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Just a Thought

 Just a Thought. 08/11/05.By Renee


The Forgotten

It amazes me sometimes how easy it is to flip a storyline from one direction to another in the WWE these days. See the thing is, from time to time I understand that if an angle isn’t working then you do need to revert to other ways of getting to the desired point. Fair enough. However, there are some cases where I truly think shit was just for gotten about or at least management hoped we forgot about them.
I guess to be fair I won’t say totally forgot but have changed directions for no apparent reason.
Now when the draft came along this year everyone had some high hopes seeing that this time it was upper tier guys and the possibilities of us having some really interesting changes were coming to light. But it seems to me that some angles that could have kept progressing, seemed to be halted all of a sudden. Like with Randy Orton, being traded to SD should have made no difference in his quest to get back at Batista for fucking up his shoulder on Raw. Once he knew Batista was on SD he should have continued with the angle of revenge. JBL is a fuckin wash right now and has been shoved down our throats way too long. No ones saying give Orton the title. Taker could have been thrown in the mix to keep the title on Big Dave and the feud between the two (Taker and Orton) could have progressed from there. But to have Randy totally not address that issue in the ring was absolutely stupid in my opinion. The possibility of him getting back to it once his feud with Taker is over would be ridiculous at this point so I’m assuming that angle is now forgotten.
Then we have Kurt Angle who for some reason has been reduced to putting Eugene over these past few weeks and has totally forgotten about the title he wanted when he was traded to Raw. He stood there in the ring with Trip and Batista and demanded his shot at the title because he was the best, so now that Cena’s title is the one on Raw, he doesn’t want it? Is the title no longer a desire of Kurt’s? It doesn’t make sense to me really. It all gets forgotten!
And don’t even get me started on Christian’s burial. This shit is beyond ridiculous. Another man that had gold in his eyes and for some reason, has been reduced to jobbing for the masked rat with no goal in sight for our dear Capitan Charisma. The US title isn’t good enough for Christian any more and in my opinion, he deserves a real shot. But that too was forgotten once he was traded to SD. There was no reason to continue with JBL in anything and the fact is that the people that the fans cheer and demand to see progress, are still getting dicked, just on different shows. The shit part about it is that we can’t even blame Triple H for this shit this time! This is all Vince and his dumb vision if what he thinks we want. The dumb fuck!
Look at Benoit, he gets a US title shot (which is ass anyway) but either way a shot. OJ cheats to win and nothing is done about it. It too is forgotten, along with Benoit and any hopes of him main eventing anything anytime soon. It’s more than obvious that they have no clue what to do with him but don’t want to get rid of him so they stick him in tag matches and bogus filler issues to pacify us. Fuck them and their lack of imagination. They haven’t even done the one thing their best at, turn him. What the fuck could it hurt at this point. Turn his ass and have him go against Batista for the title. At least it will bring a renewed interest to his character. I’ve been forgetting he’s even on SD.
Bringing me to my last victim of neglect and surprisingly enough it’s Matt Hardy. Yes he’s mad at Edge for spearing Lita but it was Kane that put him out of action if you want to stick to plots and all. Shouldn’t he clean that shit up at some point? I mean what’s left for Kane to do after holding up the wreck of a story line for months just because those fuckers couldn’t keep their personal lives personal? It doesn’t make any sense that there’s never any clean up, but they can sure milk a plot like the one with Eddie and Rey till we fuckin gag. That’s not cool. I mean is Trish gonna come back and still be mad at Big Vis for belly flopping her ass out of commission? I think not bitches! Forgotten!
The thought is this…….if you start something finish it. The fact that these people were moved to different shows shouldn’t decrease their goals by any means. If you want a title on one show, then you should still want the title on the other show. Christian shouldn’t be pushed in the corner once again just because he’s on SD, he shouldn’t have to start from scratch as if he was a newbie. Orton needs to get off Takers case, he lost at WM, he couldn’t kill the legend so get over it and move on, I’m not interested. He’s supposed to be seeking vengeance on Batista. Angle should be right on Jericho’s tail waiting for his shot at the title instead of Carlito being his little helper. There really is no set direction on Raw and in my opinion it’s partly due to leaving things open for an SOS return which I can understand and even less direction on SD due to ………well, who knows. But that doesn’t mean they have to be so damn lazy with the issues. Finish shit, wrap up the loose ends and make sure things flow right for once please. Believe me, the fans aren’t forgetting shit! Just a thought.

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Just a Thought. 08/04/05.By Renee


Hogan’s Summerslam Promo (rough draft)
Listen brother, I’ve  taken about as much as I’m gonna from you and now is the time for you to understand the magnitude of Hulkamania.
I’m more that a pretty face with leg drops, I’m a legend damnit and I demand respect.
Your latest stunt poking fun at my style and age is your desperate attempt to get my Hulkamaniacs in you side but it won’t work brother. You can’t on your cutest day be as handsome as the Hulkster. Stop trying to be me!  These fans know that even though I’m old and have nothing to offer in showmanship, that I can milk an old gimmick like no other and hold it down in promos to get the pops I need. You being the “Show Stoppa” means nothing when I’m the show Michaels. This show is unstoppable.
You say you are of renewed faith and feel that you’re above all. You plan to show the fans that you’re the ICON instead of the Hulkster. Well brother, I bet ya my daughter’s implants, you won’t last long with me. The millions and millions of fans that chant my name can’t be wrong. They chant cuz they know that Hulkamania is alive and still runnin wild! No baby faced, glitter wearing avenging angle is gonna stifle the masses that make the Hulkster who he is.
You will feel the devastation of my powerful leg drop. You will be embarrassed by the size of my biceps. Baffled by the enormity of my chest and blinded by the shine on my head, to the point of submission. You have no chance against the geriatric style I’ve acquired and will have no defense for the stagnant moth ball aroma that is the smell of Hulkamania. The acidic sweat that forms on the brow of the Hulkster is a mere drizzle compared to the rain of blood and pain you will feel in the ring after being exposed to the infectious, oozing boil that Hulkamania has become!
So heed my warning brother! At Summerslam the breath of fresh air that is HBK will be over powered by the smog that is Hulk Hogan! Don’t confuse the boa for weakness. I’m pretty yes, but in no way all talk. You may be a sexy boy, well according to my daughter, but to me you’ll always be a wanna-be that couldn’t live up to the challenge. So Michaels………….. whatcha gonna dooo………….. when Hulkamania breaks a hip for you!?!

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Just a Thought. 07/28/05.By Renee


Is Batista A Bomb or Dud?

In a recent online post on 1Wrestling.com I found a very interesting little blurb and I’d like to share it with you………

Many wrestlers backstage are starting to show more appreciation for HHH's work after seeing him carry Batista in their feud. After watching Batista's most recent matches after coming to SmackDown, many say that the quality of his ring work has lowered in comparison to what he was doing on Raw vs. HHH. During his match at The Great American Bash vs. JBL, Vince McMahon was said to be visibly frustrated and angry. Many within the company are starting notice that since Batista went to SmackDown! he is a lot more green then what showed in his matches with HHH.

The first thing I thought of was WOW! I never really thought of Batista still being green, but I a way, this may indeed be true. I can stomach admitting that SOS carried Batista damn well. I won’t ever deny Hunter his props on being a hell of great person to train under for many reasons. But Batista green?

See, the thing is, we are used to seeing Trip helping someone be great through him but on average how many of the men that Trip brought up to that level actually maintained there hype after Trip cut the strings. Names like Jericho who had his own charisma and following anyway was able to be a wonder of his own once his feud with Trip was over. Shelton Benjamin pulled great respect in pinning Hunter twice after just being drafted and was able to use Trip’s jobbing to his advantage to get the attention to him. We wouldn’t have paid that much attention to Benji in the beginning if Trip didn’t help there.

On the flip side, Randy Orton, once released from Evolutions clutches lost all his steam. Can it be blamed on the face turn? YES, but bottom lining it, he left Trip’s side. The turn was just how. Orton can still he hot on SD but, I believe he was still scared by the premature break and he’s gonna have to work hard at being a strong heel again.

Should Vince be disappointed in Batista? Now this may surprise you but, in my opinion, yes, he should. The thing is, you have your top guy take a rising star with great potential and you end up bringing forth a great team and tremendous acts of showmanship. Trip manages to get Batista over more and more as each week goes by. Some of us love him cuz he’s a breath of fresh air. Others like him because we see the potential in what he can become. He gets to goal and is handed "the ball" to run with. We love it and Hunter has made him a star.

Now the time comes to see how far he can carry it. But was it a wrong move on management’s part to assume that just because Batista was so over on Raw that he would be able to carry a whole show on his own? He’s good yes, but his matches have been a bit on the boring side since his switch. Do I feel Hunter carried him and made the matches between the two? In a way, yes. Not taking anything away from Batista’s talent as a wrestler because he has improve beyond my expectations, I can’t help but agree that Trip made him look better when the two were together. But in big Dave’s defense he has to work with who he has on SD. Trip isn’t there to want to make him look great. The bully of the year is there to make him work to look good. JBL isn’t going to just lay down a job without making Dave work his ass of for it. This isn’t the free ride he got on Raw. This is when he’s supposed to shine and show us that it wasn’t just Trip making him great, but he who was breaking out an showing us his talents. I don’t think Batista is green but I do think he wasn’t ready to hold down a show. He lacks the veteran know how and seemingly the desire and drive he had on Raw.

It made me think of when Batista was asked his opinion of SD a while back and he was quoted as saying the talent didn’t work as hard on a taped show, as reasons to why he preferred Raw (a live show). He felt that the SD talent didn’t put their heart into the show because they could just edit it or re-do it if it didn’t work right. Now big Dave seems to have been sucked in by that same mentality he criticized. Batista really hasn’t shown the heart he displayed on Raw, nor has he been able to talk the talk.

The thought is this…………Vince has every right to be a bit disappointed in Dave for what he hasn’t been able to do yet. Dave needs to step his game up or he will be buried just as quickly as he was brought up. To call him green isn’t fair in my opinion though. Each star has their obligation to make their matches great. This includes making their opponents great as well. You can work your ass off in the ring but if your opponent is working stiff and isn’t making the match, you match sux no matter how you slice it. If one looks bad it blows the whole thing. But to be fair, Batista has to establish himself and work with each opponent as if he was still learning. Not as let me show you what I can do. In wrestling your constantly learning from each match and each other. There is no point when you know it all. The new learn from the old and the old from the new. If the people that are in situations with Batista don’t want to help him, Batista has to learn to recognize when to reach in to what he’s already been taught and apply it, not just flutter about as if he knows nothing. He’s been given a great gift and he has the potential to be great and have a sustaining status on SD. Now he just needs to realize this and make it happen. Till then I will remain faithful and supportive of The Animal in hopes that he’ll improve once he gets better acquainted with what he needs to do. Just A Thought.

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Just a Thought. 07/21/05.By Renee



Since the draft we’ve all been treated to some new and rather interesting situations, persona’s and gimmicks in the WWE. Now I’m not one to shun change, I actually invite it, especially in wrestling. I feel that keepings things fresh, is the best way to maintain interest in a product and is one of the best forms of marketing talent.

This week I’m gonna take a look at those changes and assess their possibilities.

I start with Kerwin fuckin White. This character in my opinion is gold! The ridiculousness of it just makes it even more interesting. I had my reservations at first because I couldn’t really make sense of why it was done. Chavo did nothing for me in all honesty but this gimmick came from left field and had nothing to attach it to as story lines go. He’s always been excellent in the ring but as for character, it left me bored and wondering why I was just forced to watch him. This Kerwin White character gives "Chavo" many avenues to explore. It’s really not a love to hate situation either. I genuinely like Kerwin. Look at the interest they’ve generated already on WWE.com. Chavo never got hits like that on HIS profile (BTW – I actually checked out is profile for the first time after the change. See that’s proof right there! Nothing but facts here people! ). I want to see him pop up everywhere. I want him to be the conscience of Raw. Any time someone is feeling down from losing a match or is just in the dumps over an angle, I want Kerwin to be the "great white hope" and make everything better. Humor sells and on Raw, is very needed. I thank Kerwin White for helping in bringing the funny and interesting to Raw.

