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Session One: Introduction

Session Two: Abercrombie

Session Three: Dawn Patrol

Session Four: Swing Circle

Session Five: Rocket Scientist

Session Six: Albatross

Session Seven: Sanctuaries

Session Eight: Past Modern

Session Nine: Blue Kingdom

Session Ten: Lighthouse

Session Eleven: Zebra

Session Twelve: Damage Control

Session Thirteen: Fourteen

Session Fourteen: Magdalena

Session Fifteen: Anti-Gravity

Session Sixteen: Dimensions

Session Seventeen: Fighter Flight

Session Eighteen: California War

Session Nineteen: Greek Tragedy

Session Twenty: Machina



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Surviving California: One Man's Spiritual Journey of Life & Love to UFC on FOX and Back




Chris Jericho: Falling Down

The Secret of Batista's Constant Title Chances

HHH Believes the Children Are Our Future...

Matt Hardy's Gunt!

Feed Him If You Can!

Time to Play the Gollum!

Hulk Hogan's First Official TNA Gimmick Revealed~!

I'm With Koko!

"Van" Archer

Macho Povich

Mr. Anderson

Jim Cornette is DEXTER!

Kevin Nash Goodfellas Oil Painting

Goodbye, Heath Slater: His Mom, Cher, Is Gonna Be Pissed!

DraGONE: Bryan Danielson vs. Mattel

Undertaker Pulled from His Vegetative State: The EXCLUSIVE Photo~!


Because Sometimes No Words Are Necessary

HBKILL: Shawn Michaels, Annihilating Godless Killing Machines in the Name of God

BIEBERMANIA, or How to Make the Most Obvious Joke First

The [Wrestling] Ring: The Miz vs. The Angry, Evil Fan-Girl from RAW~!

Kevin Dunn Doesn't Care About Irish People!

Conor O'Brian is Master Splinter!

Two and a Half Macho Men

Mickie James' Beef Curtains





Curtain Jerkers, Episode 1: Albert's Invasion

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 2: Cowboy Up!

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 3: The Buc Stops Here!

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 4: The Island of the Misfit Toys, Part 1

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 4: The Island of the Misfit Toys, Part 2

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 5: A Pack of Wraps, My Good Man

Curtain Jerkers, Episode 6: Halloween Havoc!

Cheap Pops: Pro Wrestling Cereals!

Cheap Pops: HHH's Motivational Posters!

Cheap Pops: Do You Suffer from Hulkamania?

At the Movies: Goldberg in The Passion of the Christ

At the Movies: ARACHNAMAN!

DVD Review: Secrets of the Ring with Jim Cornette

DVD Review: Extreme Summit: Sex, Drugs, and Wrestling

DVD Review: Behind Closed Doors with... Jake Roberts

DVD Review: The Ultimate Warrior Shoot Interview

DVD Review: Sting - Moment of Truth

Best of the Gimmick Table: 1 - 4

Parody: Club ROH!

DVD Review: Straight Shootin' with Christian Cage

DVD Review: Matt Hardy Shoot Interview

DVD Review: Bad News Allen Shoot Interview

DVD Review: Tammy Sytch Shoot Interview

Book Review: World Wrestling Insanity

Parody: Pro Wrestlers Review World Wrestling Insanity

Parody: "Wrestling Society X" Invades TV!

Gimmick Table #5: New Books from WWE!

DVD Review: Forever Hardcore

DVD Review: Shoot Interview with Team 3D

DVD Review: Heroes of World Class - The Story of the Von Erichs

DVD Review: New Jack - Hardcore

DVD Review: Extremely Crazy Wrestling Fans!

DVD Review: Slammed!

Gimmick Table #6: WWE Rip-Off TNA Merchandise

Gimmick Table #7: Halloween Themed WWE Films

DVD Review: 20 Years Too Soon - The "Superstar" Billy Graham Story

Classic Cheap Pops: Pro Rasslin' Video Games!

Gimmick Table #8: New Kurt Angle TNA Merchandise

DVD Review: WWE Presents MCMAHON

Book Review: Big Apple Takedown!

