesn't go together

seancarless1: it's funny to me

MMelchor1974: Simple – see if you can brainwash the masses into buying something as well as believing something.

seancarless1: If anything, (despite your beliefs) I'd assume Jesus wouldn't be for the very wealthy

MMelchor1974: Good point. The man DID believe in GIVING everything away...

seancarless1: If anything, based on history, you'd assume that Christ would be more of a socialist

seancarless1: which is also funny

MMelchor1974: You didn't see his ass driving around in a BMW or anything...

seancarless1: because communism and spirituality don't go together either

MMelchor1974: Aye, definitely not a capitalist.

MMelchor1974: In the right hands they could. Obey ONE God and ONE Party.

seancarless1: It's like the parties are mixed up belief wise

MMelchor1974: Not unlike Hitler.

seancarless1: good point

seancarless1: regardless of a persons beliefs, religion and politics don't match

seancarless1: look at England

seancarless1: it's entire history is dealing with the shortcomings of combining the two

MMelchor1974: No, they don't. And the problem is that many Churches have tried to intervene anyway and the politicians are more than happy to let them so long as the masses fall in line with what they want.

seancarless1: It's really an America divided right now

seancarless1: a lot of alienation going on

MMelchor1974: Seems to be a mindset of “chocolate & peanut butter” when the combination tastes more like cow dung & lizard parts.

seancarless1: Hell, look at that bill Bush passed on faith based donations by the Government

seancarless1: Did you know, that NOT ONE non-Christian charity has been donated to under this bill?

MMelchor1974: Yeah there is. Those that don't necessarily follow “the American way” (church and blowing up everything that opposes us in the name of patriotism) are getting more vocal about what they believe is right...

seancarless1: very true

MMelchor1974: ...and those in power touting "the American Way" are rather upset about it.

seancarless1: I can understand completely

seancarless1: How does this make the Jews feel for one?

seancarless1: or the Muslims

MMelchor1974: Of course not. That goes against his - and “America's” – line of operating.

MMelchor1974: Buddhists

MMelchor1974: Pagans/Wiccans

seancarless1: exactly

seancarless1: there's a lot of ground there not having it's voice heard

MMelchor1974: Hell, pick a group that ISN'T Christian or Catholic.

seancarless1: exactly

MMelchor1974: But they're forcing themselves to be heard now, and that's where the unrest is coming from.

seancarless1: That's the thing

seancarless1: Bush may have fucked himself

MMelchor1974: Hopefully he'll be bending over in about 24 hours...

seancarless1: he's alienated anyone who isn't a whitebred Catholic or Pentacostal

seancarless1: LOL

seancarless1: exactly

MMelchor1974: And there's a LOT of those folk 'round these parts.

seancarless1: the funny thing is I have both liberal and conservative views on different things

seancarless1: but there's no party for people like me

MMelchor1974: Well, of course. Because you're a free thinker, and free thinkers are fucked.

seancarless1: that's true

seancarless1: History has proved it

MMelchor1974: Aye.

seancarless1: So, you're voting for Kerry?

MMelchor1974: At this rate, I'll be doing what I did in 2000...

MMelchor1974: ...Checking the "Other" box and writing in the name of Jesse Ventura.

seancarless1: LOL

seancarless1: "I ain't got time to bleed"

seancarless1: Jess rules

MMelchor1974: I'm dead serious! The entire idea of voting is to have our individual voices heard as to who we want to see run the country...

seancarless1: I'd vote for him just for his scruffy HGH James Lipton look he had at Mania 20

seancarless1: great point

MMelchor1974: ...and my choice is Jesse. And the main reason is his main tenet that the Government should STAY OUT of the private lives of its citizens.

seancarless1: I TOTALLY agree

seancarless1: That's a great point you made

MMelchor1974: If people were trusted to govern themselves and not be forced to fall in line with some talking head dipshit placed in office by corporate interests, we'd be a lot better off.

MMelchor1974: HOW many European nations have made that idea work?

MMelchor1974: England doesn't even have guns, for fuck's sake!

seancarless1: Too many people choose one of the two “main” candidates just because they look at it as a “lesser of two evils”

seancarless1: instead of voting who THEY want

seancarless1: which is true democracy

MMelchor1974: Right-o. And I'm sorry, but like NWA, I Ain't Tha 1.

seancarless1: lol

MMelchor1974: On that note, I'm going back to bed.

seancarless1: Ok, dude, you take care man,

MMelchor1974: Been a GREAT conversation. Thank you again.

seancarless1: no problem, thank you

Thursday August 26, 2004
11:00 PM
Double Impact:(08/26/04) Random Conversation By: Michael Melchor

The views and opinions expressed herein are those solely of the authors and may not necessarily reflect those of the rest of the human race.