Moving on to a not quite change in gimmick but rather a change of heart………Heart Break Kid that is….(how awesome was that segue?) So HBK wants a piece of Hulkamania. I personally hope Shawn knocks Hogan’s fuckin jaw right off his bald head at Summerslam. Can you tell I’m not a Hogan fan? It’s not that I’m not a fan, I will correct myself. I appreciate and respect Hogan immensely. I’ve watched him grow to be THE most recognized name in the business and make his permanent mark in wrestling. He was more than deserving of his HOF honors and the man is indeed great. But come the fuck on people, nothing about a match with Hogan excites me! He looks great but even Flair is able to do more in the ring. HBK is going to make the match great. You can disagree, you have your right, but think about it, if Hulkamania was running fuckin wild each week on Raw, we’d be the first people yelling for that old man to sit his ass down and bring his cute ass daughter in the ring so we can check her out. But this is a great way to turn HBK, which is supposed to be the point. But I’m confused. We all know Hunter isn’t gonna be one for long and he’s the main heel on the show. Where does out Heart Break Kid fit in? Will they become allies again? Can I stomach that shit….maybe! I don’t mind having the two be pals. I’ve wanted Michaels to turn a while ago really. I love HBK but at times his sugary sweet, saint like approach to things made him a bit unattractive. Not to mention the thinning hair line, but my love is still there for the man! I’m very interested in what the possibilities will be for him after this Hogan hype has played out. I want Shelton to get his IC title back from Carlito and then have HBK and Benji give us some matches of a lifetime! That’s good wrestling. It will also give Benji that final push as a face, since he’s been struggling for so long to get the pops he deserves from the crowd. Let "Ain’t no stopping me now"….well, STOP the "Show Stoppa"! Oh my god I love that idea! This is fun, let’s try another one………..

Why the fuck hasn’t Angle come out for the Master Lock challenge? Who’s the bigger punk in this? Masters can answer Angle and vice versa, but we get to see nobodies, and fired teachers (Matt Striker did great BTW, go NY) get squashed in seconds. The Ankle lock vs the Master Lock. Make it a battle for the best submission, like they did with Benoit. PROBLEM! They’re both heels. Do you think I give a shit about that? Nah, I’ve said many times, we can handle heel on heel or face on face, it’s Vince that gets his panties in a bunch it the fans like someone he planed for us to hate. I like Masters’ nasty, arrogant attitude, and I feel that it’s perfect to go at Angle, even with them both supporting their heel personas. I can even see Angle making it a bit funny.

Here it is, next week have the Kurt Angle invitational, have Kurt come out and ask for the challenger. Out comes Masters saying no, take my challenge and I’ll take yours. Have a little back and forth, tease with some rumbling in the ring between the two and BOOM!!!….. there’s your Summerslam match. Then they have like 4 fucken weeks to just randomly apply locks on each other throughout the night and weeks to come. Funny promos, interesting storyline and your using your talents best traits. This shit isn’t hard people!

The final thought is on the Diva’s. It’s changed since last year. If possible and as predicted this search sux even more this year people! Last year at least there was some cat fighting and we knew those bitches didn’t like each other. All these chicks are complementing each other when their supposed to be dissing the shit out of each other. They need to make themselves noticed. We need a favorite or at least one to pick on insanely. Pick me cuz all these other bitches just suck dick but I swallow! Ha! Get the attention of the fans. I’m still behind Ashley because she has some wrestling ability. Kristal is growing on me too with her sexy tummy even though her body painting sucked. But the others are fuckin wastes. That Simmona girl or what ever the fuck her name was looked like she had some sort of mental deficiency. She spoke so slow all the damn time, thank god she’s gone! This Diva shit is horrible and needs to be kicked up. Put them each in the ring with V and who ever last the longest doesn’t get voted off that following week. Test them on the talent that their SUPPOSED to need to be in the WWE. Bet ya my girl Ashley brings it home! Just a fuckin Thought Bitches!


Just a Thought. 07/14/05.By Renee

I need to be serious for a minute or two my JAT’ers. I wasn’t going to touch on this until it all unfolded but I’m beyond pissed at how things are being handled in the Mohammed Hassan “Terror Attack” on SD last week.
Yes, the fuckin segment was tasteless, irresponsible and should have been cut. We can all agree on that point. But the aftermath of this is a bit off for my taste. Hear me out a second. The WWE has posted all columns of reference to this recent incident on WWE.com. They have posted Hassan’s picture stating that HE plans to address his recent on air actions on the site in response to the criticism. Some may say that this is a good thing and that the viewers deserve an explanation to the offense. But regardless of what Hassan says (which will be done before this is posted for you people), is it fair to have your talent be held responsible? I’ll bet my left tit that Hassan’s not going to say he’s sorry for following the ignorant direction of a creative team he had faith in. Will Vince let himself be humbled and stand beside this man who’s taking the blame for doing what he told to do? Will Vince say that HE’s the one responsible and that yes it was in bad taste and shouldn’t have happened?
I strongly feel it’s not Hassan’s infraction. It’s who ever decides to create, develop and finally air the offensive material. So why should Hassan be the one to address us fans. It won’t save him even if he makes a complete u-turn with his character, that angle and gimmick is destroyed at this point. So will he stay in character or address the web as a man sorry that he offended people in doing his job? I honestly don’t feel he should. Hey, I’m an offended fan, but Hassan didn’t offend me so why should he be the one to tell me why it happened?
 But let me play devils advocate a second and let’s try another way of looking at it; management assumes the role of manipulating any real life event and incorporating it into their “wrestling world” for the sake of reality, connection, understanding and interest. Expanding the marketability of each talent accordingly, and profiting off of life’s instances, trials, surprises and wonders. Its how all television works. Each show we watch is a reflection of some one else’s interpretation of some real life event, emotion, dream or happening. If we can’t take it or don’t like it, we’re always free to turn away and move on to another experience. But do we hold the show we weren’t comfortable with, accountable for making us feel that way. In most cases, the answer is no. We’re content with just turning away and we leave it at that. Is that a good enough defense for this “uncomfortable” situation if you bottom line it?
The thought is this…….Hassan has been offensive from day one, well not really, his first two promo’s before he was even on Raw we’re of him extending his hand to his fellow American’s in hope of understanding. That got scrapped real quick but my point is that, since he’s actually been on TV he’s been the bad guy. With each passing week the envelope got push more and more. But, Hassan is still a hired talent taking direction from his employer. The thought of “if your offended, turn” is bullshit. Vince is accountable for this insensitive crap. And I feel he’s a fuckin pussy for not being man enough to say he personally fucked up. People make bad judgment calls every day in life. Some lead to minor offenses, and some lead to major problems and even death at times. Taking reasonability for poor taste and lack of good judgment on a sorta real TV sports show isn’t the worst that could happen to a man. You rubbed some people the wrong fuckin way, suck it up, humble yourself and make the connection with the fans and your supporters the right way. Show them you’re human and do make mistakes. Show us that you want to clean this up not to put the asses back in the seats but the fan’s hearts back in your product. If you shit on what makes you, wouldn’t you kiss ass to get that back? Make it a point to assure your supporters that you can recognize a failure, learn from it and make it right again. Just a Thought.



Just a Thought. 07/07/05.By Renee

A Bunch of Stuff
Hello there JAT’ers. Sorry I can’t quite think of a name to call the handful of ya that read my column. Some of you may be a bit sensitive to bitches, so as not to offend ones with weak stomachs I will set out to think of a proper way to address my loyal following and give you deserving few a name to be proud of (suggestions could help). Sorry I missed ya last week, well not really sorry. I had a lot of fuckin things to do and I’m proud to say that I now have time again to bless you all with my pleasant and delightful opinions. This week I had a hard time deciding what topic to write about and seeing that I haven’t really had any observational column posts in a minute or two, I’ve decided to just put them all out there.
The first thing that comes to mind is something that I’ve touched on before, Mohammed Hassan. Good old M.H. was doing his towel & carpet thing on Raw, got drafted to SD and is now up Takers ass to what…kill a dead man? Okay, well forgive me if I appear stupid but how does a feud with Taker add any validity to M.H.’s character. He’s mad at Taker why? Oh, I get it, he’s another one of those selfish, ignorant, fuckin American’s that don’t understand that when you’re dead lay down? Yeah, that’d piss me off too I guess. But seriously, we fuckin get that we’re supposed to hate him. Give him a legit feud now. That’s the whole problem with making him a generic Anti – American heel. You can’t legitimately attach him to anyone without making him look redundant and weak. Do we really think Hassan is going to beat Taker to the point of respect? Hell no, so then what’s the point. Management knows they fucked Hassan. Handing him to Taker may make him feel like their doing him a favor. Feuding with the most over guy on SD isn’t a bad shtick but it’s only going to make Hassan weaker unless they modify his gimmick. The only thing that’s making this whole thing tolerable to me is Davari and he hardly ever speaks English. I’m hoping they’ll save Hassan’s character soon, he’s a good talent and deserves a fair shot at showing us that.
On another SD note, I thought Eddie and Rey were over. I fuckin hate this shit. They promise something is done and they keep the shit flowing. Tell me this, what the fuck do I care about Rey, his fuckin kid or the fact that his pussy ass can beat Eddie in 5 matches but for some reason candy in the face can’t be fought off. Yes there’s the air of mystery behind Eddie saying that HE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! But come on, is the truth that bad? At worst Eddie’s the kids “real” dad, at least that’s the first thing to pop in your average fan’s mind. Would it be that bad to find out Eddie’s your dad instead of some fidget with a mask? I don’t think I would personally mind the trade on that. But my point is who the fuck cares about any of this shit. The angle has been played out beyond the point of entertaining and should by all means be stopped before I fucking gouge my eyes out and miss Brocks big return damnit! (Wishful thinking)
I promised myself that I wasn’t going to talk about this only because, one, I can’t stand the fact that its even getting attention, and two, all major coverage seems to be taken care of by my fellow writer Richard over in his neck of the woods, but this Diva search if ever possible, sucks more than the last one. Personally, I don’t feel any of these women are even remotely attractive. I like Ashley only because she looks like she can brawl a bit and has a less dainty style. Other than that I can’t find shit to say about any of them. They all appear extremely skinny for some reason, not like the Joy’s and Christy’s of the early years…well …year who had some curves and things to grab onto and think about during this mess. No asses, just boobies and hair with not a cute one in the fuckin bunch. Leyla almost saved the day with her nip slip but dicked us with fuckin pasties just when we thought we were gonna see some real Diva effort. Fuck them for making us go through this shit again! Might as well bring that tramp Carmella back and make it a true Raw skank fest, Lita could host. (Not nice I know, but Lita knows I love her)
So, Raw is no longer Jericho? I didn’t get that memo damnit! Raw seems to be Cena now. And though it doesn’t sound as catchy, I am entertained. I love the chemistry that Cena has with just about everyone he comes in contact with. Not that he’s the most entertaining person on TV at all but Cena breaths fresh air in to a somewhat stagnant situation on Raw. John seems to be elated that he’s now on Raw and has the opportunity to well…be a bit more raw. He adds the humor that’s been needed for a few minutes and has opened the door to so many new possibilities for the stars that have been stifled by the wrath of S.O.S. for so long to get a chance at holding the belt. Cena has even noticeably stepped up his in ring game as well. He’s shown much more stamina during matches and has even pulled some new shit out his bag of thuganomics, like climbing the ropes and having a much more aggressive style.  However, I’m no political virgin, I know Trip will be back for Cena and his shiny spinny thingie. Hey could you see Trip’s fat ass wearing Cena’s spinning belt. Ha! But we all know that this will happen and I’m sure when it does we will see some great promos then as well between the two. I understand that though I will continue to give Hunter shit for his complete domination of the top tiers of wrestling. Hunter does in his own way recognize you if you’re good and have potential. Trip’s never feuded with someone the fans didn’t like and respect already. Not that it’s a fuckin honor to be suffocated by big old SOS, but it is a bit of a complement though be it backwards in a way.
Finally, a special shout out to a star that has caught my eye with some great efforts lately. Michelle McCool, for having such an obvious desire to want to learn. I liked Michelle ever since she came to SD. I didn’t like her in the Diva search because ..well…as a “Diva”, seeing it from what management would be looking for, I believed she didn’t fit the bill. However, every time I would see her in those backstage segments you could tell that she was itching to do something more. Though still clumsy in the ring and with much more to learn, Michelle has discarded the sexy Diva role to be a WWe wrestling Diva and for that I give her much respect. Like Christy she seems to be determined to show that she has athletic ability and will not stand there and just be a pretty face. The unfortunate fact is that the Women’s division sucks ass right now and on SD is non existent so how far our dear Michelle can go is yet to be determined but in the interim I will continue to enjoy the fact that Michelle wants to do her part and play an active role in wrestling. I wish her luck on her efforts in the ring.
Those are my thoughts for this week bitches… I don’t really have any comments on the draft because I honestly enjoyed it. I have no complaints on it, mostly due to the fact that a massive change was needed. To me the “who was going to SD to die” wasn’t really a factor. Every trade made was a decent one with potential behind every one even the ones to SD. I like Batista on SD and I like Angle and Carlito on Raw. I’m surprised myself, that I had nothing really negative to say about the trades. The firings on the other hand are funny as hell. I’m not really complaining about who got let go but who’s actually still fuckin there. Do we really need Tomko still people? And sorry folks, Snitsky has to go as well. I liked him too but he has nothing left to offer us unless someone else gets knocked up some time soon. In fact, I have a fuckin list of cuts for them, check it:
The fuckin HeartThrobs
The (category -3) Hurricane and fat ass Rosey
MMMMatt Morgan – Finisher stealer & waster of black hair dye
Sylvan Greiner – waste of skin
Torrie Wilson – Veteran waste with tits
Orlando Jordan - Daffy duck without his bill or his charm for that matter
Eugene – no need to explain
Rob Conway – driest character I’ve ever seen
The Rock – Why he’s still listed as a Raw star is retarded. That media whore made his choice, cut the fuckin apron strings and let his ass go.
I say re-vamp the whole fuckin thing. Make some major cuts and re-arranging, and do the damned thing right. Ratings show the fans are lapping up the uncertainty of it all. Roll with that shit and let’s finally make wrestling fuckin fun and unpredictable. Something ya wanna tell your friends about the next day. Just a Thought.


