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DVD Review:
Derek Burgan reviews
Produced by World Wrestling Entertainment

The back cover of this DVD has the following: This 2-disc set is a complete look at the blurred reality between Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, and Mr. McMahon, TV's 'boss from hell,' including candid comments from WWE Superstars and other members of the McMahon family. All of his most infamous moments are included, as well as his greatest matches and rivalries.

While reading that. One word caught my eye. I had to double check the definition to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. Lo and behold:

candid can-did. adj.
1 : free from bias, prejudice, or malice : FAIR (a candid observer)
2 a : marked by honest sincere expression (a candid discussion) b : indicating or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception (her candid face) c : disposed to criticize severely : BLUNT candid critics

That certainly doesn't sound like any WWE DVD I've ever seen before, and I think I've seen almost all of them. I guess new rules must apply to a DVD spotlighting the Higher Power... the man who can outwrestle Kurt Angle... the man who saved professional wrestling in the 1980s... the man responsible for Hulkamania, Stephanie, and Shane McMahon... main eventer... promoter... legend... injector of poison... chairman of the board... and play-by-play announcer! Yes, Vince finally gets his own DVD.

Disc One: We learn that Vince McMahon was born into a family of "sporting promoters" as both his father (Vincent James McMahon) and grandfather (Roderick James "Jess" McMahon) had promoted boxing and wrestling events in the Northeast for decades. Vince "learned the ropes" of the family business by working for his father and eventually replaced the wrestling promotion's lead announcer when the elder McMahon fired the poor bastard when he came in looking for a raise. The nerve of some people! Vince Sr. looked at his son and said "you got the job" as we got a great look at a very young Vince Jr. and his bizarre canary yellow colored suits. Talk about the first example of a wardrobe malfunction on network TV. This was around 1975.

From 1976-1982, nothing happened in the world of wrestling until Vince McMahon Jr. started to look around at all the territories and realized the business was ripe for a national promotion. This had a really sweet graphic that had a United States and Canada map with all the local wrestling promotions spread out on it. World Class. Stampede. Memphis. St. Louis. A bunch of them. There was a promoter attached to each one, so we got to see the names of Roy Shire, Ed Farhat, Sam Mushnick, Bob Barnett, Angelo Poffo, Bill Watts and Ron Fuller among others.

"Vince McMahon screwed everybody." - Sgt. Slaughter

Eric Bischoff said that Vince Jr. saw a way to change the business model of professional wrestling and Greg Gagne confirmed that Vince Jr. came to his dad Verne and asked to buy the AWA outright. Gagne said that he and Vern put together an offer they felt was fair and were told flat out from McMahon, I don't negotiate! "We didn't know what the hell that meant," said Gagne. Vince just went ahead and stole the top stars of every promotion around. Gagne bitched that McMahon "took" Hulk Hogan and their "livelihood" when he offered the Hulkster money to leave the AWA for the national promotion. Gagne said that Vern had to file bankruptcy because of how everything went down and said, "Yeah, he (McMahon) was bad." Don't cry too hard for the Gagnes, after Hogan left they continued to promote his name at all their big house shows knowing full well he wasn't going to be there. I was surprised that Gagne wasn't upset that McMahon also stole another one of his dad's innovations, making bad movies starring pro wrestlers. In related news, this year McMahon bought the AWA tape library and Greg Gagne is working for Vince down in the Ohio Valley Wrestling training facility.

Vince said that he didn't have any sympathy for the people who ran the various territories, implying they were all lazy, unimaginative gits who had a "tough week: if they put in two days at the office. We then got an even CLOSER look at that killer map graphic. On this map, the AWA was back in Minnesota. Vince felt SLIGHTED that these wrestling promoters dared to scoff at his vision and was glad to put them out of business. Out of nowhere came Black Saturday, the infamous day (July 14th, 1984) when Vince McMahon himself appeared on TBS' World Championship Wrestling. That's right, McMahon bought out Georgia Championship Wrestling and backdoor'ed his way into the coveted time slot on Ted Turner's station. The McMahon revision version of this was classic. Shane McMahon said that Ted Turner was so impressed by Vince McMahon's success on TBS that Turner had to buy a piece of the WWF for himself. Vince McMahon wouldn't sell and told Turner to just be happy with the great ratings WWF was providing. Dear God, Dave Meltzer's head is going to fucking explode watching parts of this DVD. Shane said Ted Turner went to court and was told by the judge the case had no merits. "My dad brought in the contract and said to Ted, 'Ted, I don't want to be in business with someone who doesn't want to be in business with me,' and ripped up the contract in front of Ted." Shane said that Vince sold Georgia Championship to Jim Crockett and told Turner to buy it off of him if he wanted to get into the rasslin' business. This is now officially the greatest wrestling DVD of all time.