Gimmick Table #9: WWE Themed Board Games

Ultimate Warrior: The Comic!

The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

DVD Review: Andre the Giant

DVD Review: WrestleMania 3 - Championship Edition

DVD Review: Best of CM Punk Volume 1

Gimmick Table #10: WSX Cereals!

Gimmick Table #11: TNA Straight to DVD Movies

Curtain Jerkers: Christmas Apocalypto!

Gimmick Table #12: WWE's Public Relations Merchandise

Gimmick Table #13: WWE's New "Get Juiced!" Campaign

DVD Review: Best of Death-Match Wrestling Vol. 3

DVD Review: Guest Booker with Gabe Sapolsky

DVD Review: 1 Night in China

PPV Review: ROH Respect Is Earned

DVD Review: Hell Comes to Frogtown

Gimmick Table #15: ECW Retail!

DVD Review: Doin' Time with New Jack

DVD Review: Instant Classic Christian Cage

DVD Review: History of TNA Year 1

Book Review: Wrestling Books for X-Mas

Book Review: The Story of the Development of the NWA TNA - A New Concept in PPV Programming by Jerry Jarrett

There's No Drug Problem in TNA by Dixie Carter

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: February 10, 2008

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: February 17, 2008

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: February 24, 2008

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: March 02, 2008

"I'm sorry, but I just can't be friends with someone who didn't give Joe vs. Kobashi five stars."

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: March 09, 2008

Gimmick Table #17: New TNA T-Shirts!

Wrestling Enjoyment Index: March 16, 2008

5 DVD Reviews

TNA Impact Video Game Preview

TNA Impact Video Game Media Launch, Part 1

TNA Impact Video Game Media Launch, Part 2

TNA Impact Video Game Review

PPV Review: ROH Take No Prisoners










Behind the Pyro: Sabu

Vince Russo Returns to His Roots

Behind the Pyro: The Iron Sheik

The Von Erich Rating System

Lex Luger's Choke-tastic Trivia!

CLASSICSHMAZZ! - The True Story of nWo Nitro

Royal Rumble Of The Damned


Writer's Court: HHH On Trial!

MEIN KAMPF: "HAVE MORE HEAT NOW" by John Bradshaw Layfield

Harry Simon's Recapitation: WWE Bad Blood 2004

Behind the Pyro: Nathan Jones

Half-Time Report: 2004

Writer's Court: (Hit)Man Vs. (Nature) Boy

Recapitation: Summerslam 2004

Recapitation: Hard Knocks - The Chris Benoit Story

Behind The Pyro: The Von Erichs

Recapitation: Cheating Death, Stealing Life - The Eddie Guerrero Story

Recapitation: The Monday Night War

Recapitation: NWA TNA Victory Road

Recapitation: SNITSKY SERIES!

Recapitation; The Rise And Fall of ECW

Behind The Pyro: Shawn Michaels

Slamming the Door on 2004 – The Lost RAW Episode

50 Dumbest Real-Life Wrestler Moments EVER! - Part 1

50 Dumbest Real-Life Wrestler Moments EVER! - Part 2

50 Dumbest Real-Life Wrestler Moments EVER! - Part 3

Recapitation: Rob Van Dam: One Of A Kind

Precap: WrestleMania 21

Recapitation: TNA Lockdown

Recapitation: TNA Hard Justice

Close The Damn Window! I'm Feeling The Draft!

Recapitation: ECW Gangstas' Paradise

Recapitation: Last WCW Nitro

Recapitation: ECW One Night Stand

Behind The Pyro: Ultimate Warrior

Recapitation: TNA No Surrender

A Very "Special" Clustershmazz

Ric Carter Tribute



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Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

John Cena & Darren Young in "Soul Man"

Alberto Del Rio: the Least Interesting Man in the World

Hogan's Immortals: Sparkling Vampires?



Brock's Secret Meeting with Vince McMahon Revealed!