Just a Thought. 06/23/05.By Renee


The WWE True Hollywood Story…..

Eternal Light, Burning Flame: The Amy Dumas Story

Born a free spirit with many dreams and aspirations, a fiery young red head from the mean streets of Sanford, North Carolina wanted her life to mean something. Not a fan of the glitz and glamour that "regular chicks" were in to. A young Amy Dumas wanted more out of life. From a young age Amy was against the grain. She played drums for rock bands and unlike most girls, was more of a tom – boy rebel than prom queen. And unlike most chicks, Amy had a burning, overwhelming need to be desired by men and an undying passion for the penis.

Amy soon started training in martial arts and kickboxing and was on the road to Mexico to learn the luchadore style of wrestling not used by many women at that time. This opened the door to sports entertainment and Amy soon found herself being offered a job in ECW being a valet with "potential". Though, I have to say, her grooming habits during her ECW stint left little to be desired from the young rising star. Her grungy, grimy persona was really unattractive. I don’t even remember her name there. Unshaven armpits and biting and picking toe nails didn’t seem to fit in with the fiery vixens’ hopes in becoming a great star. She was then picked up by the WWE in 2000, and Lita was born! But unfortunately, so were the penis demons that would eventually catch up to her.

Lita’s weakness would soon become apparent once she was teamed up with her first gig. Being the valet of Essa Rios, a popular Mexican wrestler. Lita felt she wanted more. But more what was the question and more penis seemed to be the answer. She turned to her wild side and set out on a mission to fill her passion for the penis in the WWE. And that’s when the shit really hit the fan boys and girls. She found a real gem in Team eXtreme but had two men to choose from to make her mate. Two brothers actually, Matt and Jeff Hardy, but which one to screw……..Lita had a dilemma.

Recognizing that Matt was the weaker of the two, Lita hooked her claws in to the duo and became a bright ray of light in the ring with her rare wrestling style and rebel image. While poor ignorant Matt supported and pledged his love to the young star, Lita road him like a race horse to keep her place in the main stream alive, wondering if there was any chance of fitting Jeff into the mix as well. Though nothing was ever mentioned publicly of a romance with Jeff, one can’t help but speculate purely based on reputation that the act may have occurred. But moving on…….

After enjoying the glamour of being part of one of the hottest teams in wrestling entertainment Lita and Matt were going strong as a couple, but the storm that was to come would shatter the lives of all involved and leave our dear Lita in the dark ditch of despair.

A few months go by and Lita had won the fans hearts. Her first title reign came when she took the Women’s championship belt off Stephanie McMahon in August of 2000. She was on top of the world, even landing a guest spot on a popular TV show in 2002. It was at that point that things took a turn for the worst. Lita was injured on the set and broke her neck having her out of action for over a year in the WWE. This took its toll on Lita and her penis passion. She now had no options. No secret booty calls in the back of the locker rooms with random jobbers. All she had was Matt. Now Matt was fine, kinda like her anchor but didn’t give her the spice of life she desired. No passion and barely a penis. Lita had to get back to work damnit.

She does some rehabbing and works the WWE’s Sunday show Heat for a bit until she was able to make her in ring return in 2003. Eventually, Lita once again captured the Women’s championship title in a match against her arch enemy Trish Stratus upon her return but soon lost it again due to a bad blow to her leg which took her back out for about another six months. However, during this time Lita also managed to maintain her passion for penis and caught the eye of the WWE’s resident monster Kane. Lita had never really given any thought to fuckin a monster, but if it gets hard sit on it, was her way of looking at it. She embraced the monsters advances and the two really got a bit nasty even getting married in a ceremony on Raw. The relationship resulted in Lita becoming pregnant but suffering a miscarriage at the hands of……….well, everyone’s irresponsibility. Matt was unable to deal with Lita’s infidelities and decided to go home and cry a bit, then later decided to confront Kane on poking his woman. This led to Kane throwing V1 off the top of the stage putting him out of commission for months. Lita was then free to enjoy her new relationship with Kane. However Lita was still unsatisfied and though she had a big penis by her side, she felt she was missing the passion.

At this point Lita was a mess. She had never been one for being loyal and this trait showed its ugly face one night on Raw when in an important, number one contenders match, Lita betrayed her husband Kane and decided that she was going to go after Mr. Money in the Bank, now currently known as Mr. Money in the Sack, Edge. This came as a shock to all involved; especially Kane, whose heart was completely broken by the betrayal. But, Lita had to go with her loins this time and made it a point to let Kane know that Edge is what was now satisfying her penis passion from now on. Even going as far as flushing her wedding band down the toilet in Kane’s face and Edge by her side.

Lita has now embraced the slut life and seems to be enjoying it as she so eloquently stated in a recent Raw episode. She has no desire to fold to under the pressure of people who think her behavior is wrong. She continues to try new and exciting sexual positions to increases her ability to attract the penis and makes no excuses for her actions except for the fact that she truly feels she’s in love this time.

I guess one can always find room to disagree with another’s actions and in this case Lita would have a strong fight on her hands if attacked morally. However this does not deter our resident slut. Her smile has never been brighter and legs more spread. She is at peace with her promiscuity and at one with her penis passion. She is a true example of determination and fortitude, even if her efforts weren’t geared towards wrestling for the past two years. Is Lita a burning flame or eternal light? Those scorned by her desires, may get that burning sensation, but for one person at least for now, she is an eternal light in his eyes. For those who see Lita as just another slut with no respect I say hey, hey there…..That’s Queen of the Sluts…respect the fuckin title bitches.


Just a Thought. 06/16/05.By Renee

My Dearest Sharmelle,
It is with great regret and sadness that I come to you today in this letter. By now I'm sure you know that I have been traded to Raw and will no longer be able to be with you on Smackdown. I know our relationship was in it's beginning stages but you put a spell on me girl and I have to say I'm totally hooked.
I can't express the desire I have to give you all the things you need in a man. I know your husband can't do the things I do in or out of the ring and you can't deny that I know what makes you feel good inside.
Sharmelle, this isn't the end. The attraction we have can't be stopped by me being traded, by Booker or by anyone who may think this is wrong. I know you've probably had a hard life. Living in the ghetto. Raised around crime and anger. Trapped in a marriage that has you yearning for more. That ex con has no clue to what a woman like you wants or needs. Sharmelle, I can be the one to take you away from it all. I can be YOUR hero. Oh it's true!
 I know you already can feel sexual tension between us. The throbbing hot animal desire we both have is more than obvious. Imagine the passionate, intense love we can have. The hard and dirty kind of love that I know you like and are dying for me to give. I've pictured you bent over my weight bench wearing my metals, begging for me to go Olympic on your ass. Rubbing my bald head. Woooooo! The images drive me crazy day and night.
Sharmelle, until we are reunited, believe that every match is for you. Every fight is for you and every thought is of you. The women here on Raw can never be the gutter slut my brown sugar baby is, so don't you sweat that shit. I see no one but you when I close my eyes. Even though that Lita chick says she has the best BJ's in the business, I've seen your lips girl and she doesn't hold a candle to the possibilities you imply in your smile. You may not think this is the right thing for us right now. But I assure you, we were meant to be. I'll miss you more than you know, but please remember that I will come for you some day.
Your Olympic Hero and True Love, Kurt Angle.


Just a Thought. 06/02/05.By Renee

The Lord and The Succubus

In a land far away, far from all the normalcy's of the world we’re familiar with. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the rat race we call our lives; you will find two very unique and interesting creatures. Both strong and mighty warriors however lacking in what some would call common sense and general know-how. Companions in their adventures, the two men do have a mistrust of each other to an extent, and tend to walk that fine line from time to time. Though, through their adventures and journey’s in life they have grown to have a mutual respect for each other and enjoy each others company. Ladies and bitches, I bring you the Adventures of Heidi and Snit (chapter one: the beginning) “The Lord and The Succubus”.

We find our two friends on a small hill outside of Riot Town, the place they both have called home since creation. Heidi a 7 foot tall athletically built and superior marksman is the son of Lord Helmsley, a not very well liked Lord in Riot Town. Lord Helmsley was a very dominating man and had very few nice things to say to anyone who chose to speak to him. The Lord lived in the castle at the center of town enclosed in a shimmering steel cage that rose to the heavens. Heidi denied his birthright of being Prince and ruling along side of his evil father but had a great love for his town and the people in it. Heidi had a kind heart, but though it be kind, it was scared by years and years of his fathers dominance and mental torture in attempts to mold himself a mirror image son.

Snit was the son of the town Marshal and the bigger of the two men, standing eight feet tall with massive arms and giant hands. A much admired man, Marshal Long was a fair and understanding man who always tried to help the town’s people get a fair shake and the Lords hands. Snit was the rebellious type. He wasn’t quite the “trouble maker” however; trouble was never too far behind him. He always seemed to get himself into situations that though we’re not his fault, could have been easily avoided with better judgment and less spontaneity. Snit had a dark side as well. He resented his father for being so looked well liked. He had a burning desire to be noticed and admired as well but didn’t possess the level patience and goodness that it required. He was in limbo as to which side of the fence to play, but there were some drops of good in him to be found and Heidi helped bring it out in him when they spent time together.

From the top of the hill the whole town could be seen. The two brutes stood together contemplating their day’s activities when a sudden and tremendous roar shattered their thoughts. From a distance there was smoke that seemed to be coming from the town bakery. Our two friends decided to check out the problem but as they headed down the hill they came upon an area of terrain they weren’t familiar with. It was a shiny patch of red grass. Grass like no other grass in Riot Town. It was long bladed, very soft to the touch and very fragrant. Snit bent down distracted by the sight and started petting the blades of the bright red grass which seemed to clam the giant to a degree. Heidi encouraged Snit to come with him to the town to make sure their friend Ms. Keibler, the owner of the bakery, was fairing well. Snit appeared to be far to into the calming effects of this magnificent red grass to even hear Heidi’s plea. Heidi decided to venture forth without Snit and in coming upon the bakery Heidi found that Riot Town was in complete disarray. The town’s people were all gathered at the gates of the steel cage that guarded the castle and Lord. Chanting the demands of helping services to the town’s people’s injuries and broken buildings. But Lord Helmsley wasn’t responding. One of the local town’s people ran up to Heidi asking why his father was condemning them to this destruction without help or guidance. Heidi decided to find out what was going on.

He proceeded to enter the castle through a hidden side entrance that only members of the Lords family knew of. But before Heidi was to reach his fathers chambers a loud and deafening roar rang out through the town. The town’s people scattered in fear. “She’s coming back!” one of the people shouted. “Who?” Heidi thought to himself, what one woman could be responsible for all this massive evil? Just then, in the distance Heidi laid his eyes upon the most amazing thing he’d ever seen in his life. There, between the towns Twin Melina Hills stood the source of all the destruction. Standing up to 20 feet tall and full of rage was a giant red-headed succubus. She headed toward town spitting fire at anything in her way. She trampled over town stores and farmland screaming and pulling up trees. “Where is he?” she screamed….. “I will not rest until he is mine. He holds the key, he must be mine!” Now Heidi had no clue what this bitch was talking about but noticed that tied to her arm was a small creature. Upon a closer look Heidi realized it was Snit. The beautiful red grass wasn’t grass at all. It was the hair of the evil succubus and Snit had apparently been taken hostage by her. Heidi decided that he could no longer wait and see if his father was going to help the people of Riot Town. He was going to help the town himself.

First he had to figure out a way to get the red headed beasts attention so he could get to Snit. He ran to the middle of dark clay in Booker Field and began to scream and flail about the park to get her attention. He through rocks, wood and just about anything he could get his hands on the get her to turn in his direction. Finally she turns and sees Heidi in the field. Heidi screams, asking what she wants from his peaceful town. She again asks “Where is he?” Frightened but curious Heidi asks “who?” The succubus replied “the one who is the key to it all. I must find him and I will destroy everything until he is found.” Heidi tries to appeal to the creature, saying that if she gives him Snit he would do his best in helping her find the man she is looking for, just stop destroying innocent people and homes. The succubus laughed at Heidi’s proposal. “Why would I need help for such a small creature like you who can’t even defend himself against me? I could kill you with one kiss of my power. You serve no purpose for me.” Heidi brought to her attention that he’s the Lords son and he knows everyone in the town. If the man she was looking for was here, he’d be the one to help her locate him. “What do you have to lose if you could destroy me that easily? If I fail to help you, destroy at will, but if I find what you need, you must promise to never return to this town again” Heidi explained. The succubus bent down inches from Heidi’s face and smiled “You’re brave, small man. You must not know of my prior conquests. I have destroyed many to get here. The troubled childlike Emperor in Hardydale, the Prince of Pyro in the fire swamps of Death Valley and the leader of the blonde tree elves at the edge of the earth Lord Mada. Do you not fear all that or are you just insane?” She asks as she slowly unties Snit from the side of her arm. Heidi explained that he’s there for the good of the town. “My life means nothing if my town isn’t here. These people are important as are all people, if I have a chance to save them, I will!” He shouted. “Then bring me Lord Helmsley!” the succubus roared. Heidi froze with surprise. This was his father that she was demanding. Could he actually give his father to this beast to save the town. Though he didn’t agree with the way Lord Helmsley ran the town and the hate he had for him, he was still his father.