From 1984 to 1995, nothing happened in the world of wrestling. Then Eric Bischoff was put in charge of WCW and launched Monday Nitro to compete against WWF's Raw. Bradshaw, who was just starting in WWF at that time, felt that the company was doomed after losing Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to WCW. Shane said that period was tough because Ted Turner had "unbelievable resources and threw so much money at everything." How this was any different than what the WWF itself did not five minutes before in the DVD to people like Verne Gagne was not discussed. Instead, the DVD went to that awesome Raw from March '97 when Bret Hart flipped out and attacked Vince McMahon after losing a cage match to Sycho Sid. I remember that moment like it was yesterday and still marked out watching it. Vince said that when Bret shoved him to the ground, the "Mr. McMahon" character was born. This was also the first time on WWF TV that Vince McMahon was acknowledged as anything other than a TV announcer.

The DVD then jumped immediately to the Montreal Incident. Big Show, a WCW employee at the time, was given the thankless job of saying the company line about Bret Hart was leaving for another company and Vince was just a good businessman doing what he needed to do for his company. "Yeah, Bret got screwed. Shit happens. Get over it." I swear to God Big Show actually fucking said that. Jerry Lawler felt that the Mr. McMahon character was born the moment Vince was wiping Bret Hart's spit off his face. Shane said that most people don't understand how conflicted Vince was that night as he wished he didn't have to screw Bret. "My father did what he felt what was the right thing to do, and was the right thing to do, for the business and for the integrity of the business." I think I might have to check the definition of integrity again, because it doesn't make sense in the context of that sentence. Bruce Pritchard credited the fans with bringing out the character of Mr. McMahon and Vince himself realized he was disliked on a "grand scale" and would be robbing the fans of the pleasure of booing him if he didn't evolve into that character.

Enter Steve Austin: The WWE was continuing to develop the characters of Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon and Vince said he saw a lot of himself in the Stone Cold gimmick. While a bunch of guys put over the Austin/McMahon dynamic we got to see a montage of a bunch of great stuff including McMahon taking the stunner, the beer blast, Austin driving the Zamboni, and the cement being poured into McMahon's Corvette. God was that a great time in wrestling or what? McMahon talked about becoming a wrestler and always wanted to be like Jerry Graham. Triple H felt that McMahon would have been a wrestler growing up he would be just like Ric Flair, with the larger than life personality and over-the-top ring outfits. The DVD covered what looked like was going to be the first match between Austin and McMahon in April of '98, and that was the show in which Mick Foley's Dude Love character made his debut. That was an important show, as I remember that was Raw that finally ended the ratings winning streak of Nitro at 88 weeks, with a 4.6 to WCW's 4.2.

During a montage of McMahon-in-the-ring clips, Triple H, Edge, Eric Bischoff and Kurt Angle all say Vince McMahon is a horrible athlete with "awkward movements" and "not very agile." John Cena said that McMahon had very little of the "catch as catch can repertoire" while Triple H said Vince fancies himself as Lou Thesz or something like that but half the time he doesn't know what the hell he's doing out there. It's downright bizarre to watch a WWE DVD and hear something like Kurt Angle talk about a wrestler being "potatoed." How would 98% of the audience buying this DVD have any idea what the hell that means? They all agreed McMahon had guts, and this was highlighted by the incredible clip of Vince taking that hellacious bump from the St. Valentine's Day Massacre match against Steve Austin in '99. That was when Vince took a bump off a cage onto a table that didn't exactly break on impact. That looked PAINFUL and even Steve Austin gave credit where credit was due by saying, "there was no reason for him to take that bump other than the fact that he wanted to entertain those people."