WWE's New Politically Correct Direction

Product Review: Kerwin White's "Overcoming Your Ethnicity" Self-Help Audio CD

How Kurt Angle Became Emperor of the Future

How Vince McMahon Will Change the World

Relationships in Wrestling

A Day With The Honky Tonk Man

Letters From The Wrestling World




MVP in "The Running Man"

Chris Jericho in "Airheads"

Vince McMahon in "DAVE"

Mark Henry in "Predator 2"

Ultimate Warrior in "American History-X"

RVD in "Kickboxer"

John Cena in "8-Mile"

Great Khali in "Ali"

Carlito in "Carlito's Way"

"Dazed and Confused"



Dungeon #1

Dungeon #2

Dungeon #3

Dungeon #4












Extreme Makeover: WWE - Hornswoggle

Extreme Makeover: WWE - Triple H



Dear Vince McMahon

Dear Mick Foley

Dear Jeff Jarrett

Dear Jeff Hardy

Dear CM Punk

Dear Paul Heyman

Dear Mr. Kennedy

Dear Joey Styles

Dear Ric Flair

Dear Miz

Dear ECW Creative

Dear Vickie Guerrero

Dear Brock Lesnar

Dear John Cena

Dear Jenna Morasca

Dear Brian Kendrick

Dear Jeremy Piven

Dear Kurt Angle

Dear Bryan Danielson

Dear Rey Mysterio

Dear Trish Stratus

Dear City of Montreal

Dear Chris Jericho

Dear Dustin Rhodes

Dear Justin Henry

The Bleak in Review



August 20, 2005

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January 8, 2006

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January 28, 2006

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February 24, 2006

March 18, 2006

August 4, 2006

April 9, 2007



Vince Russo "Shoot" Interview

In the TNA War Room

Gene Snitsky For President!

Bob Holly's Fight Club!

All Apologies... by Bradshaw

True Story: Matt Hardy's Quest



WrestleMania XIX

Judgment Day 2003

Bad Blood 2003

Vengeance 2003

SummerSlam 2003

Unforgiven 2003

No Mercy 2003

Survivor Series 2003

Armageddon 2003

Royal Rumble 2004

No Way Out 2004

WrestleMania XX

Backlash 2004

Judgment Day 2004

Great American Bash 2004

Vengeance 2004

SummerSlam 2004

Unforgiven 2004

No Mercy 2004

Taboo Tuesday 2004

Survivor Series 2004

Armageddon 2004

New Year's Revolution 2005

Royal Rumble 2005

No Way Out 2005

WrestleMania XXI

Backlash 2005

Judgment Day 2005

ECW One Night Stand 2005

Vengeance 2005

Great American Bash 2005

SummerSlam 2005

Unforgiven 2005

No Mercy 2005

Taboo Tuesday 2005

Survivor Series 2005

Armageddon 2005

New Year's Revolution 2006

Royal Rumble 2006

WrestleMania XXII

Backlash 2006

Unforgiven 2006

Royal Rumble 2007

No Way Out 2007

Backlash 2007

One Night Stand 2007

No Mercy 2007

Cyber Sunday 2007

Royal Rumble 2008

WrestleMania 26

WrestleMania 27



ECW on TNN # 1

WCW Halloween Havoc '93

WWF This Tuesday in Texas (1991)

ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999

WWF Royal Rumble 1992

WCW Monday Nitro (Jan. 15, 2001)

WCW Starrcade 1993

WWF Survivor Series 1996

The Tao of Paul Heyman

History of WCW Video Games

Review: "The Wrestler"

Go FAQ Yourself

The First Episode of WCW Monday Nitro

WrestleMania 7!

WCW Monday Nitro (Sep. 11, 1995)

WCW World War III 1996

UFC 97

ECW... As Good As Remembered?

All Japan Analysis

UFC 98!

ECW Hardcore TV (Aug. 26, 1995)

ECW Wrestlepalooza '98

UFC 100

The Ten Greatest Performances by Shitty Wrestlers of All Time

UFC 101

UFC 102

ECW Heatwave '98

Summer Slam 1992

ECW: The Night the Line Was Crossed

WCW: Starrcade 1996

MMA Year in Review 2009

UFC 113

UFC 116

Ten Most Offensive Moments in WWE History

UFC 117

UFC 118

UFC 121

UFC 123

ECW Holiday Hell 1995

The 2010 Hackney Awards

The 1996 RAW Bowl

UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort

UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones

WCW Slamboree 1994

UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields

Monday Night RAW: The Benoit Tribute

WCW Great American Bash 1991

Ready to Rumble

Why the "CM Punk" Angle... Sucks?

UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami

UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage

UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III

UFC on FOX: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos

UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida

UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem







Hulkamania Forever!

WWE Fall TV Preview

Rejected WWE ShopZone Items

Brock Lesnar: Wrestling with Football

WWE Goes to the Movies!

Warrior Chronicles: Operation Warrior!

Warrior Chronicles: War(rior) of the Worlds!

Dream Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Jesus

TV Preview: Hogan Knows Best

TheWrestlingFan.com ShopZone!

RAW is Star Wars!

Ultimate Warrior 4 President!

H 2.0: Guess Who's HHHaving a Baby!

Life After Wrestling: Jobs After Doing Jobs.

WWE's Straight to DVD Releases

ECW Goes Sci-Fi!

Discontinued WWE X-mas Products!

12 Days of WWE Christmas (Video)

WWE Acquires the History Channel!

WWE.com Parody: Live from Punjab!

WWE.com Parody: Linda McMahon Malfunctions, Goes Berserk~!


The Night Before CHHHristmas~!

WWE.com Parody: WWE Celebrates Black History Month

The Haunting 2: Owen A-Living (Video)

WWE.com Parody: WWE Taglines

TNA Straight to DVD Releases

Parody: WWE Kids Preview

The WWE Developmental Rookie Name Generator

(Mini Satire) DVD Release: Between The Rock and a Hard Place



Week #1 by TolerancE

Week #2 by TolerancE

Week #3 by Sean Carless

Week #4 by Joe Merrick

Week #5 by Sean Carless

Week #6 by James Walker

Week #7 by Anvil's Swagbag

Week #8 by Sean Carless

Week #9 by Justin Shapiro

Week #10 by Sean Carless

Week #11 by Martin Ferguson

Week #12 by Sean Carless

Week #13 by Martin Ferguson

Week #14 by Sean Carless



WWE: The Games

John Cena's Next Title-Defense

An Evening With Triple H

Hogan Knows Best: The Next Generation.

Wrestling Goes Anime!

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Musical (Steel) Chairs

The World's Greatest Wrestling Managers

The Coroner's Table: Volume One

What's In WWE's Theater This Week?

The Top 4 Never Before Tried Storylines

Review: WWE Products!



U.S. hero with golden trunks becomes homeless man

Hand in hand: WWE pro grappling "gentle giant" reunited with his estranged son

Wrestling with emotion: Pro wrestler reveals he's actually a robot from the future

Revenge of the shit: WWE building Death Star?

TNA to hold LOCKDOWN pay-per-view in legit prison to accommodate Jeff Hardy



VH1's 40 Greatest Celebrity Feuds

Sean Carless's EXCLUSIVE "Interview" with George Lucas

Dude, Where's My Whip?

Retro Review: G.I. Joe the Movie (1987)

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Parody: Suri Cruise Revealed!

Top 10 Worst Movie Adaptations EVER

Surfs Up, Pants Down: An Exposé into the Exposed Genitalia of Silver Surfer

Why Television Sucks

Retro Review: Transformers the Movie (1986)

Game Review: Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

Oceans of Hurt: The Plight of Aquaman, the World's Most Unreliable Super-Hero

Getting to Know Your Joes!

THIS JUST IN: Guess Who's Captain America?