By then Snit had be placed on the field next to Heidi and appeared to be in good sorts. Snit told Heidi to do as the succubus had asked. “You father fuckin sucks Heidi! Give him to the scank! Then we can rule this town without Lord Helmsley’s hold and this hot breathed bitch can be on her way!” He explained. I mean after all Snit was right. Heidi really had nothing to lose by giving the creature what she wanted. His father had long been a thorn in every ones side and hiding in the castle while the rest of the town got demolished was not cool. Heidi was conflicted about betraying his father and sending him to what appeared to be certain death but had one final thought. “What is it exactly that you need from these men?” He asked of the beast. The creature smiled “His penis” she stated to the two men’s surprise. It’s the key to all things rich here in Riot Town. Your Lord Helmsley has ruled with an iron dick for too long. I am only summoned to a place when the power of one is great. I’m sent to squash the life out of any man that has the potential to be great with my alluring voice and shiny red locks. No man has ever recovered from and experience with me.” “ You mean to tell me that all you want is some fuckin dick and you’re outa here?” Snit asked “That’s some shit, why go through all this though, I could have put it on ya and called it a night” he added. The creature explained that it must be someone of power but of dark heart as well and that she alone possessed the power to see into the hearts of men and see there true soul.

Heidi realized at that time that the succubus was a sort of monitor, balancing out the scales of the world. Not just this viscous beast sent to destroy. She actually had a purpose in the world. With this new revelation Heidi and Snit decided to move forward towards the great steel cage that protected the castle. The succubus however added one small factor to the mix. She informed the duo that each man she comes for has to willingly give himself to her. It cannot be forced nor can they be tricked into submission.

Snit decided to go to the Lords second in command Flairivous the Natural, an old gray man of great stature in the town though many believe he’s a bit of a brown noser , to find the best way to convince Lord Helmsley to go to the succubus willingly. Flairivous explained that Lord Helmsley could never be able to resist someone that admired him and to appeal to his ego if they wanted something from him. Without letting on as to what they were up to the duo thanked Flairivous for his wisdom and went straight to Lord Helmsley’s chambers.

“Father....Heidi called out as he approached “there is an amazing creature that is in awe of your ways and rule, she asks if you will come great her beyond the Sharmellian Bush Forest south of town as she is to large to travel within our town without damaging it’s beauty and wants to offer you her admiration.” Not being able to resist a complement and certainly not from a woman, Lord Helmsley eagerly agreed to hear any accolades that might be presented to him and followed the two friends to the edge of the Sharmellian Forest. “ You see son, you criticize me all the time for not being fair and dominating the town but here you see someone that understands what I need to do in order for the town to run right. This woman obviously knows greatness. You’re a big whining baby for not seeing how my strangle hold on this town is for its own good. They’d be nothing without me and finally someone on the outside agrees with me, I can’t wait to meet this creature….hey is she hot?” Lord Helmsley asked.

At that time the three men reached the edge of the forest and Snit called out to the succubus. “We have found our Lord for you mighty creature…..here stands Lord Helmsley” he shouted. The succubus smile in delight, she leaned over the three men and address the powerful Lord. “Do you come to me willingly great Lord?” she asked. “Hell yeah I do, I come to hear all the wonderful things you have to say about me. I hear your fuckin digging my greatness and I’m more than happy to come to you.” Lord Helmsley explained in ignorance. “Then let it be so” the succubus called out reaching down and grabbing the Lord of his feet. She held him high above her head then gave the dark evil Lord his final words. “For years you have enslaved, tortured and overpowered the weak and dependent. You are now relieved of your command and rule over Riot Town and its people. I….. Atil Grand Succubus of Dumascank, am here to put an end to your greatness and destroy your manhood.” She explained while tearing off the evil Lords clothing. She then slowly held Lord Helmsley and proceeded to nibble his penis off. The Lord was screaming in pain pleading for his son to come to his aide. Heidi peered up at his father with tears in his eyes and explained …. “Did you not ignore the cries of the children and others that needed your help and power during the destruction earlier? Did the people of this town, YOUR town, not beg for your attention when they were hurt? Father I find no pleasure in watching you suffer however it is not for me to execute judgment on you, that is what Atil is here for.” And with that said Atil threw Lord Helmsley up in the air, caught him in her mouth and swallowed him whole.

“Holy shit that was cool” Snit yelled out, “That’s shit you don’t see every day, and for once it wasn’t my fault!” The succubus leaned over to Heidi and with and sincere and sweet grind faired him well. “I have no reason to return now, little men of Riot Town. I will rid your town farewell until I am once again needed to balance out the worlds power. Stay well my little friends” and she vanished into the forest.

What the fuck was all of that shit about man? And what the fuck is this leaving me in some red ass grass and runnin’ off to be some great hero? Snit yelled. But all Heidi could do was thing about everything that had just happened he though of the impact he could have in helping people everywhere not just in Riot Town. I opened his mind to wonderful new ideas. Heidi had realized that he was to be more that the towns protector. That he could go across the world helping others. And that’s just what he decided to do. Being the next in line after Lord Helmsley’s demise, Heidi appointed Flairivous as new Lord and Marshal Long as second in command. He told Snit of his intentions to travel the world and asked if he would join him. “Like I have anything else to do” he said, “of course I’ll come, Just don’t blame me if shit don’t turn out right” he added. Heidi pleasingly agreed and so began the adventures of Heidi and Snit. To be continued at another time and adventure.

Just a Thought. 05/26/05.By Renee

When Darkness Falls


Everyone, if honest with themselves, can admit to stopping and looking when they see a bad car wreck or when they come upon a misfortune; being interested in all the gory details even though inside they may not approve, like or even be entertained by the site itself. In the last month or so in wrestling I feel like I’ve seen many O’ car wrecks in the storylines that we’ve been subjected to but admit that in some strange way, though I may not agree with how these stories are served to the public, I am intrigued and I find myself slowing down to asses the damage.


I have no problem in turning characters to the “dark side” if the turn is warranted and goes well with each character involved. I love that Eddie has embraced his madness and created more depth to his persona rather than just making him a lying cheater. Anyone can be a lying cheater, hell, that’s what most heels are for Christ’s sake. But it brings his character around to a different realm of evil in comparison to prior heel turn of his. We are forced to wonder “Why Eddie, Why”. Not because we love Rey Rey but because we notice that this time, Eddie is different. He darker, he’s focused and there’s a bit of mystery as to why this all came about. To me that’s some good TV. The fact that we don’t have the answers makes it interesting. Right now I can honestly say I have no clue of how they should go with him or what may come of his feud with Rey. However I do know that it’s brought a renewed interest in Eddie’s character for me and though I’ve always been a great fan, I’m even more interested in what he’s going to do next.


The same can be said about Angle. Yes, Angle has been a heel for about a year now and we all know and love the Angle-antics that usually come to pass during his rants and tantrums of a feud, but this time he’s kicked it up a notch and has made it quite entertaining. Who knew Kurt Angle, our Olympic hero loved gutter sluts? I sure didn’t. It was interesting shit to me. Now I’ve seen Angle insult the masses and call women names before, but the part that’s reeling us in fellow bitches is the fact that Angle is finding pleasure in the very thing he’s degrading. Put it like this, if Angle ran around telling Booker that his wife is a gutter slut and yadda yadda, it would be your average feud with Angle using the average bait of insults. The twist now is, yes, your wife is a gutter slut but I want her to sit on my face makes it a whole lot more interesting for us to watch. Angle taunting Booker with the threat of him having sexual relations with his wife wouldn’t work by itself either if you think about it. How convincing would it be if Angle’s only well…angle, was that he was crushin on Sharmelle? Not too convincing to me. All of a sudden Angle wants him a sista? I’m not buying it. But give Angle a secret lust for the type of woman he sees her to be, throw in a dash of insulting innuendo and the fact that he feels he was robbed in the title shot match gives us a new side of Kurt. It’s not just about the missed chance or the fact that Booker has a hot wife. It’s about unveiling Kurt’s demons. Showing a fresh but darker side of his characters personality. That he too has a side that we may not understand, but are interested to know about. Not to mention the fact that I would love to see Sharmelle succumb to the dirty little bastard in the end.  Gutter Love, Holla.


Then we have some examples of turns that either were forced turns and/or turns that aren’t quite turning. Jericho is a prime example of a turn that won’t turn. I realize this is all to make Shelton a stronger face but using Jericho doesn’t seem to be working well. Though in all fairness, this weeks show was the first time that the ground work was laid out well enough for the fans to actually catch on to where Jericho is going with this. But the fact that it’s that damn hard to turn his character should have been a sign to go a different route. In my opinion if you have to shove it down our throats that fuckin hard then it’s not really worth it because it’s almost obvious that’s it all to manipulate the fans into liking someone they may not be ready to get fully behind. I’m not saying Benji has no following. I love the guy and the fans are now starting to appreciate his amazing talent. However it’s only after his fucking last three opponents stroked his skills on camera. What the fuck?! Is the public so asleep that he has to be endorsed by HBK in order for us to see and believe this man is great? I’d hate to say it’s because he’s black, but you give me an instance were any one did the things Benji has done and wasn’t already totally over with the crowd. Why does it have to take Jericho being bad to make Shelton great to us? I don’t agree with Jericho turning, because like he stated on Raw Monday, we’ll love him regardless. Jericho is too strong of a character for anyone to really hate him. Even if he successfully turns his character, we’re still gonna cheer for him, laugh at his witty remarks and bug out when he hits “the walls”. Is it worth if the bring Benji up?  Yes, on paper or as a general idea but wouldn’t it have worked out find if Benji just had beef with Hassan over the IC title instead. Yes it would have left Jericho out of the mix, but it would have saved him from taking a wrong and unnecessary turn that may not even work out in the end. The only way I see it working is if Jericho cost Benji his title against Hassan. Then it will make sense, but if this is all for Taboo Tuesday part 4 I’m gonna fuckin flip out.


Then the turn that had to be made…………My dear and original gangsta slut, Lita. Now I kid about Lita and Edge from time to time but we all knew that her face character wasn’t going to survive her recent extracurricular activities. So we have her help Edge and bring it all to the surface. I personally thought Lita did great on Monday responding to her recent heat.  Lita should have opened her mouth much earlier on this…hmmm……that sounded bad, but take it either way and it applies so moving on. I have no problem with Lita being a heel. To me her character’s personality could have fit a heel gimmick much earlier. I thought of turning her back before Trish’s turn but Trish held it down like a fuckin pro so it wasn’t needed. But Lita can be great a heel. Most people don’t like her anyway, though their reasons have nothing to do with her wrestling skills. But if the fans stayed on fuckin topic, they’d see that Lita is a very seasoned and skilled athlete in the ring. I wasn’t the only one that totally flipped out in excitement during her main event title match with Trish on Raw. Lita showed us that she is the real deal and held her own with Trish even after her suicide dive that almost put her back in the operating table. Say what you want about Lita outside of the ring, which is really none of our fucking business anyway, but making her a heel will only make her stronger in the ring, if she only had someone to wrestle besides Christy.


The thought is this………….Sometimes there may be many different reasons in turning a character. Most of the time the turn is for the opponent and not so much the actual person that’s turning like with Jericho for Benji and I believe a portion of Eddie’s turn is for Rey as well.  Sometimes it may be to occupy to stagnant personalities like in Angle and Booker T’s case, who have needed something more tangible to cling to other than an I’m better than you feud. And then there are times when you just can’t keep public opinion out of things and are forced to comply with the fans, like with Lita. Though, Kane (my poor heart broken monster) will benefit from Lita’s turn as well, seeing that her turn was on him.  All turns in the same dark direction but all for different reasons and with different benefits as a result.  But in all, each turn benefits all involved if done right. You can have a ridiculous turn that can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened. Trish is a prime example of this. I worried about her when she turned on Jericho at Wrestle Mania XX their storyline was going well and they were both so over, but it was done right and the bitch brought it home better than anyone I’ve seen making it a wise though risky choice. The dark side is an intriguing side. A side where you never really have to win clean, or where you don’t have to say all the right things not to offend fans. You can almost relax and have fun once you’re a heel.  I think these dark turns all have potential to open many doors for each character and I for one will be cheering them all on……....yes even Lita. Just a thought.