Later in 1999, McMahon took the WWF public and JBL (an actual stock analysis) said that the move was done solely that Vince could say "look at us, we're mainstream." Unfortunately they didn't air that awesome 30 second ad that the WWE paid millions for to air during the SuperBowl and brought in zero dollars to the company's coffers. In maybe the line of the DVD, and imagine what that is saying, McMahon said that making the company public was good because, "everyone knows you're open and honest and above board in everything that you do." Priceless. McMahon's net worth rose to the point where, on paper, he became a billionaire. This is when the DVD immediately went into hyping Vince McMahon, philanthropist. The DVD covered the WWF's Rock the Vote campaign and working with groups such as the Make a Wish foundation and the Special Olympics.

XFL: Credited with being a pioneer in the world of Television, McMahon then introduced the XFL. Wonderful stuff here and a ton of clips. Joey Styles talked about the first thing you saw on the XFL, a league dedicated to bringing more "football" back to football, was the Rock. At that point, Styles said it wasn't about football any more and allowed the wrestling-hating media to all but ignore the XFL as something serious. Bischoff said that if the XFL had a three or five year plan it would still be around today. WHAT?! "It wasn't that expensive to do," said McMahon, who still feels that concept was a valid one and blamed UPN for pulling out and killing the league rather than placing the blame at the feet of NBC.

For those of you who would like to know more about the XFL, I can't recommend the following book highly enough. Check out Long Bomb: How the XFL became TV's biggest fiasco, for a great read and see exactly where Vince McMahon began to lose his mind.

"Any press is good press when it comes to Vince." - Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle said that the reason Bob Costas likes to interview Vince McMahon is because McMahon gives Costas a hard time. I wonder how Angle explains Costas interviewing the thousands of other people who aren't nuts? You haven't lived until you see the clips of McMahon confronting Costas on HBO's On the Record show. Stephanie said that she was praying that her father wouldn't punch Costas on air. McMahon himself said that, on that night, there was more Vince McMahon than Mr. McMahon.

"What kind of sick f...reak thought of that?" - The Rock, on the Katie Vick angle.

The DVD then segued into some of the more tasteless risqué elements of WWF and the furor they caused, including the above mentioned Katie Vick angle. McMahon and Joey Styles defended the necrophilia stuff while Linda McMahon felt that it was too much while Rock added it was "stupid" and "dumb." McMahon said that he is misunderstood as a human being and Stephanie told the people who look down upon her father to go screw themselves. Misunderstood? Talk about an understatement.

The DVD went into the McMahon family life and included the famous skit on Raw where Triple H broke up the wedding between Stephanie and Test. Triple H and Stephanie said they didn't realize they liked each other until doing that angle. Triple H said that fans today are confused about whether or not he and Stephanie are married in real life. McMahon said that he likes the two of them together and once told his daughter to date somebody like Triple H while she was in a series of bad relationships. Linda said that at first Vince was okay with the relationship, but then changed his mind. Even though Stephanie claimed they both tried another relationship, they were meant to be with each other.

As for the McMahon family on TV, Shane did not like having his mom on TV at all. Take a number Shane. "They put the fun in dysfunctional," said Lawler. When Jerry Lawler, a guy who hides $250,000 in a juke box and dates girls that look 16 calls you dysfunctional, there's a problem. Vince said that with the last name of McMahon, you have to work harder than anyone else. Shockingly, every Superstar interviewed put over the McMahon characters on TV. There was a segment on SmackDown that called for Stephanie to slap her mother and Steph said that it made her want to puke afterwards. Shane said that he was supposed to slap his mom as well, but he turned it down flat. This segment went forever and brought the DVD to dead halt in my opinion. It eventually segued into Vince as the Genetic Jackhammer, macking out with a ton of divas and the most uncomfortable series of skits I've ever watched as a fan, the stuff with Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus while Linda was comatose. William Regal explained that all this bullshit is okay because McMahon always gets it in the end. I seem to remember just a couple months ago the series of obnoxious skits with Candice Michelle throwing herself over McMahon on RAW that went nowhere.