Figured I'd try something a little different for me. And the conversation in question played out well enough to lend itself to the concept, so what the hell?

The Players

- Duh Merrini23: - "Dark Horse" Nic Merritt, the other half of The New Breed


August 25, 2994 - 8:10 pm EST

MMelchor1974: 'Sup Horse

Merrini23: Sup MM

Merrini23: 2 words

MMelchor1974: Aye?

Hail Orton

MMelchor1974: *high-five* Yes~!

MMelchor1974: Ex-fucking-actly!

Merrini23: yes, indeed, & I called it

MMelchor1974: Aye. *bows*

Merrini23: thank you, thank you

MMelchor1974: But dude, the way he DID it...without a WORD...and hocking a HUGE one right on Hunter's big-ass nose!!

Merrini23: yea, that was funny

MMelchor1974: I about fuckin' died!

Merrini23: yep

MMelchor1974: Oh, um...you might kill me...

MMelchor1974: You're familiar with Lacuna Coil, correct?

MMelchor1974: (More importantly, Christina Scabbia)

Merrini23: i've heard the name before, i cant think of any of their stuff

MMelchor1974: "Heaven's A Lie", "Swamped", "Senzafine"...

MMelchor1974: (And, of course, Christina Scabbia)

Merrini23: i'll have to look em up, & see what I can grab

MMelchor1974: I'd highly suggest. Imagine Evanescence. Only better. And hotter.

Merrini23: DAMN!!!!!!!

MMelchor1974: MUCH better. and MUCH hotter.

MMelchor1974: And I get to interview them (& meet her!) on Labor Day Weekend. :-)

MMelchor1974: (Along with God Forbid)

Merrini23: ask her if she wants to get married

Merrini23: I'll take care of the kids

MMelchor1974: She's dating the bass player, but Dude, he's a complete metrosexual puss. You could take 'im easily.

Merrini23: hell yea, just let me at him

MMelchor1974: But yeah, man, I'm going to OzzFest. And I'm doing it RIGHT.

Merrini23: right on

MMelchor1974: The last stop on the tour - Sept 4 in West Palm

Merrini23: niiiiice

Merrini23: whos Tarja Turunen?

MMelchor1974: Dunno...but I can find out...

Merrini23: I want to marry her tooo, & have LOTS of babies

MMelchor1974: From Nightwish. Haven't heard them yet...lookin' up pics of her now...

MMelchor1974: Holy shit

Merrini23: yea

MMelchor1974: VERY nice

Merrini23: mmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

Merrini23: so how are things down south?

MMelchor1974: Doing okay. LAST week SUCKED, though...

Merrini23: why's that?

MMelchor1974: You hear about the Hurricane we took up the ass?

Merrini23: 1 of those finally hit, eh?

MMelchor1974: Sure did. And we were without electricity for SIX FUCKING DAYS.

Merrini23: daaaaaaaamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMelchor1974: Yeah. That sucked BALLS.

Merrini23: did you miss RAW?

MMelchor1974: Hell no! I found a bar that had power on AND played the show! Fuck all that!!

Merrini23: hell yea. Smackdown?

Merrini23: or did you even care?

MMelchor1974: Power was back on by then, so I saw that as well.

Merrini23: haven't watched in months

Merrini23: only the recaps on RAW

MMelchor1974: Ain't been too bad with Theodore in charge...

Merrini23: they still have that Bradshaw problem

MMelchor1974: Ohh yeah. Heh.

Merrini23: I see The Book & Cena have a best of 7 series goin

MMelchor1974: Aye. So far 1-0, Cena.

MMelchor1974: Eddie & Kurt are at it again...

Merrini23: yea, their match at Summerslam was cool

MMelchor1974: I didn't see SS, unfortunately

MMelchor1974: :-(

Merrini23: bummer

MMelchor1974: Meh. Heard it was okay. And I was PISSED about Orton winning that belt...

MMelchor1974: ...until the night after.

Merrini23: I was happy, b/c I'd been tellin peeps for weeks, but they all said there wasn't a snowballs chance in hell that he'd beat Benoit

MMelchor1974: I didn't think he had one. The boy does almost nothing but a fucking chinlock~!

