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That's right, with the *official* announcement of ECW on the Sci-Fi network yesterday, I thought it time we plan ahead, and as such, we're officially in the market for a full-time recapper for all things ECW. What we'd need is a recap done following the one-hour ECW broadcast (which to my understanding is on a Tuesday night).

So, with that said, here's *officially* what would be expected from you:

-A knowledge of ECW and its history. If you find yourself not knowing the names of the talent or any of its history, this gig isn't for you. And if you don't, come on! Go watch some videos and catch up you fucking mouth-breather!

-Your own personalized name for your recap. And if you feel like it, your own unique rating system or gimmicks. (although it's not mandatory). Just something that will make YOUR recap more appealing to John Q. Fucky who’d sooner read the recaps on huge sites like 411 and Inside Pulse.

-Although I don't necessarily require blow by blow recapping, telling the basic story of the match, the finish, high spots, etc. is very important. Just writing a sentence and “New Jack pinned Ballz Mahoney. The match sucked." is unacceptable. Keep in mind that your job is basically that of a storyteller. Look at it the same way as if a friend asked you to explain a movie that you've seen that they have not.

-Humor, or at least humorous scrutiny. We are a satire site after all, and our style of recapping is what sets us apart from the other sites. Be unique. You don't have to be a comedian per se, but try to be entertaining. For examples of *ahem* "TWF style" check out all four of our current recaps (RAW, SD, TNA & WWE PPV).

-Commitment. TWF recaps have proven to be our biggest time-tested hit getters, so we need someone who is dedicated. If you have no intention of being in this thing for the long haul, please don’t apply. Remember, if our readers don’t get the recap from us, they’ll likely go somewhere else for it. And that hurts the site. If by chance you just can’t make your deadline for whatever reason, 24 hours notice is needed so that a replacement can be found. Blatant no-showing will be dealt with immediate termination of your services. It’s a policy we are forced to adhere to now that we have a large following and count on timely updates to remain competitive.

-Team player. We pride ourselves at
www.thewrestlingfan.com on the fact that we all get along. No feuding with other staff members, starting drama or being a prima donna is accepted. You’ll find that our working environment is far more comfortable than virtually any other site online, mainly because of our ability to work and respect one another. This ain’t high school, chief, so check your shit-disturbing at the door if that’s your inclination. Save your venom for your column.

-You have to give me a complimentary “how’s your father” handjob. Ok, maybe not. We’ve since suspended this practice since Renee wore a coal miner’s glove.

And that’s it. If you’re still interested, drop me a line at
and I’ll get back to you. (unless you suck. In that case you’ll be ridiculed and we’ll take turns urinating on your recap before lighting it on fire. Just Kidding. Or am i? ;)),

That’s it. Fuck off. Err, I mean, good luck!

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November 2006


by Sean Carless

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