Buying out WCW: The biggest wrestling news story of the last 20 years. The DVD has footage of the surreal night when RAW and Nitro had the simulcast where it was revealed that Shane McMahon bought WCW out from under his father's nose in March of 2001. Vince said he joked with Shane that Shane had "bought a lemon" in WCW. I guess that's one way to describe the monumentally stupid invasion storyline. Everyone seemed to agree that it was the worst possible thing for everyone that WCW went out of business and was bought by Vince. I was most shocked by Dusty Rhodes, not by what he said, but by how he looked. I'll make sure to include a picture with the review, but let's just say that old Nick Nolte picture when he was arrested was more flattering. "One guy is controlling the whole landscape of the business," added Jim Ross.

Vince said that his favorite match would be the one against Shane at WrestleMania 17. Shane claimed to be sick to his stomach that day because he was fighting a member of his own family. This was in direct contrast to how his father felt, as Vince couldn't think of anything better. I think ol' Vince has a lot in common with grand pappy Von Erich after watching the Heroes of World Class DVD. Linda couldn't wait for the match to be over as she hated watching it. Next up? The Kiss My Ass Club. William Regal says that he pushed to go through with the idea after Vince started to get second thoughts. The DVD suggests that McMahon doesn't appreciate ass kissers in real life. How Gerald Briscoe could say something like that with a straight face is beyond me. If you missed any edition of the Kiss My Ass Club over the years, fear not, they are all here. Even the one in which Marty Jannety lost his mind and started laughing once McMahon took off his pants.

Brand Extenion~!: Jerry Lawler felt it was a failed attempt to create a rivalry that used to exist when WCW was in business. Pritchard said it may be "confusing" to fans. Yeah, I've been told by a lot of people in wrestling that stuff goes over my head. Somehow the DVD tried to equate the WWE expanding to touring across the world as the reason Steve Austin "took his ball and went home" in 2002. Just insane. McMahon said walking off the job was the one unpardonable sin in wrestling. Write that one down. Later they got a quote from Austin explaining that he felt jobbing to Brock Lesnar on free TV with no buildup was an insane call to make. It was also one call made out of spite as WWE creative was mad at Austin for burying them in an interview. Austin's excuse: crappy booking. WWE's excuse: international touring. I know which one I find more likely to believe.

Never say never in this business was covered when McMahon brought out Eric Bischoff as the general manager of Raw. Linda thought Vince was joking when he first suggested the idea. Everyone was stunned when Bischoff and McMahon immediately hugged on air, potentially throwing away millions in revenue as people would have believed in the hatred between those two characters. Kurt Angle said it made no sense. Big Show called it a "great strategic move." This led to Vince bringing in Hogan in after being screwed once or twice, proving that Vince doesn't let any personal grudges get in the way of doing business. That said, I don't think Randy Savage's phone will be ringing any time soon.

Speaking of Hogan, the DVD then covers the McMahon/Hogan feud of 2003. This segment included a great history package that had stuff from Hogan pinning Iron Sheik in the Garden to, get this, Hogan testifying against McMahon in the steroid trial in the early '90s. This was the only mention of the trial in the entire DVD and all the clips look like they were taken from Zapruder film stock. During clips of their match at WrestleMania 19, Hogan said that he might have stiffed McMahon a little for dealing with all his crap over the years. It's a shoot brutha! After this came a quick segment on the feud with one legged Zach Gowen. I always thought that was a good little run and I wish their blow off match would have been included on disc two.

Clips aired of Vince McMahon being inducted in the Madison Square Garden walk of fame. Here is a small news story from that day that includes the following: Five all-time greats in the fields of sports and entertainment were honored by Madison Square Garden this afternoon, as they were officially inducted into The Garden’s Walk of Fame. Knicks Hall-of-Famer Dick McGuire, Rangers Hall-of-Famer Harry Howell, Broadcasting Hall-of-Famer Bob Wolff, Basketball Hall-of-Famer Carol Blazejowski, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon joined the prestigious membership that includes Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Willis Reed, Wilt Chamberlain, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Jesse Owens, and Billie Jean King. MSG Network’s Al Trautwig hosted the ceremony.