Merrini23: you're kidding

MMelchor1974: Oh, sorry. And a dropkick.

Merrini23: the best dropkick since Kevin Von Erich

MMelchor1974: Yeah, but that makes what, TWO moves?

Merrini23: a mean Super kick

MMelchor1974: Wait - the RKO. 3.

Merrini23: The RKO

MMelchor1974: Superkick...okay, 4...

Merrini23: high cross body

MMelchor1974: 5.

Merrini23: that back breaker thing

MMelchor1974: Punch or Kick does NOT count...

MMelchor1974: Ooooohh, right...THAT looks painful as hell.

Merrini23: yeah

MMelchor1974: Okay, 6 total. Didn't Tommy Rich have more than that when he won the NWA World Title?

Merrini23: those were different times my friend

MMelchor1974: Exactly. Which means that Randy should have MORE.

Merrini23: he does

MMelchor1974: Not in the ring where it counts.

Merrini23: you will see, when he kills of the biggest legend of them all

MMelchor1974: Well hell, the boy can still learn. If he does, then fuckin' fantastic. I'm all for it...

MMelchor1974: ...but he'd better. And quick.

Merrini23: good point

MMelchor1974: He needs to step up his in-ring game to honor that belt that so many others have held...

Merrini23: how old was Tommy when he won it?

MMelchor1974: Oh shit - is it time to hit my Gimmick??

MMelchor1974: :-D

MMelchor1974: Tommy was 21. He has Orton beat by 3 years.

Merrini23: wow

Merrini23: you're good

Merrini23: VERY good

MMelchor1974: Thank yeh. :-)

Merrini23: y/w

Merrini23: I'm getting my ass kicked on SD

MMelchor1974: Aww, dude...

Merrini23: I hate fighting UltraViolence

MMelchor1974: With that name, I would, too~!

Merrini23: especially when my dude isn't as nearly as powerful as he is

Merrini23: MF, just kicked my damn teeth down my throat & busted me open

MMelchor1974: THAT sucks. Playing out like a Sunday Night Heat match?

MMelchor1974: Oh, shit. I'm sorry.

Merrini23: but he STILL got his ass whipped by Kevin Von Erich

Merrini23: that was a tough match

MMelchor1974: Sounds like a true World Class bout

MMelchor1974: Very nice.

Merrini23: yep

Merrini23: time for the main event

Merrini23: a 3way dance for the title

MMelchor1974: Oh aye?

Merrini23: David vs the Horse Vs the champ (The Messiah)

MMelchor1974: Wait - THE Messiah?

Merrini23: this 1 I'm gonna watch

Merrini23: yep, him

MMelchor1974: DAMN!!

Merrini23: always had a thing for him

MMelchor1974: I'd sit and enjoy that as well...

MMelchor1974: Oh hells yeah..what, with the "Godsmack" and all...

Merrini23: yep, & a wicked new move

MMelchor1974: Really?

Merrini23: its like a butterfly suplex, where he locks the arms,

Merrini23: but the he flips you over onto you back & raps up your legs, & locks you up for the 3

MMelchor1974: VERY nice.

Merrini23: not for his opponents

MMelchor1974: Oh not at all. Pity them.

Merrini23: I don't give much of a chance to retain his title, though

MMelchor1974: Not with what he's up against, hell no!

Merrini23: both Dave & The Horse are maxed on points, hen still has a way to go

Merrini23: I think Dave will win

MMelchor1974: Von Erich, correct?

Merrini23: Dude, after I maxed him out & was playing a diff character that dude took every belt on the show, & I was not playing him, sometimes I was fighting him, & he still took all the gold Merrini23: yes, who else

MMelchor1974: Ppfffteeeheheee..sorry, just the way you put it...

MMelchor1974: What a monopolistic bastard!

Merrini23: lol

Merrini23: thats how I MADE HIM

MMelchor1974: WOW. Made him a little strong, did we?

MMelchor1974: YIKES.

Merrini23: yep, too strong

Merrini23: The Messiah is holding his own though

MMelchor1974: Good for him.

Merrini23: probably, but it's Dave My second favorite wrestler OF ALL TIME

MMelchor1974: Aye...but still...

Merrini23: It would defeat the purpose of having played him in season mode 3x

Merrini23: I'll just accept the fact that I've made another monster

MMelchor1974: Well, true...