Just a Thought. 05/19/05.By Renee


Steph and Trip’s Raw Recap

This week we take a peek at the life of Stephanie McMahon and The Game and see what it was like to watch Raw at their house Monday night. Hunter has been gracious enough to do a little narration of the nights events for those of you who may have missed it.

Trip: Listen up you pathetic losers. The only reason I’m doing this is because this will show you how much Raw needs me and how nothing is worth watching unless The Game is on.

Steph: You tell ‘em baby. *burp* Nobody’s better than my S.O.S………I mean Hunter

Trip: Ya got that right you fat bitch, go get me my official Raw sippy cup and let’s get on with this shit. The show starts off with that show hog Chris Jericho and the Coca Cola Kid Shelton Benjamin going against those fuckin loud mouth Arab guys. Yadda yadda, Y2J gets his ass kicked. Ha! Raw ain’t Jericho now huh, you slimy little prick. You need some kid to help you now huh? Fuck Fozzy!

Steph: Now calm down now honey, remember your blood pressure. You wouldn’t want to pop a vein like the ones I have in my legs. Besides, that Benji guy looks really strong. Powerful legs, big massive arms, boyish smile, big….

Trip: Hey hey….what the fuck are you doing? Are you telling me you dig Shelton Benjamin?
Steph: Oh honey stop! I’m just saying…..

Trip: Just saying what? That he’s better than me? That he can out wrestle me? That’s what your saying isn’t it? You think Shelton Benjamin is hot, you fuckin skank! Let me tell you something, I beat that son of a bitch, one, two, three, Damnit and I’ll have you know, that mother fucker………..

Steph: Hunter, Hunter, *burp* please refocus, we’re trying to do a show here, it’s okay that it took you three times to finally beat Benji, some guys get harder that others……I mean are harder to beat than others. Could you pass me the ham sandwich over there.

Trip: You better what’s yourself bitch!........Ok! Next we have Beniot and Tajiri talking ECW shit. Fuck ECW ! Just like Ric said about Foley honey, that’s what ECW is, glorified stuntmen!

Steph: Of course honey *burp* you tell them!

Trip: Who the hell does Beniot think he is! Trying to bring ECW to Raw?

Steph: He’s the guy that made you tap like twice already isn’t he honey?

Trip: What the fuck did I tell you bitch? Keep your fuckin mouth shut or I’m calling your father! Ahh here we go…Flair letting Bishoff know what’s up! Whoooooo!

Steph: You know Eric has a point there Hunter, if you want to go back to Raw, why don’t you just call him?

Trip: And if you want me to give a shit about what you think why don’t you just put on a Vince mask & let me exercise my stroke. Bitch, I run back to know one! Eric owes me a title shot. I had Batista pinned for the three Damnit, I counted it myself, It wasn’t supposed to be this way! I’m the champ! I’m the one tha…….

Steph: I don’t have a Vince mask but I found this one that looks like a “china doll”, is that good enough.

Trip: For the life of me I don’t know why I don’t kill you!

Steph: Oooooh, feelin’ kinky huh?

Trip: I’m gonna act like I didn’t here that………I have a show to do, if you haven’t realized. You made me miss what Flair and Batista said you stupid fat bitch! Now….back to Raw. Next we have good old Flair vs. that little shit Christian. Ya know I don’t understand this little shit. What’s with the big C on his chest?

Steph: I think it’s for Captain Charisma honey, it’s cute!

Trip: What the fuck is wrong with you. Cute? There’s no cute in wrestling. This isn’t a god damn beauty pageant.

Steph: But look at how it sparkles oh and look you can see his belly button.

Trip: I swear if I didn’t love your father so much……..

Steph: That Tomko looks like a penis. I wonder if Christian would loan him out to other people who have problems to solve.

Trip: What the fuck do you mean?

Steph: Oh look Flair's in trouble, they’re double teaming him!

Trip: Ya see, Raw needs me. If I was there this wouldn’t have happened. Now Flair is gonna get the living shit beat out of him and it’s all Eric’s fault….

Steph: Oh wow, It’s Batista! What a specimen of a man!

Trip: Did you just say what a specimen of a man?

Steph: Yup, he’s an animal, he’s so strong and powerful, tall dark and handsome, smart, athletic and he smells really really good.

Trip: How the fuck do you know how he smells you little fat whore you? I’m gonna break your….

Steph: LOOK! He’s helping Ric!

Trip: What the fuck is that! What’s Batista up to! That son of a bitch is trying to take Flair away from me!

Steph: Oh how sweet, he cares!

Trip: I ‘m gonna tell you one last time to keep your fuckin mouth shut or I’m going to put my foot through your face.

Steph: Now Hunter I’m just messin’ witcha. Everyone knows that you’re the man. Besides Batista doesn’t last that long…….Um…I mean won’t last that long. Oh lookie here, a commercial break, and you know what that means dontcha lover?

Trip: No, not tonight Steph, I’m trying to do a show here.

Steph: You promised my daddy that you would do it Hunter, you got to be king of Raw now you stick to what you agreed on, or I’m telling.

Trip: Fine! Go get her!

Steph: Mom! He’s ready!

Linda: I wore something special for you tonight Hunter! An oversized Triple H T-shirt, with goodie holes in all the right places.

Trip: I don’t give a fuck, let’s make this shit quick I have a show to do and the break is only 3 minutes.

Linda: Steph says that’s plenty of time of you my dear. Don’t fuckin rush me, I sign your checks as well.

Steph: Remember Mama likes it rough honey. I’ll let you know when Raw comes back on.

Trip: No need I’m done already.

Steph: why do I smell burned rubber?

Linda: well I guess if that’s all you have to offer than I have to accept it. Steph was right, I just might have to switch to Coca Cola.

Trip: What!

Steph: Look honey the show’s back on! Bye mother!

Trip: I feel nauseous. But getting back to the show. Fuckin Chris Masters! This guy could have been great if he was smart and kissed my ass on entry damnit. He should have come to me when he first showed up and I could have made him a star. What the fuck is a “Master Lock”?

Steph: It’s really hard to get out of, trust me baby.

Trip: What? You know what. I don’t even want to know what the fuck you’re talking about right now. I have a fucking show to do, I’ll take care of your ass later. It’s Tajiri vs Beniot in this ECW match. I don’t understand why these stupid fans go so crazy for this shit. Ha! Here’s Bishoff putting an end to this crap.

Steph: Bishoff looks good with his hair natural like that.

Trip: Why do you insist on making comments about the men on the show?

Steph: It’s just an observation honey, it’s not like I enjoyed the kiss between me and him.

Trip: Why are you bringing it up then, I didn’t say anything about the kiss, you know Steph you on very thin ice right now.

Steph: Oh Hunter don’t worry, Mom agrees, he’s an awful kisser, you have nothing to worry about.

Trip: I’m gonna kill you in your sleep one day. Hey Hey! Now this is more my style of show…Diva’s in their panties! The hot little thing Christy is a fiery little whip! Very flexible.

Steph: Yeah, too bad she never gave you the time of day. I think her and Dave are cute together.

Trip: *smack* I warned you bitch. Why the hell does Big Vis always have to ruin a booby moment? That Lillian is hot though. I can sing better then Vis, though his style of clothing is improving. Remind me to holla at my boy later. Next match! There’s that fat fuck Rosey. That son of a bitch is gonna get his for hurting me Damnit.

Steph: I’m sure he will honey. *mental note* remind self to pay Rosey.

Trip: Stacey looks fuckin hot! Those legs just go on and on man! This match sucks! Next!

Fuckin Randy Orton!? That little prick just waited for me to not be there to start this shit. There’s no way in hell he’s getting a title shot before me. Ooh look it’s dad! Steph look it’s dad on TV! Look, Look!

Steph: He’s not your dad Hunter, he’s mine

Trip: You shut your mouth woman, dad is speaking! Ahhhh the draft, no one is safe! Ha Ha Ha. Except me! Good old dad knows I’m not going to SD!
Steph: You’ll go if he wants you to go honey, it’s the right thing to do.

Trip: *Smack* I don’t think I have to explain the understanding me and dad have.Sit there and shut up! Okay kids it’s the main event of the night if you can call it that without me! Kane vs Edge for the number one contenders spot.

Steph: I don’t know how Lita gets her hair such a pretty red. You know I feel for her these days, she very misunderstood.

Trip: I understand her very well, she’s a whore.

Steph: And this is a bad thing?

Trip: No, I’m just saying I understand her is all. Wow, Edge looks sharp tonight.

Steph: Behind every man is a strong woman, I always say.

Trip: Yeah, licking his balls maybe. Oh shit look the bitch is helping Edge win.

Steph: That liar! She told me she wasn’t fucking him anymore! She told me I was all the man she ever needed.

Trip: What?

Steph: I mean girls talk ya know. We joke. She just never told me about her plans with Edge. I’m just surprised is all. *mental note* stop paying Lita

Trip: Yeah well its’ no surprise to me. Edge is charming. Ooh I love it when he does that tongue thing….um I mean man he looks mean when he does that tongue thing! Batista better look out Edge is gonna bring the pain.

Steph: Tell me about it, I couldn’t walk for two days the last time.

Trip: That’s it! Bitch! I draw the line at Edge! * sets her up for the pedigree* I will not be disrespected anymore. Take that you man beast! * pedigree’s her on the coffee table*………….I’ve had it with you trying to ruin my show!........Okay sluts and scrubs, that’s the fuckin end of Raw. Told you it would be nothing without me. Raw needs me. If I’m not there, they try bringing in other franchise rules to matches, women running around in their underwear by themselves. Sluts turning on monsters. Black guys getting over! The show is a fuckin mess. I suggest you kids out there get crackin on your petition to bring Trip back. Fuck Matt. Show them how much you need and want me! The Game. The Franchise! The Man! Wake up bitch, call your fuckin father and tell him I’m not doing this shit ever again! Remember Kids, You NEED the Game! Until then, Fuck you all!!!!!!!

 Just a Thought. 05/12/05.By Renee




Mandated requirements and stipulations of being a World Wrestling Entertainment Diva are as follows.

First and foremost, every prospective Diva must be of sound body. Though athletic ability is not of interest to us, you must be able to shake what your mama gave you at a moments notice, this includes revealing any specific items management may desire from the items received from said mama.


Secondly, in reference to upkeep; Every prospective Diva will be awarded the chance to enhance their chances of television stardom by investing in, what we like to call “Floater’s insurance” – Floaters Insurance is detailed as follows; Floater’s insurance is an outpatient service many use to maintain their ability to remain appealing to your gentlemen, average Joe and redneck fans alike with the protection all Diva’s deserve and need. It’s a small procedure where small inserts are placed in the chest area to provide better protection from any damages that can occur in or outside of the wrestling ring. Though not that attractive by themselves, theses small cushiony devices have been known to enhance ones ability to attract all kinds of male fans while providing the safest and most comfortable protection money can buy. In addition, you will be able to pick your own size of protection device, though the bigger the better is managements preference, you have an array of choices and styles.


An additional requirement of a WWE Diva would be to ensure talent morale. It is mandatory that you provide a shoulder to cry on, a chest to nozzle in, legs to be spread and a mouth that at the least has a minimum of 3.6 pounds of sucking pressure (Subject to change according to Diva’s mouth size and dedication to the cause) to keep our other talent in the right frame of mind for competition in the ring.


Oh and if you actually do have some athletic ability………hmmmm……..I mean I guess that’s okay too…….um..… hold that thought, we’ll get back you on that.


Which brings us to the do’s a don’ts portion of the contact.


Do be willing to do what you can to be of service to your fellow WWE male stars.


Do be open to all ideas and propositions


Don’t wear too much clothing, our fans seem to have some sort of fear or deep rooted hate of clothing for some reason and tend to boo women if they have on too much. Text book case of less is more is all, not a big deal. It’s about the fans anyway, in all honesty.


Don’t come to management for minor issues like employee pay, talent harassment, or unfair representation. We know you may think you know what’s best for you and the difference between right and wrong, but in the end it will only get you nowhere, as we are not a shoulder for YOU to cry on in those matters.


Do share yourself. In the event that you happen to become involved with another member of our WWE staff, you will be absolutely required to move on to others after said relationship is over. However in the event you feel the talent you are currently involved with will not terminate the relationship, you are free to acquire another talent during the time frame and sift out the weaker of the two from there.


Don’t express any feelings or criticisms of the WWE to anyone before we (management) tells you what to say. Especially to those Internet Assholes – they have a way of making things out to be more than they really are and will definitely laugh at you! Know that you are decoration and have no real status to influence, persuade or inform others of anything outside of the WWE realm.


In closing: Please note, under no circumstances is any Diva not able to work out any infringements of this contract with management. We are understanding people and know that we’re all human and make mistakes. However in breaching this contract you are subject to be required to do ANYTHING management desires as an appropriate discipline to said infraction.