Next up was the feud against Stephanie. I had just about forgotten all this shit and here it is again. Thank God they didn't bring up those weird shows where Vince would stare at his own daughter's breasts. Steph wasn't happy when she found out that Vince booked a match between the two just six days before her wedding. This of course was the FIRST EVER father/daughter I Quit Match in wrestling history. Hopefully the last as well. Linda said she would never forgive Vince if Stephanie had any marks on her after the match. Vince then said he wanted to put Stephanie and Triple H's wedding on PPV. All three H's and Steph realized how insane that idea was and put the kibosh on it. Stephanie said she was approached by Vince about an angle where he would be revealed as the father of her baby. Stephanie said the idea was gross and revolting. After the idea was vetoed, Vince suggested Shane be the father. "That's too much," said Stephanie. You think?

Everyone put over what type of man's man that McMahon is, and that he would never ask the wrestlers to do something he wouldn't do. In a neat piece, as Shawn said Vince was the first person to ride the wire, even before he did it, at WrestleMania 12, we got to see footage of Vince McMahon coming down on that cable. That was some cool shit. Clips aired of Vince McMahon's ring entrance at the 2005 Royal Rumble where he tore both is quads during a bad leap into the ring. On the goofiness scale, that injury tied Kevin Nash's tearing of the quad while walking across the ring and Hulk Hogan tearing his knee while recently getting up off a couch. Vince refused medical attention after the show until he collapsed when trying to walk. "I severed both quadriceps tendons at the same time. I think there are only 17 cases of that in history," said Vince. Get Stat Boy on that one. Shane said it was the first time he ever heard his dad scream in pain. We got to see clips of the surgery and the rehab that followed. Vince said it was hard for him not being able to go to the shows, but even harder for Stephanie as she had to run the shows by herself. May I suggest it was even harder for all of us fans who had to watch the shows that she ran? Vince said the business survived his absence and added that if he would get hit by a bus this afternoon the business would continue to survive and &"obviously prosper." While that's debatable I guess, I think the track record of Stephanie and Triple H show that if they were put solely in charge of the company it wouldn't be long before ratings, attendance, and buy rates took a WCW-like free fall. Anyway, Vince busted his ass in rehab and ended up being able to walk to the ring at that year's WrestleMania. A true success story.

"YOU'RE FIRED!": HBK, Kane, Mick Foley, and various others were all shown getting the you're fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired treatment. This all led to several examples of real life firings. Sgt. Slaughter said he was the first wrestler to go to McMahon and ask for six weeks of paid vacation, health insurance, and a car. Slaughter said that his attorney told him to no-show a couple dates to send a message to McMahon. Sarge said three weeks later wished him the best in his future endeavors. I hope most of you reading this don't need to read Meltzer's review of this DVD in the Observer to realize how full of shit that story is, unless that was Sarge's way of getting around saying the word "union." Jim Ross said that he has been fired three times by Vince McMahon and multiple times on TV by Mr. McMahon. We even got to see the classic promo by Ross that introduced Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel. This was one hell of a promo. Unfortunately this was followed by that God awful Dr. Heiney skit from last year. "I did enjoy the first couple minutes (of that skit)," said Ross, &"but nine minutes later it became repetitive. To me it became unentertaining." You said a mouthful JR. Matt Hardy talked about being a loyal, dedicated employee for seven years and eventually fired for what happened between him, Edge, and Lita. Hardy felt that Vince is ruthless when it comes to business. Shawn Michaels talks about the first night he and Marty Jannetty were in the WWE and some drunk they met at a bar. The next day that drunk told HBK that Shawn and his buddy destroyed the bar, an event Michaels claimed didn't happened. A week later Michaels and Jannetty were summoned to Titan Towers. McMahon noticed their boots and said, "those boots were made for walking," when they got to his door. Vince said he was just kidding. McMahon then brought the two into his office and fired them for real.