MMelchor1974: Haahahaaa

Merrini23: lol

Merrini23: yeah, he's got this 1

Merrini23: he's killing those 2

MMelchor1974: That sounds pretty bad.

Merrini23: yep

Merrini23: swings a mean chair he does

MMelchor1974: I take back what I said earlier. THAT sounded BAD.

Merrini23: yeah, it was trust me, The champ got laid OUT

MMelchor1974: Owch. Bleedin'?

Merrini23: I thought so

Merrini23: he never got the chance to bleed, but The Horse Did

Merrini23: from Dave's 2nd finisher, The Piledriver

MMelchor1974: Damn. Dude, I'm sorry...

Merrini23: jumping Piledriver

Merrini23: its all good, The Horse still has the IC Title

MMelchor1974: Aye. Domination continues.

L8. Thanks for reading this mess. For more interesting (?) reading, click here.

Be sure to visit EdWolf for all of your (non-video) gaming needs, Rehab Radio for some good surfing music, and The Wrestling Fan for a good chuckle or two.

Friday July 9, 2004
12:00 AM
Double Impact 07/09/04 By: "Double M" Michael Melchor
Double Impact: Heil Bradshaw! (2.0)  

The views and opinions expressed herein are those solely of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of the rest of the human race.

Hey hey. I know - it's been a good long while since I've done an actual column for The Wrestling Fan. And, truth be told, this is still somewhat of a cop-out...

Once you get a good look at what's below, it may look a little familiar. That would be because what you're about to read originally server as a VERY long introduction to the 070104 Double M SmackDown Recap on 411Wrestling. After talking with Sean somewhat, we decided to run it here as a stand-alone piece.

In keeping with that, I've decided to take the "director's cut" approach. I may go through this and add a little more or clean it up some so that it reads a little better and helps emphasize the point I tried to initially make about the internet's most hated WWE Champion...

...and thanks to the man in question, absolutely no one seems to like SmackDown anymore. Everyone's decried that SmackDown has gone in the toilet and that the show - and the brand extension itself, by proxy - are doomed, Doomed, DOOMED! Swear to God, if you've read (or contributed to) the reactions I've seen to the Great American Bash, you'd think they murdered a live human being on national television or something! Oh, wait...

It's gotten so bad that people have sworn off of the show in droves (unless you're one of those "closet cases" that said they wouldn't watch, yet still want to know what happened via the recaps). And while a lot of people are up in arms about the Paul Bearer/Undertaker incident (and even I have to agree with some of that), THAT hasn't pissed people off as much as the fact that we have a new WWE Champion.

Bradshaw has been the single most vilified wrestler this year in ANY promotion, and now a lot of "fans" have a reason to skip the show since one of their heroes, Eddie Gurrero, lost the title in controversial fashion. But more than that, it's who he lost it to - the guy who (according to about 85% of the IWC) can only work so-so, has NO heat whatsoever, pisses all over internet fans any chance he gets, allegedly pumps other wrestlers up the butt in questionable "hazing" rituals, talks and acts obnoxious in and out of character, AND who made an "offensive" gesture at a house show in Germany.

Moreso because JBL is now the Champion than any other single reason, people have declared that they are done with SmackDown. And as viewers, that's their prerogative (although I think for Recappers to do the same is just ridiculous and bordering on irresponsible and childish). But to state that WWE and the show are doomed as a result is simply another case of overreaction. And in this case, the reaction isn't even an a ccurate one.

Leaving the irrational hatred behind and looking at this from a logical, business standpoint, putting the WWE Title on Bradshaw right now may be a very smart move. And once again, since people are too blind to see it, I'll have to play the voice of reason. To argue the point, I'll go so far as to pull direct quotes from various Forum Boards (including the venerable 411 Forums) and offer up some counter-points (since I'm in one of THOSE moods)...

Fuck SmackDown.

Well, that one's a little too general. Let's pick out something a little more specific...

This is what I try to explain to the "no bad heat" camp. Xpac heat, apathy heat, that's bad heat. Heat that makes people not like the guys, but not like them to the point of not watching..it isn't good.

Have you heard the reactions Bradshaw has gotten in every arena he's set foot into since he turned heel? Every week, the boos and thunderous choruses of "asshole" chants get louder and louder. And while many may used the argument that the boos are "piped in" and enhanced in post-production, the telltale sign that Bradshaw has made his mark as a heel is not...