With that all being said, sign on the X at the bottom and welcome to the wonderful World of Wrestling Entertainment, leave your dress at the door bitch, we own you now!




Just a Thought. 05/05/05.By Renee
Wake Me Up When The Show Is Over?


Well hello there children of wrestling. Hope you all enjoyed Sunday’s awesome displays of athleticism from the Raw roster at BACKLASH. I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t give props to Y2J and Shelton Benjamin for giving us one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. To add to the amazement of Sunday night, the HBK/ Benji match on Raw Monday was equally off the hook. Shelton Benjamin is just amazing to watch, not taking anything away form good old HBK, who always delivers. It was just refreshing to see something so pleasant as it was unexpected.


With that being said I move on to my topic of the week………. The Big Show. Now I’m not really a fan, though not an enemy of Show either. I don’t understand the way they use this man but I do realize that Show is limited in some areas of talent and does get used according to his strengths. However, they have virtually made his character a mess and basically useless in my eyes. Show hasn’t been pushed as a formidable force since he won the US title. That to me is a total contradiction in what Show represents or at least what they portrayed him as. See, remember when things would be going on in the ring and people would be bantering back and forth amongst  themselves and then all of a sudden, WEEEELLL……IT’S THE BIG SHOW! Comin’ in to clean house and put an end to who ever is being the baby, or talking crap at the time. He was feared. And rightfully so. But now he’s been reduced to a love sick, all bark no bite, type of sloppy giant, who has had three different shots at the title and has come up short on all. So why go through the big pushes if Show will never prevail. To bore us to death with his more than predictable promos?  Please, for as long as Show has been around, his promos have changed little over the years. If it’s for a PPV, all Show does is take the name of what ever PPV it is and apply it to his opponent. “There will be NO…Way…… Out”, check the records kids, that’s all it is. Regurgitation not mic talent.


Now I’m not really trying to bash Show. I think he might have entertained me once or twice. Oh yeah, when him and Brock broke the ring, I totally bugged out, but not for Show I guess, so never mind. Yeah, see Show doesn’t give me that WOW, feeling. But Damnit, he should. Why do I have to see this giant if he’s not going to amaze me? He’s not going to do any rana’s or top rope antic’s so what is you’re special purpose Show? Ahhh, the Choke Slam…yes…a finishing move that two other, smaller wrestlers do, and do better at that. I’m not impressed. I do recognize the strength of Show though, but it never gets the finishing touch it should after being pushed for so long all the time. It’d be different if it was a little push here and there. But it’s like every 6 months Show gets another huge run and gets pissed on in the end. Don’t do that! We don’t deserve that. We know from the start Show ain’t winnin’ no stinkin’ title! Besides, it means nothing to beat Show now, where as years ago, even a year ago, the case would have been different. It took a few matches to get a guy over on Show. He added to the air of earning you’re way to the top. Now, he has a girlfriend and actual feelings and all. Losing matches to everyone and their mama’s.  It’s just a mess. Though, I don’t blame the angle with Joy for his diminishing character. If anything it gave him some extra breath for a minute of two. Though it wasn’t for his advancement obviously, therefore making it all for naught.


The thought is this….Stop wasting my time with Show on my TV. It’s boring and if you’re not going to invest time in the character to make it worth watching, why would you make me watch them? The mighty powers that be know Show is no draw anymore but insist on sticking him in as someone to defeat on you’re way up. I don’t believe that’s true anymore. Show used to remind me of the big guy on the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out video game. The guy who was so hard to get past when you first got the game, until you realized that when he charged at you, if you hit him right on the sweet spot on his belly right before he would go to hit you, he’d go down like a ton of bricks. Strong, and powerful but with a hidden weakness that took some time to figure out before you mastered it. Now Show has now hidden weakness. He oozes with weakness and has nothing of interest to offer physically in the ring at this point. Nothing intriguing and nothing to look forward to. Is the time of big guys like Show to take the back seat so the Benjamin’s and London’s to give us the thrills again? Maybe, but I’m not saying that there’s no room for BIG in the WWE, but you can’t just have the big and nothing else. It grows old once outshined by real talent, agility and capabilities in the ring. Show has to find something else to offer us as fans to make him desirable to watch. He’s a full time talent and really doesn’t have to be. I blame it partly on SD’s lack of “over” talent. This may change after the oh so anticipated draft, but it won’t make Show any better in the ring. So, is it up to Show himself to revitalize his character or is it management’s responsibility to make sure the product they display is up to par before it gets out the gate. Clearly they haven’t demonstrated any responsibility in making Show fresh. So why isn’t BS taking control and making it better for himself? He has to notice the lack of appeal and dwindling roars from the crowd. I like Big Show as a person, however he’s character and performance is stale and needs a complete overhaul. Until he does, I’ll remain utterly and completely bored out of my mind. Just a Thought.




Just a Thought. 04/21/05.By Renee
Something’s A Bit Off

Wow, what a week so far huh? First off, a shout out to the best city in the fuckin free world, NYC for always bringing the noise and the best reactions in town. I love living here and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The MSG crowd never lets me down, too bad I couldn’t hitch a ride with The Gersh for the actual show, but if you want a blow by blow account, well sort of, you can check his post of the show in our world famous TWF forum if you wish.

Now that I got the lovey dovey bullshit out of the way, lets get back to bitchin’.

Chris Masters has the worse finisher I’ve seen in a long minute and for the love of God and all that’s good if he starts doing the challenge thingie like Angle I’m gonna fuckin puke. I like him though, but if you can’t place him, why bring him in now? His matches aren’t even against people who have fuckin names. Well they have names but you know….nobodies really. I had some ideas for him, they could have just asked me…but no, they think they know everything, well I’m gonna tell you anyway……. He should have gone straight for the throat and go for Trip. Yes, Trip is a heel as well but, am I the only one that remembers the night when Master’s came to Raw how rude he was to Flair, who thought it was Batista coming out of the limo? He practically told him to hold his bags for shits sake, that’s calls for an ass whopping right there. If he’s a masterpiece wouldn’t you go for the top dog first to prove yourself as such? Assert your perfection, if you will? We can handle a heel vs. heel match, we’re big boys and girls, we don’t confuse that easily. Then Trip could have used his “cerebral powers” to convince Masters he should be the new member of Evolution. But then here’s the swerve happy campers, we have Masters turn on Trip after being a member of Evolution for a while but not to be a good guy, but just the better bad guy, and yadda yadda yadda!! You get where I ‘m going with this one right? It’s at least six months worth of shit right there people. The point is he wouldn’t be wasted on jobbers and fail before he even gets out the gate. It’s like welcome to the WWE, here’s this ditch, if you can dig out of it, you can stay if not then you weren’t any good to begin with, kind of mentality. That’s not cool.

Which brings me to this Jericho/ Benjamin shit. Two of Raws best athletes are gonna go at it for the third time for the same reason. Now, I’ll enjoy the feud because I enjoy them, but the basis of the feud is weak as hell and is in my opinion complete overkill on that angle. What were all the fairy ass hand shakes and congrats for if Jericho wasn’t content with Benji beating him twice. Yes, Benji’s role is a bit stagnant at this time but it not due to lack of other talent to gear towards him. I believe in this case they’re being a bit lazy on the reach. But since I love them so much I will limit my anger until they fuck it up completely.

Speaking of anger, someone tell me why it’s okay for the WWE to portray anger from the wrestlers, JR and King and the crowd for Hassan praising Allah before and after a match, when the irony of it is that HBK does the same fuckin thing. Same shit different God, who fuckin cares, yet we have JR and King in our ears saying how uncalled for Hassan’s praises are. Now I’m not stupid, we all know they’re just trying to get the heel heat, and I understand, but they keep pulling the wrong shit to point out for their argument, and it makes them look like fuckin idiots. HBK wastes about a good 4-5 seconds on his fuckin knees, giving thanks to his God every time he fuckin starts down that ramp. After every match The Heartbreak Kid, looks up in thanks, but all that shit’s okay as long as we all agree on the God right? Fuckin morons. Now I’m happy for all the Hogan fans that will get to see his old ass one more time and all, but to me, it would have made a lot more sense to have Hassan take Benji’s title since they both are pushed as unbeatable wrestlers, (though Benji does have that stupid clean loss to Trip, that makes no sense, but…I’ll refocus). I love HBK and when he has a cause he can bring that shit home like no other but, you have a great star in Benji, who also needs to gain a bit of momentum with the fans, give him that horse to fuckin ride. It would be great if Davari helped Hassan cheat to win the title, giving Benji a disputed loss and keeping Hassan’s unbeatable persona in tacked for effect. Meanwhile you’d be pushing both to get the recognition they need. Doesn’t that make more sense? But if all of it was just to bring Hogan back for a minute I’m gonna invoke the RKO in me and shit all over these bastards for wasting my fuckin time.

Now I will take the time to just say thanks to a few wrestlers that have been the bright light of sorts during these confusing times.

Trish – For completely mastering her craft and honestly being the fuckin best .

Christian- for continuing to be one of if not the most entertaining person on Raw these days.

Davari – for impressing the hell out of me in his match with HBK. I had no idea he could even wrestle, good shit. I ‘m glad he’s not just a squawk box!

Carlito – for bringing some humor back to SD.

And last but not least Lita – though her personal life is none of our business even when it’s shoved in our faces, it’s given a renewed interest to her character and outside of whatever anyone’s personal opinion is of her situation or of her for that matter, the undeniable fact is that she’s an awesome wrestler and needs to get back in the ring. Get well soon Amy!

I have no final thought this week, deal with it bitches!!!!! Just a Thought.

Just a Thought. 04/14/05.By Renee
That’s What Friends Are For

So here we go once again with the title changing hands and nothing really coming of it but a fuckin lame ass rematch. I’m not gonna start with the questions of why and how could this happen over and over again because we’re all familiar with the politics of S.O.S.(sack o' snacks) We live with it week after week and deal with it as we sit fit, with our normal complaints and back and forth banter of what they should have done instead. And following suit with the “normal” flow of things I do have my share of complaints and recommendations on the subject. However, I’m not really complaining, this time I’m trying to sort this out in my head as to what’s going on…..so walk with me a sec………

Sean read my mind in a post on the forum last week about this SOS and Big D situation and though not a directly quoting The Reverend, I do share the similar concern along the lines of how Trip is able to just degrade any win over him, taking everything away from the winner. It’s not limited to Dave winning the title. It can be applied to any loss Trip has experienced. Even losing to Shelton Benjamin TWICE didn’t mean Shelton was better, which by the way, is what it means in my book when some one kicks your ass twice. However, in “Wrestlingland” it just meant Trip had to have been off that day. Distracted even.

In this case we have a guy who actually had some sort of relationship with Trip in “real life” and has a genuine friendship and respect for the man. Dave practically sucks him off when asked about Hunter, so why wouldn’t Trip this one time let someone run with the damn ball. This is your boy, you can let him shine a minute without making it like it was a fluke? Even more interesting is Dave satisfied? I mean of course he’s a gitty school girl over the actual winning of said title, but is he satisfied? Personally I’d be a bit pissed at my friend for wanting to make my win less valid. Yeah, he got some new pyros out of the deal and the Go Daddy girl is foaming at the mouth to get that Big Dave willy workin’ on her but behind that, one on one with Paul, not Trip, do you think he’s like “what the fuck dude?”

Batista has shown nothing but respect on and off screen for Hunter and the help he’s given over the past few years. Batista literally came from the bottom (Deacon Batista) to being known by one catch phrase such as “The Animal”, which I believe they’re gonna stick with since he’s talking about being in the jungle and all these days.

My point being, I understand that the road to how it goes and the one to how it’s supposed to go, rarely intersect, but this should have been one of the occasions that it did. If Trip can’t even let his friend have a clean run with out trying to bully him out of it then is there any point to it anymore? That’s where my concern lies. Everyone shit’s on SD for the lack of interesting storylines and slow moving plots, but at least there is an air of mystery at times. The love is spread more evenly. Yes, most of us knew Cena was gonna end up with the strap but there was always a chance that it wasn’t going to happen. Same with when Show went for it. Some of us may not want to admit it, but we really didn’t know how it was gonna go. Educated guesses were all we had and most of us were wrong. I like that! We’re not supposed to know everything.

The thought is this………Hunter’s disrespect of a winner will always dampen the shine, whether or not a title is involved is irrelevant. However, if you have him constantly make the excuse for losing the title the fact that it was a fluke or something out of the norm, it’s not only chopping down the opponents validity but includes the actual title itself. Trip is slowly but surely making the title worthless. So why should we watch a title match, even if the title changes hands? You know what I mean? Why the fuck to I care if Batista or Jericho or Edge has a shot or even wins for that matter? The homing devise is set to Trip’s belly and will always return therefore making anything outside of that wasted energy. So if I think that, why wouldn’t any other fan follow suit? It’s past the point of repetitiveness for me, how bout you? Just a thought.