"Vince is a billionaire, but he's also the same guy that is going to pull his pants down in the middle of the ring. There's a amount of trailer... guy that is in Vince McMahon." - Shawn Michaels

A segment aired on Vince McMahon: Captain America and his trips to Iraq, including McMahon's promo that the "media" is only negative towards the war in Iraq and that we never hear any good stories about the soldiers. Does Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News network not count as media anymore? As for the soldiers themselves, unless they are caught blatantly raping or murdering civilians, I think almost all the stories on them are positive. What type of "media" are conservatives like McMahon and JBL reading and watching anyway? Immediately following the Vince McMahon: American Patriot stuff was a section on McMahon and his use of religion in his battles with Shawn Michaels. This included the great celebratory dance Vince had from earlier this year, so I can't complain about that. Of all the people in the world to comment on how going into the God area might have crossed the line, WWE got Les Thatcher to voice the opposing voice. Maybe that was to show that no one currently in the business would disagree with that angle and only an old guy out of touch with the world would think it was wrong.

The DVD's main feature ends with a segment on Vince McMahon being able to be a grandfather after Shane had a child. Vince loves being a grandfather and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We got to see home video clips of Vince's 60th birthday party and Vince himself realized he was starting to stare mortality in the eye. This segment includes a toast by Vince McMahon at a party where he encourages everyone to take every advantage life offers them.

Bonus Features: Stories: This are all 1-3 minute short bits with one person giving a small story. I Enjoy the Fight - Vince talking about how much he loves being in the game. Ultra-Competitive - Triple H describing how crazy mad Vince got after losing a friendly game of pool. Trips said that McMahon had to go outside to calm down after losing three straight games by fluke shots. I had a roommate once who would play his girlfriend's six year old son in board games and feel no shame in kicking the kid's ass in each and every game, so I know what was going through Vince's head. No Vacation - Triple H describes the workaholic that is Vince McMahon. Regal's Rehab - William Regal talks about being on drugs when he first met Vince. "The day I signed my contract I passed out in his office." WWE sent Regal to rehab and he credits Vince for saving his life. "No need to mention it," said Vince. Regal said he would take a bullet between the eyes for McMahon. The Sleeping Giant - Big Show talking about a rib McMahon played on him during a plane trip. I'm the Boss - Big Show telling a story about being in a bar with Vince in Germany waiting for a government plane to take them to America. After a soldier told Vince they all had to hurry up and go because his boss said so. McMahon read the kid the riot act and yelled out that he was the boss and that he could fly a plane from America himself to pick them up if he wanted to. stories like that make it impossible to hate Vince McMahon. I Remember My Dad - Stephanie McMahon waxing nostalgic. While crying, Stephanie said Vince is the best dad in the entire world, even though he may not be a good human being. I swear to God she said that.

Extras: Slammy's Stand Back video - In case you missed it from seemingly the endless times they played it on RAW, this DVD has the full video from the 1987 Slammy's where Vince sang the song "Stand Back" from the Piledriver album.

VKM Training Package - This was the FANTASTIC series of clips from '99 when Shane McMahon was training his father Rocky Balboa-style to get ready for a match against Austin. I don't care who you are, seeing Vince McMahon chase around a chicken is funny.

Deleted Scenes:

The Motorcycle - Various people talked about Vince McMahon and his bad ass motorcylcle. "It is ungodly fast," said Shane. Vince ended up crashing the bike. Linda got a call from Vince at the hospital to come pick him up. Vince talked about wanting to kill the guy in the Volvo he ran into, but the guy was afraid to get out of the car.

WWE Championship - Triple H defending Vince's right to win the WWE title as well as talking about the Game's house in NEW HAMPSHIRE~! Who the hell would want to live there?!

9/11 SmackDown Taping - Thankfully WWE was smart enough to not keep in the comment from Steph comparing the terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center to the government steroid trial her father had to go through. USA! USA USA!

Stuck in His Ways - Lots of people talk about the Vince McMahon philosophy of It's My Way or The Highway. Everyone gave Vince credit for having the Paul Heyman-like ability to make people believe in the dumbest shit, such as Jimmy Hart telling the story of how Vince sold Dusty Rhodes on that ridiculous common man gimmick that Rhodes had in WWE.