Retro Review: Bloodsport (1988)

Acerbic Treats: Entertainment Edition

Movie Review: Friday the 13th (2009)

50+ Random Star Wars Lines You Can Use In The Middle Of Sex To Hilarious Results

Inappropriate Movie Soundtracks

DVD Review: Endgame (2009), or: "Our Women Have 7 Orifices, but Only 1 Angle"



Top 5 Potential Tag Team Mash-ups

Top 6 On-Air Burials in Recent WWE History

Top 10 Most Disappointing Wrestling "Surprises"

Top 5 Worst Changes from "Pro Wrestling" to "Sports-Entertainment"



Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4



WWF's Even More Unusual Matches

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Best of The WWF: Volume 1

WWF Grudge Matches 1986

WWF Grudge Matches 1993

Battle of The WWF Superstars 1990

Battle of The WWF Superstars 1992

WWF Invasion '92

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Bret "The Hitman" Hart

WWF Supertape 1

WWF's Bloopers, Bleeps And Bodyslams

Inside The WWF

WWF Superstars: The Music Video!

WWF Invasion of the Bodyslammers

WWF Macho Madness

2nd Battle Of The WWF Superstars

George "The Animal" Steele

Best Of The WWF Vol. 2

WWF Rampage '91

WWF Wham, Bam, Bodyslam

WWF Grudges, Gripes And Grunts

Razor Ramon

Wrestling's Living Legend: Bruno Sammartino

Wrestling's Most Embarrassing Matches

WrestleMania 1

WWF Wild in the U.K.

Black Saturday

WrestleMania 2



WWE Finger Rings

WTF Apparel



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How to Get Over (and How to Not)

Wrestling Payoffs

Tag Teams; TNA


Punks & Pussies


How to Make a Monster

Special Report: A Fuckload of Releases, and Life Lessons We Can Learn

2008: The Year of the Grab-Ass



N.W.O. 4 DEATH By Justin Shapiro

Best of La Resistance by Cameron Burge

WWE Presents: Wrestling Idol by Cameron Burge

ROH vs. Wade by Alexander Horowitz

WWE’s Updated Health & Safety Policy by Remy

RAW Is GERSH by Gershon Levy

DVD Review: The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior by The Unknown Wrestling Fan

Struttin' and Cuttin' by Keith Campbell

HHH: The Sitcom by Stu Jackson

The New Monday Night War by Kirk Angel

The Dungeon by The Anvil's Swagbag

Bret "Hitman" Hart DVD Review: Documentary By Kirk Angel

Bret "Hitman" Hart DVD Review: The Matches by Kirk Angel

WWE: The Video Games by Martin Ferguson

John Cena's Next Title Defense by Martin Ferguson

An Evening with Triple H by Martin Ferguson

The Dungeon 2 by The Anvil's Swagbag

WWE.com HACKED? by Frank from TheCrowsLoft.com

Smackdown vs. Raw Satire by TCSWrestling

WWE Creative Team in Action: This Is a Test. A Drug Test. by Blue Blue

Monday Nitro: The Lost Recaps by Esben Evans

WWE Monopoly by Duel

WWE 2008 DVD Line-Up by TCSWrestling

TNA Lockdown 2007 by Neil Cathan

TNA Sacrifice 2007 by Neil Cathan

One Night Stand 2007 Report by Stephen Bailey

TNA Slammiversary 2007 by Neil Cathan

ROH Respect Is Earned Review by Stephen Bailey

John Cena's Mystery SummerSlam Opponent Revealed! By The Unknown Wrestling Fan

Rejected Johnny Nitro Gimmicks! by Dustychode

TNA Victory Road 2007 by Neil Cathan

The Rhetoric: 10/07/07 by The Conman

Wacky Video Game Review: WWF Betrayal by Duel

Hornswoggle's Fathers' Day Gift (Video) by Andariel Halo

Terminator: Cenation by Martin Ferguson

WWE Saved by the Bell by Version 1

A Rebuttal to "Why the 'CM Punk' Angle... Sucks?" by Malcolm Not in the Middle

Wrestling with Logic: Where's the "Wrestling"? by Robert Zarp






November 2006


by Sean Carless

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to spend your few remaining dollars (left over after the seemingly infinite line-up of fucking pay-per-views ) then on the following "quality WWE merchandise!" After all, if they don't move this stuff, and fast, stockholders just might get time to figure out what "plummeting domestic buyrates" means!... and well, I don't think they need to tell you what that means! (Seriously. They're not telling you. Everything is fine! Ahem.).