Just a Thought. 03/31/05.By Renee
Okay, since Wrestlemania is like, right next door now, there’s not really that much in the topic bag until after the big tadoo! With that being said I’m gonna just have a little fun this week.

This week I give you Nay’s Totally Fucked Up- Crazy- Unrealistic- Borderline Horrible -Storylines For The Not To Distant Future !

Lets forget about Big Dave and the hard on the fans have for him to dethrone the king gold keeper Mr. SOS and change the setting completely. I want Hassan to go after Trip like he’s fucking ignorant America. I want Hassan to be so blinded by his rage from being misunderstood and unappreciated that he goes fuckin psycho (Hedi fashion). If they make Hassan a bit more insane, all this anger can be better swallowed. Right now he’s taking the fact that the fans booed him, out on the wrestlers, which makes no sense. It makes the foundation extremely weak, no matter who he challenges. Plus I’d be curious as to how the fans will react. Test the intellect of the fans a bit, by seeing who they would actually root for in that situation. Trip has had his time with everyone on the roster, more than once at that. So why not give us something different once in a while. How bout this…….I triple dog dare ya!!

Speaking of mixing things up, how about an Angle/Orton feud? I’d pay money for the opportunity to see Orton tap out to “the Angle Ankle Lock”. If Kurt could stay with his humor based antagonism like we saw in his rendition of HBK’s theme “Sexy Boy”, we could have some very entertaining stuff. Orton has been slacking on his mic skills as of late and it seems to be because, if he doesn’t have that immediate direct response from his opponent, he’s at a loss as to how to handle the promo. He did better when he was feeding of what was said to him. In any case, Angle and Orton would provide us with some interesting promo’s and some nice in ring work from both if given the chance.

I think Snitsky needs a love interest. Yes I just said that, wait though, because it gets worse. See, I like the whole “not my fault” shit but I also liked the Hedi/Snit factor we were teased with. Now I’m not saying that they’re gay or should be. But I want them to be obsessed with each other. The Hedi issue with Booker T was scraped apparently, but I saw something in it as Hedi proclaimed his gratitude to Booker standing on the announcement table. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Hedi running after Book like he was “God” and giving thanks every second. I though it would have been some funny shit. Now to incorporate Snit into the mix is easy. Having Snit be pissed that now all of a sudden Hedi has admiration for Book instead of him, like Hedi told him at Taboo Tuesday is weak but just enough to pull of the story. Jealousy sells, ya know. And it doesn’t always have to be male to female when it comes to it. Book can be victim to random backstage set up’s by Snit, though I would have Hedi make the save every time, knowing it’s Snitsky, in effort to prove to Booker that he’s not trying to get at him again. This, all leading to a Snit/Hedi confrontation of sorts. However turn is, to where it was all a ploy by the Dynamic Duo to destroy Booker T. Notice I didn’t have any comments about any in ring activities. Well, remember the title this week kids, I’m not aiming for perfection here, I’m entertaining myself….oh…………… and of course you fine readers out there.

Oh wait hold on………….

Random “thought” farts

Brock comes back and wants to kill Batista – I was waiting for that when he was actually still there.

Kane comes in at WM21 and makes the save for big brother Taker. – Shut up, I love Kane it might work.

Christy turns and chick kicks Lita after losing her match to Trish, blaming her crappy training and lack of focus due to Edge’s dick in her mouth. Leading to…………

Lita/Edge/Matt is played out in the ring. – I’m dying to see a “real” Twist of Fate.

Luther finds his happy in Miss Jackie only to find out that she now has the hots for Torrie, who now is interested in Suzuki, who’s wife has been secretly doin’ Cena, who’s also fuckin Michelle McCool, who recently just blew Charlie Haas. Now Bob Holly’s really pissed!!

Now back to the show………….

Last but not least….well maybe, we go to “Hooterville” and visit our divas. Now I love Christy and I hope she does great in wrestling. Stacey continues to love the abuse, Trish of course can do no wrong in my eyes as of late and Lita is a slut, but I love her anyway (she obviously likes my sloppy seconds though). Molly and my “precious” Victoria have been sat aside. Is there any reason why they haven’t figured out how to save V? Turn her back God Damnit!!!!! Turn her back to the dark princess I fell for those many moons ago. Bring some craziness to the Women’s division. Make them all fuckin heels and have them go at it constantly. In the women’s division it really doesn’t matter who’s good or bad. Most of us just want to see bitches fight! The rivalry with Trish and Lita was fine because of the massive history the two had, however, since that didn’t fly right, due to Lita’s injury we should have less of commitment to detailed storylines with the women. There’s too few at this time to rely on one person to hold it down for all. Face it who really gives a shit at this point if it makes sense for them to be fighting each other. V can come out and just be in utter frustration over her under use and decide to destroy all in her path to gold again. Molly can try to manipulate Christy since she’s new and use her innocence against her with perfection. Trish can adapt a SOS type image, which in this chicks opinion, would be golden for her. Leaving Lita as filler I guess for now since she's injured but incorporating her into the mix once healed. Stacey doesn’t count in ring activity, though I’d love to see her get destroyed by “Precious” for being a waste. Make them all fucking crazy bitches running wild. Boobs and hair everywhere! Sounds fuckin’ fun to me.

The thought is this…………….I’m fuckin retarded and I love it. Enjoy Mania Bitches !!!!! Just a thought.

Just a Thought. 03/24/05.By Renee

I’m bored…
Let’s play a game........

Guess Who?

I knew I had it locked. I was viewed as the best from the beginning and proved it every step of the way. I’m the best thing that’s come in this company in a long time and I’m destined to make a tremendous impact in the WWe. I’m only 23, I have a mix martial arts background, a head for business and now I’m rich, what more has to be said. Now, if they’d only use me on the damn show. Who am I?

I’m 6’4, 250 pounds and associate with people of the highest stature in this business. I have demonstrated skill beyond skill and have now achieved gold for the first time. I live the high life baby, limo’s, fine dinning, the works. If only I wasn’t so hard on the eyes. Who am I?

I’m waiting for you people to see what I’m really about. I almost got my chance when I was holding the gold but I became a victim of some unfortunate events and had to put things on hold for a minute or two. These people haven’t seen great until I get my chance to shine again. Say what you will about my grooming habits and my preference for natural hand picked foods, those who criticize are no where near “warm” in their judgment of me. Who am I?

No one in this business has shown more strength and determination as I have. Broken bones can’t stop me. Nothing can. I’ve been called the best because I know I am. There is nothing anyone in wrestling can do that I can’t do, and better. I’m tired of the undeserving and the disgraceful disrespecting this business and I’ll show anyone who tries to prove me otherwise that I am the true “hero” the fans deserve to see. Who am I?

I’ve been around a long time. Some may say I look the part too. I love to antagonize and show my skills of manipulation. People love me whether they care to admit it or not. Why wouldn’t they, I have everything a fan needs. Looks, smarts, and experience. I don’t really like to be in the ring that much and getting thrown around in random matches isn’t my forte. But know this, I’ll take what you hold dear in a second……….if he’s cute enough. Who am I?

I am the show! I can bring any bad spot to life with either my words or in ring ability. I’m the best entertainer in the business and I will remind you anytime you like. I bring the crowds to their feet every time I enter the arena. I can be naughty or nice and you still love me. I’m a “show within a show” and am one “the walls” to conquer in the ring to get anywhere in this business. Who am I?

I’m sick of you people. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said since I stepped foot in this business. I’m the most misunderstood person here. All I wanted was a chance and I got shit on. Before I even had a chance to show you what I could do, I was condemned. But you’ll see. I’ll have my chance to show you what I’m made of and you’ll understand that I’m no different. You’ll also know, that its people like you, is what’s wrong in this country today. Who am I?

I’m sick of this shit. Every time I turn around, someone else is trying to get in my way and prove something. Haven’t you people seen me destroy the competition time and time again? What little you people have for me to defend against isn’t even worth my time. Now you’re practically grabbing at straws to find someone to compete with me. Did you not see what I did to my last opponent? Bring them on I say, and each will follow the same footsteps as their predecessors in being snuffed out….. “just like that”. Who am I?

Now, how’s this for a “thought”………….Answer’s are not gonna be given here. They’ll be posted in the JAT pimp on the forum for you people on Monday, not that you’ll really need them, it’s not that hard to figure these people out. The point being….................work the site bitches!!!!!!! Have Fun! Just a Thought.

Just a Thought. 03/17/05.By Renee

Being A Good Christian

Holy shit I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again. This week flew by. But as I said last week, I’ve been a bit off lately so maybe it’s just me, but damn, time is flying. I really feel that nothing can get me down this week and with that being said, I’m still approaching things in a nicer, more delicate manner. Though, history shows that this mood may not last long, so soak the sweetness up while it lasts people cuz the bitch will be back, I’m sure.

Now, in previous posts of mine I’ve commented on the fact that I believe that Christian is a great and under rated talent on Raw. The thing is, for some reason when the “powers that be” decide to push Christian; they never make him strong enough to sustain his attraction. Christian is forever being slotted in the classic heel character mode and in the end the face usually has to win for the happily ever after ending of whatever feud is going on. In turn, falsely confirming Christian as a weaker heel. However, during the actual span of each feud, he dominates consistently until that final feud ending match.

When Christian had his eye on Shelton Benjamin’s IC title the feud between them was great in the ring. Christian was his normal wonderful nasty self and in the ring the two had it going on. I believe that it would have been fine to make the feud a bit longer but I also find that Benjamin’s biggest weakness is that he doesn’t work the mic well and it’s hard to have a feud with Christian without the verbal assaults he so greatly provides. To limit him to just a physical beef isn’t letting Christian’s maximum abilities show. Though in all fairness to Shelton, he’s done great being the quite but deadly type, luv ya Benji!

I believe Christian always gets cut off just when he’s getting hot. We saw some of his best shit when he feuded with Jericho. The matches were unbelievably tremendous displays of ability for both, and Christian’s verbal abuse of Jericho was some of the most entertaining shit I’ve heard in a good minute. He’s gone beyond showing that he’s capable of maintaining a firm spot in the mainstream of Raw but for the love of all that’s good, why the hell do they constantly feed him to the dogs.

I want Christian to feud with Randy Orton. Not as a face though but as two heels trying to prove who’s the greatest. It doesn’t always have to be good vs evil for it to work. Christian is a well established heel and he’s great in that skin. Orton is at his best as a heel character (agree to disagree Richard?), so why not have the great battle of arrogance that this could be. I truly think that they would give us some great matches in the ring as well as dialog to die for. Christian is so deserving of a strong push and with Orton getting back on his high horse Capitan Charisma is a prime candidate to obstruct his stride. They both have great appeal with the crowd and I for one would mind investing time in watching these two go at it.

The thought is this……………People like Christian, even if they don’t say that shit too much. He’s a great athlete, wonderful entertainer and has displayed enormous loyalty to the hand that feeds him. He has no problem making fun of himself for the cause and has never once showed anything less than his best in the ring. Christian has built a character that can blend into and be attached to any kind of storyline on either show. Yes, I honestly believe that Christian would work on SD too. Imagine him and Cena or the back and forth he could have with Angle or Eddie. Not that I want him to go anywhere but it’s to show that he’s an all around asset to any show he’s on. So why not build on that instead of just using him as a step for someone else to climb up? Just a little more recognition would be nice. A bit of thanks for the dedication and effort put it. Christian deserves more than bullshit matches with Kane and being there at ring side to help Tomko’s wack ass cheat. Let fuckin Tomko have Kane, and give Christian something worthy of his talents. Just a thought.

Just a Thought. 03/10/05.By Renee
Bunch of Shit

Hey people, hope things are well with you all out there. This week I have way too much floating around in my head to try and pick just one thing to talk about. I don’t know, I’ve been in a weird mood as of late and it’s not that it’s a bad mood but it’s not one that I’m familiar with. I’m very happy but it’s drizzled with moments of just outright craziness that for some reason I’m enjoying way too much. With that being said, I’m gonna talk shit about everyone this week.

First, I want to say good shit to Christy on Raw and Michelle on Smackdown. For doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, fucking training and getting their asses in the ring. We don’t need any more Torrie’s or Stacey’s anymore. Get these bitches in the ring and earn their fame from more than just showing their tits. I personally like both Michelle and Christy and I hope that they both are able to do their thing in the ring one day. I don’t care what you people say, I do not want to see Hulk Hogan wrestle anyone at Wrestlemania. He’s not wrestling for a reason people. If they’re having problems trying to place Hassan in a match, then leave him the fuck out of it. He hasn’t earned a Wrestlemania  spot, so what’s the urgency in trying to find one? Davari (spelling?) is funny as hell though. I love incoherent yelling. But back to what I was saying, Hogan is being inducted to the hall of fame and that should be enough, shit. Why do we have to see his retired ass in the ring against some one who’s just as green as he is old? I’m not mad, I’m just sayin’.