The Walk - Viva la Vince McMahon strut! Watching various superstars imitate McMahon's walk to the ring almost justifies the cost of the DVD by itself.

Match: Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Monday Night RAW 4/13/98) - What a perfectly booked match that teased a huge PPV-match-for-free match and still delivering enough of a surprise that the fans weren't let down.

Disc Two:


Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Cage Match (St. Valentine's Day Massacre 2/14/99) - This was the match in which Big Show made his WWE debut by entering the match by coming through the bottom of the ring. The storyline of the match was that Austin would have to forfeit his WWE title shot at WrestleMania if he lost the match.

Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Handicap Ladder Match (King of the Ring 6/27/99) - One of the most amazing things while watching these DVDs is to see how incredibly over Steve Austin was at the time. There is no one, Hogan or otherwise, coming close to the pops that Austin was getting every time he came to the ring. Another text book example of how to have a highly entertaining match when two out of the three people in the ring couldn't be considered wrestlers.

Mr. McMahon vs. Triple H in a No-Holds-Barred Match (Armageddon12/12/01) -This was the match that Stephanie turned on her dad. I enjoyed seeing Triple H's "My Time" entrance again.

Mr. McMahon vs. Shane McMahon in a Street Fight (WrestleMania 17 4/1/01) - This match had no right to be anywhere near as good as it was. WWE knows how to use tricks and short-cuts better than any promotion in the history of the sport. Paul Heyman and Jim Ross call the match. A funny start to the match as Shane points to "his boys" from the newly acquired WCW sitting in what looked to be nose bleed seats. It didn't help that when the camera went to the WCW guys, they looked like that was the last place on Earth they wanted to be.

Mr. McMahon vs. Ric Flair in a Street Fight (Royal Rumble 1/20/02) - WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Reid Flair and Ric's daughter were at ringside in support of the Nature Boy. "Vince McMahon has muscles in places Ric Flair doesn't even has places," said Jerry Lawler. How many matches have you ever seen someone tap to Flair's Figure Four? Well, this is one of them.

Mr. McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon in an "I Quit" Match (No Mercy 10/19/03) - Yeah, this match is on here but nothing against Hogan or Zach Gowen. WTF?

Mr. McMahon vs. Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match (Survivor Series 11/16/03) - Worth watching if only to see Vince McMahon open up a gusher on his face.

Overall Thoughts: Clocking in at over two hours, the feature part of this two DVD set is one of WWE's longest to date. This is definitely one to add to your wrestling library. While some of the facts are pretty distorted, for the most part it is an amazing look into the life of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Unfortunately there is nothing on ICO-PRO, the WBF, or even the lawsuit from the World Wildlife Fund, but there is more than enough stuff to cover that. For a guy that doesn't like asskissing, there is certainly a lot of kissing McMahon's ass on this DVD, but how could that not be expected? The match list, even considering the horrific father/daughter I Quit Match, is pretty impressive. Yeah, it's not like the matches hold up to the work rate of a Ring of Honor release, but for pure wrestling fun that are as good as it gets. Vince McMahon has learned a lot about wrestling over the years and when he finally became a talent on TV he pulled every trick he knew. Some didn't work, but most DVD. Highly recommended. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of McMahon, at a good price, Click HERE or head out to your local Best Buy, Circuit City or your favorite DVD retailer.

Don't forget to check out Derek's Weekly Enjoyment Index, Gimmick Table columns, Opinion Pieces, MySpace page~! and goofy stuff on The Wrestling Fan.

Special Thanks to the Dr. Keith Show's own Keith Lipinski for his help with this review.

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November 2006


by Sean Carless

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to spend your few remaining dollars (left over after the seemingly infinite line-up of fucking pay-per-views ) then on the following "quality WWE merchandise!" After all, if they don't move this stuff, and fast, stockholders just might get time to figure out what "plummeting domestic buyrates" means!... and well, I don't think they need to tell you what that means! (Seriously. They're not telling you. Everything is fine! Ahem.).