More than the boos and catcalls, more than the "asshole" chants, there is one that I NEVER fail to hear in Bradshaw's presence whenever he's running his mouth in the ring. Take a good listen to the chants of, "Ed-DIE!, Ed-DIE!, Ed-DIE!" next time Bradshaw comes out and realize that JBL has fulfilled another requirement of being a good heel - to get (or keep) his opponent over. And it's not like Eddie needs help in that department, but it doesn't hurt a bit that people are dying to see Gurrero pound Bradshaw's face into the ground.

Since Bradshaw turned against the fans, the reactions against him have gotten louder and louder. No one (save for Vince, who's character has been hated nationwide since 1998) has gotten that good of a heel response since Triple H four years ago. And if I remember correct, about that time Hunter was one of the most hated ever - so much so that people flooded WWE's offices with letters demanding that he be stripped of the Title simply because they didn't like him. And people are prime and ready to do the same with Bradshaw.

That's not "apathy" heat, by any means. (Isn't that a contradiction in terms, anyway?) THAT is the mark of someone who is playing their character very well. And you can bet that the reactions will get louder and louder so long as Bradshaw keeps playing the role correctly. And really, isn't that the point?

It's always been accepted that a heel champion is a better draw because people want to see the bad guy get his comeuppance. And right now, who DOESN'T want to see Bradshaw catch a good beatdown? It's worked for Ric Flair for years. It worked for Sgt. Slaughter back in 1990-1991. It's worked for Triple H for about four years and still counting. And now it's working for Bradshaw.

The nazi salute??

Damn if that's qualifying why not have a couple of klan members win the tag-team title

And I mean, yeah, he's a great heel, right? Cuz being racist/borderline racist is the absolute best type of champ ever.

Here's the thing: If a character sucks so much that one has to resort to goose stepping and nazi salutes while on tour in Germany, then just MAYBE you'd think that you're not in the position to be the top heel in the company.

Okay, now this is going to get a little sticky. The incident in Germany has been VERY overexaggerated. Hell, there was so much bitching that it cost Bradshaw his job at CNBC - which the IWC gladly took credit for.

But, come on - isn't that punishment enough? Obviously not, as now the argument is that Bradshaw has been "rewarded for racist behavior" with the WWE Title.

Incorrect. Bradshaw has been given the chance to go with the Title because Vince is banking on his stature as one of the most hated men on the roster in the eyes of the fans. And the "racist" behavior is one of the reasons he's that hated. Like anyone else on that show, Bradshaw is playing a character. Yet people seem to think that, in real life, Bradshaw patrols every Taco Bell he can find looking for people to toss back across the Border.

Blurring the lines of what's on television and what a person (that none of these detractors have met in person and therefore can't really make a qualified statement on the man's actual personality) is really not an acceptable argument for why he shouldn't be the champion. Acceptable arguments would include the fact that he might not draw the heat befitting the main event picture - which is wrong. Or the fact that no one knows who he is - which is wrong. Or the fact that he can't draw people to the shows - which hasn't been proven and won't be for a couple weeks yet.

Outside of all of this, there's a particular thread on the 411 Forum boards that seems to contradict the entire argument of how "offended" everyone was at the Germany incident. People are straight LAUGHING about this video. No, seriously. Go read the thread. I'll wait...



Now, riddle me this, Batman - it was THAT "offensive", then why do the same people that cried for Bradshaw's head on a stick find the video of the actual incident so damned funny? And Bradshaw didn't even have to resort to those tactics, as some claim he did. He was already hated before he set foot in Germany; he merely saw an opportunity to get his character over as a heel, and he took it (in dare I say brilliant fashion).

...I've seen no one else who has some new interest in SD now. I'm sure they've alienated some of their latino fanbase with this move. I also think that it's possible they'll pick up fans, but from what group? If it's people who agree with Bradshaw, does that actually help the WWE in the long run? (in terms of image and overall fanbase).

But seriously, the problem in Bradshaw winning is the type of message it sends out. If he were more in the style of Dibiase, and less in the style of a racist (a LOT less) then I'd have somewhat less issue (he'd still suck in my eyes). It's the message they're sending out by having a character who is borderline (if not more than borderline) racist.

I doubt the Latino demographic is THAT offended. They're smart enough to also realize that this is all for show. And besides, how many MORE might tune in JUST to see him get his ass kicked? And Latinos may not be the only new fans they pick up.