Charlie Haas needs to stop hangin’ around with fuckin Hardcore Holly and get his damn career back in motion. What the fuck was all that bullshit with Jackie and Dawn Marie if they were just gonna shelf him after. You mean I sat through that shit to have him be knocked back down to Velocity matches and get no kind of reputable push. The liberation of Charlie Haas has fizzled to him being Hardcore’s butt buddy. What a fuckin waste of talent. He needs to charge out there, grab the mic talk some shit and call Shelton Benjamin out for Wrestlemania. Make this shit interesting. Though it’s not going to happen since Benji is now assigned to a match, but that’s how it should have went down damnit.

Still no Victoria? Even after Trish stole her pin on Molly to retain the title. No anger or request for another shot. What the fuck are they doing? They rather have Christy challenge Trish? Yes, it’s a fresher storyline, in a way, adding Lita now just fucked it up for me. They could have had it be “Precious” as Christy’s trainer, what would have been wrong with that. Spread the love people. Yeah it sucked that Lita had to get injured and throw a wrench in things but I wasn’t holding my breath for her to come back to save the division, shit I realized there were other people for Trish to fuck with. Having her trainer be Molly would have been even more interesting. That would have given Molly another much deserved chance to shine and given Christy the tech edge that seems to be Trish’s only weak spot. Still not mad, just a bit annoyed.

Stone Cold is coming, Stone Cold is coming!.........Okay…..So….I’m happy to hear it but damn if it isn’t being shoved down our throats like we’re all supposed to be jizzing as much as J.R. over it. I’m looking forward to Piper’s Pit, and I do enjoy Stone Cold, but it’s not the main event people. They’re pushing it more than both brands title matches. Priorities people, what the fuck! And J.R. calm the fuck down, you’d think the man was suckin’ him off or something.

So finally Randy Orton is coming home to his cocky, arrogant persona. We saw it on Monday. The glare in his eyes. He’s coming back and thank you God! I was so tired of him being a “good guy”. That’s not why I liked him or why he won over fans. I’m glad that things are looking up for his character now. I don’t know how I feel about this Taker challenge thing but, whatever, I’m just glad I don’t have to sit though Taker and some freak again, though Luther did okay in my opinion.

And on the subject of Taker, what happened to running a legit feud with someone. Now it’s just, call him out and R.I.P.? That’s so stupid. I haven’t seen him have a good feud since Cena and Brock. Those had some depth to them. Brock all touching his baby’s mama’s tummy and shit. Cena’ trying to own the yard being the “new kid on the block”. It had something to it other than a verbal disrespect or insult. There being lazy with Taker and there has been no one that has been able to get in Takers head in a while and that’s a shame. Even if Taker some how loses to Orton at Mania, what can come of it if they’re on different shows? Is Orton gonna switch? Maybe, but isn’t that a bit of a reach for a feud when you don’t even know how to handle the outcome? Weird.

Eddie Guerrero needs to go back to being a heel character. He was more interesting. Just like with Orton, I didn’t like Eddie because he was supposed to be a likeable character, I liked him because he was entertaining and fun with his antics and ways of winning. If lying, cheating and stealing is what you are, how are you able to make those legitimate traits for a face character? How does that make any sense? Eddie is at his best as a heel and he needs a rebirth. And enough with Mysterio, I want to choke him.

The final thought is……things are okay in wrestling. The same bad storylines, wrong pushes and all that good stuff. The normal bullshit we’re used to complaining about weekly. But Mania is coming and we’ll see some really much anticipated stuff. The lull before Wrestlemania is upon us once again, however, between real life happenings and a few clever booking spots for the brands, things are a bit more interesting than usual. But I’m sure at some point I’ll find something to bitch about. Just a thought.

Just a Thought. 03/03/05.By Renee
Defending The Enemy

Well folks, positive may be out the window this week. I’m not going to bitch, and don’t worry Richard, I still have my happy, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and on principle of it being a “thought”, I have to let it out to the masses, it’s only fair.

I was reading some wrestling news shit the other day and it had this stupid little tidbit on Stacey Keibler’s opinion of the Amy Weber situation on Smackdown. It quoted Stacey as saying that she knew nothing about that situation because she doesn’t watch Smackdown. It made me think of a few things. For one, why the hell would we give two shits what Stacey thought about any situation, seeing that she’s only a visual asset to the company anyway. And two, why would it be allowed for any talent contracted by the WWe to address any other part of the company in a negative light? She didn’t bash the show but the lack of insider support is apparent and that to me is horrible in business.

I’m thinking as an owner of any company I wouldn’t appreciate anyone I employed to comment negatively on any other aspect of my company, period. Yes, on Raw we hear that they’re the best and vise versa on SD for entertainments sake but as individual talent you should have a certain loyalty and responsibility to the company as a whole and in public, support it as such. Even if the dumb blonde didn’t know about the situation, the correct thing to do is just say that you’d rather refrain from commenting on something that has nothing to do with you. Or say you have no opinion and leave it at that.

Statements regarding Smackdown in a 1/21/05 article of the PWTorch.com quoted Dave Batista’s opinion of Smackdown as “No comparison.” to Raw, “I try to watch the shows, but for me, they’re hard to sit through. I’ve watched their tapings and it seems like a lot of the guys couldn’t care less. There’s a lack of passion and pride.” What the fuck is that? How dare he? Regardless of the validity of his points, in his opinion, to have him disrespect a part of who and what he works for is just wrong in my opinion.

Now I’m not saying that they need to be punished for it or anything like that. They didn’t cause any major stirs nor did they lead to any plummet in ratings for Smackdown. Each person is entitled to their opinion and should have the right to express it. I’m not trying to take that away. Perhaps I’m leaning more towards a bit of a briefing on how to address things that need to be handled a certain way, so that we’re not bashing one of our own.

The main thought is this………….Smackdown isn’t an inferior brand because it’s taped or lack of talent desire and pride. Smackdown is an inferior brand because it’s not booked to be the superior show. Smackdown is pointed at a younger fan base at an earlier time for a reason. It’s taped to be more responsible to that fact. The stars aren’t as dark, minus the “Deadman” and the actual in ring action is in fact more on the showy side to go along with the general idea of it being the softer and less offensive side of wrestling entertainment. If you look at it from that stand point, Smackdown is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing for the audience it’s trying to target. Yes it’s a bit more predictable and net nuts like us tend to shy away from shit like that but think of it like you thought of it when you were 10 or even a 6 year old like my son. He loves Smackdown, because it’s on at a decent enough time for him to see at least an hour of it before bed and it has the format kids and younger viewers can understand better than Raw, with the baby killings and cock in your mouth remarks randomly thrown about the live show. It’s more fun than entertainment, and that’s not a bad thing to the millions of younger fans that make wrestling what it is. The Smackdown talent may feel they work with more of a safety net then Raw talent and if they approach it as less of a commitment in the ring because of that, it’s the individual talent that is at fault for the lacking, not the show as a whole. To generalize and condemn the brand because someone may at times take advantage of that "net" isn't showing proof that the show is inferior. Smackdown may be on the slower side but it’s for a reason and responsibility and consideration shouldn’t be shunned, it should be commended. Just a thought.

Just a Thought. 02/24/05.By Renee

Happy Anniversary to Me !!!

This week marks the year anniversary of your “TWF Just a Thinker” and I’m happy to say, I’ve loved every minute of it. So this week I’m going to take this time to look back on previous columns of mine and see if any thing has changed since I broke my cherry here at The Fan.

Not going in any particular order and most likely not addressing all, we start with my first column, The Turn Factor, the one that moved Sean’s heart so much that he gave this down on her luck bitch a chance at web stardom. I stand true to my words on this one. That fact that management sees turning a character easier that developing one is still a problem. Back then when I wrote this piece Victoria was still in her beautiful dark heel mode and making a mark for herself. Now due to her wrong turn she’s lost all her appeal and steam in the ring. I still love my “precious” but I have no interest in her at all at this point until she goes back to being the woman I fell in love with. However, my opinion on the situation now just proves that management doesn’t realize that in making these bad decisions they are losing the talents backing from the fans and in turn, making the character weak. The real down side is that once any talent loses their fan appeal they get canned like it was all their fault, when they were just doing the best they could do with what they had to work with. Sad huh?

Moving on a few weeks and we got Ego of A Plane and Where are you Going, in other words we get to Brock Lesnar. The man who used to be, the wrestler of my dreams. I defended you, you dick. You bought a fuckin plane and showed off, people got all pissed and I defended your wack ass. So what does he do? He up and leaves the company to follow his boyhood dream of being a football hero. You know what, fuck you Brock. Ahhhh, that felt good. The fact is really that I don’t hate Brock for wanting to prove to himself that he could do something like play football. I can’t hate a man for wanting to follow his dream. The path he took though sucked. If Brock was to return it would be great for wrestling. But no one would trust him, Vince, the fans, the other talent. The people he shit on, on his way out basically. But maybe it’s out of habit or the little bit of love I may still have for the dumb brut, but in his defense , again, Brock has had no guidance in his wrestling career to allow him the chance to explore his options in the correct manner. No manager, on consultant, just nasty ass Sable. That alone should command pity, though he chose the rotted bitch so my pity does run a bit shallow.

The point is that Brock has a long mean road ahead of him if Vince decides to allow him a chance to redeem himself. I’ll watch, but I’ll act like I don’t like it damnit!

Skipping a few and moving on to the Games We Play. Of course this is about my favorite person to hate Mr. S.O.S. This was back when Trip was pinned by Shelton Benjamin upon his trade to Raw. I got pissed at peoples praise to Trip for jobbing to the newbie and for once not putting himself over. In it I explained how it was all part of Trip’s plan to have the praise and the shock. It took the focus off of Benji’s win and right back on him like he planed. The fact that Trip jobbed for Benji shouldn’t have been news, that’s what the vets do when they help up and comers. The fact that it was Trip shouldn’t have made a difference. However since we all know how much Hunter loves to hog the spotlight, I understood the opinions of it not being likely but wasn’t surprised that he did. I believe it was about Hunter coming out on top no matter what, making him a true man manipulation. I love that. I say a lot about S.O.S. and when I first started getting into wrestling Triple H was my man. I had the workout tank and all people, the black one with the logo, the hot shit man. And when I address issues that deal with Hunter, it’s usually on the negative side. Though, it’s mostly because Trip is doing his job right. Hate him or not Trip is a master at his game, and must be respected for that. He is an indispensable part of wrestling, like it or not. And he’ll always be the cerebral assassin he was born to play.

4/29/04 Give me One Good Reason, I called for a Triple H vs Batista feud. What the fuck took them so long. Nah, it would have been too early for that, but I’ve been itching for this shit for a while as you can see. The fact that almost anyone can get over just by feuding the right way with Trip just reiterates the point that Trip is the man. The top heel spot has to be one of the most exhausting jobs to have in this business. Not to mention juggling movies, books and promotional TV and radio shows. It takes someone with great discipline to not allow so much power to ruin them. I think Trip has done a great job maintaining his status and giving us all the heat needed to provide some very entertaining wrestling.

Skip a few months more and it bring me to the woman of the year Trish Stratus. Two words, On Fire! A role model for any woman trying to get in the wrestling business. Proof that you don’t have to be brought up with wrestling roots to become one of the most entertaining and remarkable talents in the industry. Form being a valet to holding the women’s title 6 times, this woman is the single most amazing star this year. I just can’t say enough. If only we had more like her. I stand by everything I said about her in my past posts. Nuff said.

My thoughts are………….It’s been a weird year for wrestling and for yours truly. As with wrestling, I’ve had my ups and downs. The thing is, I love this shit. The wrestling, the writing, the staff, the fans, it’s all a wonderful treat for me to have all of it. I thank my readers for keeping interest and baring with me in times when I didn’t give my all to a piece of work due to something lacking in me at the time. My fellow staff, Boss man Sean for the opportunity to bother you people every week. Richard, for your funny and always putting a smile on my face. You don’t understand the importance of that, luv you Babe. Payne my Love, for your abrasive attitude that I can’t seem to get enough of and for being one of my biggest supporters and friend. Harry, my sweet, for your great advice and wonderful writing mind. Gonzo and Inferno for the best re-caps in town, you both are so great yet stay so humble and appreciative. I admire that in you both. And even that fuck Bacon for showing the world every time he posts just how great all the rest of us really are. Wrestling , though just as much entertainment as General Hospital with choke slams at times is great. It gives you the highs and lows of any other sport but with more of a personal connection for the fans to hold on to. No other fan base can say that about their sport. The fact that things can change on a dime in the ring to make a whole future different for one person is amazing. It’s about more than just your ability to implement the knowledge of how to wrestle. You have to have the whole package to be great in wrestling. You have to love it from the bottom of your heart. Live it, breath it, see it in your sleep. Fuckin own it! How could you not love this sport when you have talent that will put that much into it, just for us? Thanks for a great year. Just a thought.

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November 2006


by Sean Carless

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