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This happened a few days before No Way Out 2006…

M.Hardy: Yeah so like I was saying, I need a partner for sunday against MNM and I thought you'de be a good choice.

Tatanka: ME? You're kidding, right?

M.Hardy: No man, you've beaten them all: Ludvig Borga, Kwang, Nikolai Volkoff…

Tatanka: Yeah but…

M.Hardy: You defeated GIANT GONZALEZ!

Tatanka: By countout!

M.Hardy: Remember that time when IRS stole your feathers and beat the shit out of Jay Strongbow?

Tatanka: Uh, yeah.

M.Hardy: That was AWESOME.

Tatanka: Look, why don't you pick your brother?

Jeff Hardy: yeh matt, wtf?? it would be da bomb!!!!!!1 we could get rats after the match

M. Hardy: I have a girlfriend.

J.Hardy: i never said that they were girlz lolz

M.Hardy: Please do me this favour, Tatanka. I've asked everybody! I've asked Adam Bomb, Big Bully Busick, The Berzerker…I even asked this guy.


Tatanka: Why would you wrestle at this age?

J. Snuka: Cocaine isn't getting cheaper…SUPERFLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Tatanka: I don't know Matt, you would be better off with somebody else.

M.Hardy: Don't say that! It's not because you are overweight and that you were past your prime by 1994 that you are a bad choice!

Tatanka: Okay, you got it.

(Matt Hardy's cell phone rings)

M.Hardy: Hello? Hey Christian, what's up? Congrats on your NWA world title win….What am I doing these days? I'm teaming with TATANKA!! ……….hello?

The End

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November 2006


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