This may become an example of what I like to call "The Eminem Syndrome". Half of his audience came from people that wanted to hear just how offensive he could be. It's like the proverbial car wreck - yeah, it may disgust you, but you're going to look because you're curious. The same theory applies to those of you who ever watched an episode of "Jerry Springer" (and how many of you HAVEN'T?), and the same applies to one John Bradshaw Layfield.

Bradshaw's character has taken off in a big way because of how much people hate him. And people hate him because of some inflammatory things that have come out of the character's mouth. And yes, those same people are smart enough to be able to tell the difference between character and person. Unlike someone who's "smart", who can't seem to do that.

Someone who is actually smart enough to see it is Vince McMahon...

Because Vince is an arrogant, mindless fool who continues to insist that we don't know any better and who could give a crap less about the well-being of the company's B show. Guess what, Vince? You've lost another SD viewer - namely, me. I was willing to tolerate the Kenzo/Mordecai stuff, but when you actively reward both stupidity and arrogance while giving the brush-off to talent and hard work, I do as Scott Keith was smart enough to do and vote with my remote.

Vince McMahon has been doing this for more than 20 years. In that time, he took a regional promotion and made it a worldwide corporation that brings in millions of dollars a year. Obviously, he has no idea what he's doing.

TRUST me, Vince knows what he's doing a LOT better than some fans who think they know it all. It has nothing to do with "rewarding stupidity and arrogance" and everything to do with striking while the iron is hot.

Wrestling fans hate Bradshaw because his character acts like he's better than all of us - a tried-and-true staple of any heel. In addition, there's a group of people, again, who may have heard about the firing from CNBC and decide to tune in to SmackDown JUST to see what this guy's all about. Between attracting curious onlookers (ala the aforementioned "Eminem Syndrome") and the fans that are watching now and want desperately to see Bradshaw lose, that's money in the bank.

And THAT'S the entire crux of the Bradshaw experiment - to see if he can draw a larger audience. And if you're not interested in drawing a larger audience, then why the hell should you be promoting to begin with?

But that CAN'T be right because, again, Vince has no idea what he's doing. And comparing that man's knowledge to that of an internet writer is too ridiculous to even comment on.

Even still, JBL's name goes into the books as champion, which is something to think about the next time that the "let's see how this turns out before you criticize it" crowd tries to apologize for WWE's retarded booking.

You mean, like Eugene - the guy that everybody moaned about who's since become the hottest character on Raw?

And at the same time having one of your top faces in Eddie Guerrero lose two straight PPV matches to f'n Bradshaw, thus hurting him at the same time.

How do the losses make Eddie look bad at all? The first was via disqualification when Eddie used the belt after losing his "Latino temper" (a staple of his character) and enough blood to require hospitalization. The second decision was overturned on a technicality by the General Manager of the show - who can't stand Eddie Gurrero and had the power to make his life miserable by taking the Title away from him. If Eddie had lost cleanly either time, THEN I could buy that argument.

I could go on with this for days, but I think the argument is pretty clear. The whole point here is that Vince knew exactly what he was doing when he made this decision, just like he has several times before. And not all of his "brilliant moves" has worked - and who knows? This one may not, either. But sitting back and not taking the chance has not been the strategy Vince has used to turn his small Northwest promotion into a global corporation.

Bradshaw is a hot character right now, in AND out of the ring. It'd be stupid NOT to take advantage of that. Good or bad, any press is good press - and McMahon and Bradshaw both know that. Before deciding to whine and cry about boycotting a show just because you don't like the champion and getting everyone else riled up in the process, take a look at it from another point of view. The one that involves money and, as an extension, the good of the company.

As for my personal opinion on the man? I'm not a big fan of Bradshaw by any stretch of the imagination. Truth be told, I'm not really a fan at all. Ideally, I would have liked to have seen Booker T go after the WWE Title and Bradshaw chase who I feel would be a more natural enemy and a more natural championship - John Cena and the US Title.

However, I will admit that Bradshaw has improved a hell of a lot since going solo - in the ring AND out. For "research", I decided to sit through another viewing of the main event of Judgment Day (which I now own, thanks again to Grimmy Acosta). Bradshaw's performance was excellent - from the opening promo running down everybody to the in-ring selling and offense (just like a classic coward heel). I've seen better, mind you...but I've also seen worse. And based on that, I'm willing to give him more of a chance than apparently everyone else is.

L8. Thanks for again reading.
For more interesting (?) reading, click here.

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November 2006


by Sean Carless

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